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Giving Quality Feedback PowerPoint Presentation
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Giving Quality Feedback

Giving Quality Feedback

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Giving Quality Feedback

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  1. Giving Quality Feedback

  2. Evaluative vs. Descriptive Evaluative Feedback Descriptive Feedback Typically uses a single measurement May compare students to each other Does not give students information about specific elements (knowledge, skills) they perform well May encourage competition Sometimes linked to rewards vs. Punishments Stifles learning Generally summative type of assessment Describes features of work or performance Relates directly to learning targets and/or standards of quality using exemplars, rubrics and/or samples Points out strengths and gives specific information on how to improve Provides strategies for moving forward Promotes learning by increasing motivation Formative assessment

  3. Evaluative feedback Examples : “That’s a good essay.” “You’ve done well.” 73% “You’ve shown improvement” “You need to try harder”

  4. Descriptive feedback examples “In your essay you have successfully covered the main points related to energy conservation. What could you add to the section on the water conservation to deepen your reader’s understanding of the issue?” “Most of your spelling is accurate. I found only two errors. See if you can find them.” “You used a lot of details as was shown in our samples. You mentioned seven different things you liked about dogs.” “Your map legend has all of the required key elements needed to identify the geographical landforms.”

  5. Activity 1 Descriptive or Evaluative Feedback “Descriptive or Evaluative Feedback Activity” • Complete the activity with a small group of 2-4 • Compare your group’s answers with the group beside you

  6. Feedback can be further broken down further into 4 types… • Motivational Feedback • Evaluative Feedback • Descriptive Feedback • Effective Descriptive Feedback

  7. Motivational Feedback • Goal is to make the learner feel good. • Feedback that is intended to encourage and support the learner. • Does not give guidance on how to improve the learner’s reasoning. • “I like how you completed the assignment.”

  8. Evaluative Feedback • Goal is to measure student achievement with a score or a grade. • Feedback that is intended to summarize student achievement. • Does not give guidance on how to improve the learner’s reasoning. • 73%

  9. Descriptive Feedback • Goal is to improve student achievement by telling the learner what steps to take in order to move forward in the learning process. • Feedback that is intended to tell the learner what needs to be improved. • Gives specific guidance as to how to improve the learners’ reasoning. • “You accurately found the number of students in 4th grade who said ice cream was their favorite. You now need to divide this number by the total number of students to get the percent who said ice cream was their favorite.”

  10. Effective Descriptive Feedback • Goal is for students to internalize the effective feedback. • Feedback that is intended to be used by the learner to independently move their reasoning to the next level. • “I agree with the pattern that you have identified in the table. I am not convinced that the rule you wrote works for all the values in the table. How could you prove this?”

  11. Feedback… in summary Quality feedback to learners: • focuses on the learning intention of the task – clear target • occurs as the students are doing the learning • provides information on how and why the student understands or misunderstands • provides strategies to help the student to improve • assists the student to understand the goals of the learning.

  12. REFLECTEffective feedback in your classroom Reflect on what you have just learned regarding the importance of effective descriptive feedback and complete the sheet “My Feedback Practices”

  13. Homework For next staff meeting think of 2 ways you can incorporate effective descriptive feedback into your class and be prepared to discuss this.

  14. Websites to Check out: • • •