the battle of tippecanoe n.
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The Battle of Tippecanoe PowerPoint Presentation
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The Battle of Tippecanoe

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The Battle of Tippecanoe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Battle of Tippecanoe
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  1. The Battle of Tippecanoe

  2. Ch. 9 Test on Thursday (this week) • Quia (80% of grade): 8 ?’s from chapter 9 & 2 from previous tests • Ch. 9 Written Response (20% of overall test grade)Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and John Marshall were important leaders in Chapter 9:List one best example of their leadership in Chapter 9 and describe the role of the leader.List one worst example of their leadership in Chapter 9 and describe the role of the leader.Your response should provide evidence that you understand the example used in your response, as well as the role of the individual leader.  (include at least 2 related facts along with your analysis)

  3. What we will be doing today. • We will be using the computers to learn more about the Battle of Tippecanoe. • You and a partner will answer questions about Tippecanoe using a website. • • Use will use this website, to answer the questions.

  4. Instructions • You and a partner may work together to answer these questions. • Each of you need to write out and hand in your own answers. • We will collect the papers, and review some of the questions at the end of class.

  5. Native American Settlement 1. What were the names of the two brothers who built Prophet Town?

  6. The Protagonist 2. What did Tecumseh and the Prophet plan to do? 3. How did the white settlers of the Indian Territory feel? 4. Who was General William Henry Harrison, and what did he do in the summer of 1811?

  7. The Battle 5. What did the Native American troops do after the battle? 6. What did General Harrison and his troops do to Prophet Town?

  8. The Aftermath 7. What did Tecumseh do with his remaining troops? 8. Why do you think the Native American troops joined forces with the British?

  9. Harrison for President • Using information from The Aftermath, and The Rally sections of the website: • Create a campaign poster for Andrew Harrison that includes: • a slogan he may have used • a description of his leadership style • reference to his military experience • something he might promise to do for voters