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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes. SHPE, MC March 7, 2007. Where would I find a head gasket?. Sewing machine Pressure cooker Car engine Washing machine. Twin tub is a type of . Washing machine Kitchen sink Bath tub Mop bucket. What are Ohms a measure of?. Power Capacity Voltage Resistance.

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Battle of the Sexes

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  1. Battle of the Sexes SHPE, MC March 7, 2007

  2. Where would I find a head gasket? • Sewing machine • Pressure cooker • Car engine • Washing machine

  3. Twin tub is a type of ... • Washing machine • Kitchen sink • Bath tub • Mop bucket

  4. What are Ohms a measure of? • Power • Capacity • Voltage • Resistance

  5. Mills and Boons are ... • Romance novels • Shoes • Cricketers • Jewelry store

  6. What would I do with a 'tap and die' set? • Thread a hole • Tie dye clothes • Fix a tap • None of these

  7. What would I use cuticle cream on? • Face • Cellulite • Legs • Fingernails

  8. In computer terminology what does 'BIOS' stand for? • Binary Input Output System • Binary Intelligence Override System • Basic Intelligence Override System • Basic Input Output System

  9. Husqvarna is a brand of ... • Swedish meatballs • Makeup manufacturer • Clothing company • Sewing machine

  10. In electrical terms, what does L.E.D. stand for? • Laser Equipped Disc • Light Emitting Diode • Lightning Electrical Discharge • Laser Erasing Disc

  11. Where on my body would I wear a girdle? • Head • Thigh • Torso • Arm

  12. What does a tachometer measure? • Wind speed • Earthquakes • Engine revolutions • Taco's eaten

  13. What was the first country in the world to give women the vote? • United States • Spain • France • New Zealand

  14. What sport would I be participating in if I were in a 'Ruck and Maul' ? • Soccer • Baseball • Rugby Union • Cricket

  15. A skillet is a type of ... • Fish • Frying pan • Whisk • Sauce

  16. There are more men than women in the world. • True • False

  17. What is a Gunt? • Gun • Screw Driver • Accounting Terminology • Small space between a guy’s asshole and balls.

  18. The hormone that is responsible for the cuddling behavior of women and men, is called? • dopamine • pitocin • norepinephrine • oxytocin

  19. Which famous actress has never had her own talk show? • Whoopi Goldberg • Marilu Henner • Farrah Fawcett • Suzanne Sommers

  20. When defensive pass interference is called in the end zone what happens? • It's a touchdown for the offence • The defence is penalized 15 yards on the kickoff • A personal foul is called on the defender • The ball is placed on the 1 yard line

  21. What's the best card for the players that a dealer can have showing in Blackjack? • 10 • 6 • 2 • Ace

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