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The ancient streets of Kiev and Lviv. Ukraine -. 8 Days / 7 Nights. Day 1. Kiev

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Day 1 kiev

The ancient streets of

Kiev and Lviv

Ukraine -

8 Days / 7 Nights

Day 1. Kiev

Meeting at the airport «Borispol» with a guide . Transfer to the hotel. Walking Tour . Mariinsky Palace, the House of Chimeras, Lutheran quarter, the National Bank, the Administrationof President. The green beauty of Kiev – “Marininsky park”. This is a unique and beautiful example of landscape architecture of the past. It is placed on the place of former Palace Garden. . There are located several monuments: to participants' of the January revolt, to general Vatutyn, to the heroes of the October Revolution. On the territory of the park stays Marininsky Palace. This Palace in Kiev is a picturesque Baroque palace on the hilly bank of the Dnieper River.

The palace was requested to be constructed in 1744 by the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, and was designed by Bartolommeo Rastrelli, the most famous architect working in the Russian empire at that time.

The interior of the Marininsky palace contains numerous art works and luscious decorations.

Day 2. Kiev

Breakfast. Walking Tour: Andreevsky Uzviz . Andreevsky Uzviz is one of the oldest streets in Kiev. There are many interesting picture galleries and souvenir stores. This street is often called Kiev's Montmartre, as any time one can see here artists displaying their works. It is also the place where singers and actors give their performances. Andreevsky Uzviz is one of the places of gathering of Kiev bohemia: on the street there are many bars and cozy cafes where it is pleasant to spend an hour or two. Andreevsky Uzviz is closely connected with the name of one more writer, Mikhail Bulgakov. He lived in the house number3 in 1906-1916 and 1918-1919. In this house nowadays there is a Museum of Bulgakov. The neighboring house number 15 surprises with unusual architecture. Among the citizens of Kiev this house is known as "Richard's Castle", as it is shaped as a medieval castle. Visit the Museum of History of Ukraine. Kontraktova Square, Florovsky monastery.

National Bank

Day 1 kiev

St. Andrew's Cathedral.

Day 4.Kiev Breakfast. Bus sightseeing tour of the city : Vladimir Cathedral, the Оpera Theater, the Golden Gate, a monument of Khmelnitskiy, Sophia Square , Michael Square, Independence Square, Funicular , Postal square, Kontraktova square, the Kyiv-Mogilynskay Academy, Dnepr quay , monument to the founders of Kiev, a monument «Motherland» and others. Visit the national historical and cultural reserve Kiev-Pechersk Laura- the pride of Ukraine. Kievo-Pecherskaya lavra, also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery in Kiev, Ukraine. Since its foundation as the cave monastery in 1051 the Lavra has been a preeminent center of the Orthodox Christianity in Eastern Europe. It is also one of the four UNESCO World Heritage Sites within Ukraine.In the labyrinths of cave located more than 120 relics of saints. Laura is burial-place of several outstanding historical persons, namely Yuriy Dolgorukiy, founder of Moscow, and legendary Ilya Muromets. At the top of territory (facultatively ), you can visit museums: of Jewelry, Decorative arts, Printing, Theater of arts, Mikrominiature painting of N. Syadristkiy.

Day 3. Kiev

Breakfast. Walking Tour "According to the ancient capital of Kievan Rus': Golden Gate Street, St. Sophia Cathedral (Compound). The cathedral's name comes from the Hagia Sophia cathedral in

Constantinople. According to a less popular theory, its model was the 13-domed oaken Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod . A monument of Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Starokievskaya Mount, St. Michael's gold-domed monastery. To this day thousand flock to the monastery not only as an act of religions belief but also to see what is on of Ukrainegreatest and most splendid architectural treasures. Walking tour to Vladimir's Hill (a monument of Prince Vladimir, a panorama Altanka) .

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

Vladimir's Hill

Independence Square

Day 1 kiev

Day 5. Kiev Breakfast. Check out at 09:00. Transfer to the train

station. Things are placed in luggage office.

10:00 Today enjoys the excursion to museum of folk architecture and life «Pirogovo». The museum

represents the outdoors architectural - landscapes all

the historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine.

Located the reserve in the village of Pirogovo on the outskirts of Kiev. In the area of over 150 hectares

housed nearly three hundred exhibits architecture

(cottage, hats, barns and mills, the national collection

of clothing, wooden and ceramic ware, musical instruments).

Transfer to the airport for the flight. Arriving in Lvov. Places to stay in a hotel in Lvov.

Day 6. Lvov.

Walking sightseeing tour of the city «Mystery of Lvov»: familiarity with the architecture and inspection of the Jesuit church of St.. Peter and Paul, Market Square a unique outdoor museum - all 45 houses in this area are monuments of architecture XVI - XXst.) Visit the Cathedral Roman Catholic churches, chapels and BoimovKampianov (XVIIst.), as well as inspection of the Dominican church (the history goes back XIVst yet.,), Armenian Cathedral (XIV-XVIct.) inspection Bernardinskogo church and monastery (XVIIst.). Visit Pharmacy Museum, as well as the Throne Hall, Jan Sobieski (Historical Museum). Visit to market handicrafts «Vernissage». The rise in the overview site Town Hall - the Tower City mayor's office, where you'll see a unique panorama of medieval streets and hear the bell heart of our city - the main hours of Lviv (optional). You can tour «Underground Lions», in which you enter the underground church Jesuit sv.Petra and Paul (XVIIst.) and Bernardinskogo church and monastery (optional). Possible sightseeing tour of the Opera House with visiting performances. In the case of software production value of the tickets 2 - $ 5 per person. to depend on sea ¬ ¬ ISO-ty of seats. In the case of buying tickets to a performance supplement for the tour. There may be an option at that time, the host group shows no will. In this case, sightseeing tour of the theater, it is impossible (optional).

Day 7. Lvov.

Tour «Sovereign Lions», walk in the park «High Castle», where antique Lviv history began. Today it is the highest point of the city from which you can admire the city from a height of the avian field ¬ ta. Visit one of the oldest landscape cemeteries in Europe - Lychakovskomu. At the cemetery you can see the art of renowned sculptors Lviv different styles and eras. Widely represented monuments era classicism of such masters as Anthony Shimzer, Paul Evtel, Vitver, many others. This necropolis is also known that there are buried outstanding figures of Polish, German, Ukrainian, Armenian many other cultures (poets, writers, artists, scientists, military). Visit the museum sacral barokovoy sculpture of John George Pinzelya, Lviv Art Gallery (optional). Visit the concert of organ music in the church of Mary Magdalene (optional). Excursion to the first in Ukraine Brewery Museum, located on the territory of the famous brewery in Lviv (optional). Places to stay in a hotel in Lviv.

Day8. Kiev.

Landing on the flight. Arriving in Kiev. Sending home.

Arriving in Poltava. Meeting staff of the company,

transfer to hotel. Stay in a hotel. Enjoy a day excursion in Poltava, during which you'll

see a Circular area with a monument of Fame, home of country council, where now lies a national museum of history. Visit the Cathedral Square, where was erected white arbor toward 200-year anniversary of victory over the Swedes and here also located is a country estate manor of I. Kotlyarevsky, Uspensky Cathedral. At the square, opened a monument to the famous «Poltava dumplings». You'll see the Savior Church and the monument erected where loved to rest Peter the Great. Visit the institute Mount, where in the XIII century, was the institution of virgins, now located Poltava Technical University. Lunch in the cafe. Visit the museum - manor of Kotlyarevsky or national museum of history (on your choice). Buying gifts. Free time.

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus tour to famous places of Gogol in Poltava province. The first stop - the famous Dikanka, where survived Nikolskiy Church and the majestic arch estates Kochubeev. Visit to the picturesque locations described in writing of N.V. Gogol, to the historical-cultural complex «Evenings at the farm near Dikanka». Here you can order a meal, choose dishes cooked by all rules of Ukrainian cuisine. Drive to villageGogolevo, where spend youth ages, the great Russian writer NV Gogol. Visit the Memorial Museum of writer. Drive to village Great Sorochintsy. Visit the Literature Museum and the Savior Transfiguration Church, where he was baptized in early infancy writer. Departure to Mirgorod. Sightseeing tour of the city. Dinner. Back in Poltava. Travel by train Poltava-Kiev in 20.30Arriving in Kiev. Returning to the motherland.

St. Vladimir's Cathedral