men s olympic speed skating n.
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Men’s Olympic Speed Skating PowerPoint Presentation
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Men’s Olympic Speed Skating

Men’s Olympic Speed Skating

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Men’s Olympic Speed Skating

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  1. Men’s Olympic Speed Skating

  2. What is speed skating? Speed skating is a competitive form of ice skating where competitors race each other in travelling a certain distance on skates. Men compete in 500m, 1,000m, 1,500m, 5,000m and a 10,000. In each event, skaters race in pairs against the clock on a standard 400m oval ring. All events are skated once, apart from the 500m, which is skated twice. In this case, the final result is based on the total time of the two races.

  3. Equipment for speed skating Helmet Eye protection Knee, shin, and elbow pads Cut resistant gloves Bib style neck guard Clothing Skates

  4. Top men’s speed skating gold medalistsSalt Lake City, 2002 500m- Casey Fitzrandolph 1000m- Gerard Velde 1500m- Derek Parra 5000m- JochemUytdehaage 10000m- JochemUytdehaage

  5. History of Speed Skating The roots of ice skating date back to 1,000 years ago when people, usually men, would lace animal bones to their footwear and slid across frozen lakes and rivers. Olympic speed skating (long track) made its first appearance in the first Winter Olympics in 1924 in Chamonix, France and its been featured in the Games ever since.

  6. 2014 Olympics Speed Skating Results 500m Gold-Michel Mulder Silver-Jan Smeekens Bronze-Ronald Mulder 1000m Gold-Stefan Groothuis Silver-Denny Morrison Bonze-Michel Mulder 1500m ZbigniewBrodka KoenVerweij Denny Morrison 5000m • Gold- Sven Kramer • Silver- Jan Blokhuijsen • Bronze-Jorrit Bergsma 10000m Gold-Jorrit Bergsma Silver-Sven Kramer Bronze-Bob de Jong

  7. My Favorite Speed Skater 31 year old Shani Davis is an American Olympic speed skater who hold four Olympic medals. 2006 in Italy he won a gold for 1000m and silver for 1500m. 2010 in Canada he won gold for 1000m and silver for 1500m.

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