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Speed Ice Skating

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Speed Ice Skating - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speed Ice Skating

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  1. Speed Ice Skating A presentation by the ice skating school team, Orientierungsstufe München

  2. Table of contents • 1. History • 2. Training in Summer and in Winter • 3. Distances • 4. Rules • 5. Our Biggest Stars • 6. Ice Skating in Other Countries

  3. History of Ice Skating • 3000 BC: The first ice skaters used bones on the ice • 1150 AD: The first skates are used in Scandinavia • 1280 AD: The North American Indians start playing a game similar to ice hockey

  4. History of Ice Skating • 1300 AD: The first speed races were held in the Netherlands • 1650: People in Germany started to skate in their free time • 1742: First ice skating club in Edinburgh, Scotland

  5. 1848: The first modern skates made of steel are produced in the USA 1889: The German Ice Skating Association is founded in Berlin 1891: The first world championship team race is held in Amsterdam 1924: The Winter Olympics are held in Chamonix, France. Ice Skating is a part of the competition. History of Ice Skating

  6. Training

  7. Training in Summer • Stamina, staying power: We train stamina with bikes and on a 400m race track. • Speed: We train strength and technique to become faster. • Strength: We work out in the studio and go biking to gain muscle power. • Technique is trained on the sliding board. We especially train the pushing forward there, and also work a lot with inline skates.

  8. Training in Winter • Stamina, staying power: First we do five rounds on the ice. Then we start with the long distance training. • Speed: You gain speed through training strength and technique. • Strength: We work out in the studio and also play football in winter. • Technique: We get better by meditating on both going straight as well as making a curve. It works!

  9. Distances

  10. Rules • Competitors draw shorts in order to receive their starting number so it is fair. • In a curve, the skaters must not cross the inner boundaries of the track to cut short. • The skater who is running on the inner track wears a ribbon. • The third runner who causes a false start is disqualified.

  11. Our biggest star: Anni Friesinger • Germany is one of the most succesfull ice skating nations (together with the Netherlands and Canada). • Our most successful skater is Anni from Inzell which is not far from Munich. She won many gold medals.

  12. Our biggest stars: 2 The German Golden Girls!

  13. Ice skating in other countries Italy

  14. Ice skating in other countries • In Romania, ice dancing (or figure skating) is very popular, and the Romanians are very good at the different competions. Romania

  15. Ice dancing in Romania • In Romania, skating began to be practiced in the second half of the 19th Century. • On the 17th of February 1874, the members of the “Skating Association” from Cluj took part in the first public contest. • Nowadays, the best Romanian skater is Gheorghe Chiper. He lives and trains himself in Switzerland; he has a good evolution, his performances being better every year. In 2004, at Figure Skating European Championship in Budapest, he was on the 9th place and the same year, at the World Championship, he reached the 17th place.

  16. Ice dancing in Romania

  17. Thank you for your interest!!