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The Battle of

The Battle of. Mount Sorrel. Tyler. Britt. June 2 – 13, 1916. Canadians British Germans . Canadian Corps (BYNG) 1 st Canadian Division 2 nd Canadian Division 3 rd Canadian Division. German Objectives. Wanted to conquer last high ground still in British hands.

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The Battle of

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  1. The Battle of Mount Sorrel Tyler Britt

  2. June 2 – 13, 1916 Canadians British Germans Canadian Corps (BYNG) 1st Canadian Division 2nd Canadian Division 3rd Canadian Division

  3. German Objectives • Wanted to conquer last high ground still in British hands • Divert Triple Entente’s resources

  4. Britain and Canada’s Objectives • Canadian Corps were creating a plan

  5. Tactics and Strategies • Germans pinned down British at Ypres Salient • Germans strive for higher ground • German mines • Canadians deceived Germans

  6. What Happened

  7. June 2: 6:00am – check situation of Mount Sorrel and Tor Top 8:00am – German bombardment intensified 12:30pm – German shelling increased again 12:45pm – Germans conquer Mount Sorrel, Hill 60 and Hill 61

  8. June 2: 1:00pm – Germans detonate 4 mines dug under Canadian Troops Germans advanced 1000m HOOGE CRATER

  9. June 3: Allies strike back with counterattack which fails • Counterattack fails due to: • Difficulties with bringing up reserves • Communication Errors • Signal malfunctioning

  10. June 9-12: Canadians fired heavy bombardments Made Germans believe there would be an attack

  11. June 13: 45 minute bombardment on German lines Immediate infantry charge Canadians covered by grenade smoke screen Canadians take back land Germans’ two counterattacks fail

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  13. Canadian Casualties Approx. 620 killed on first day 73 Officers and 1053 other ranks killed 257 Officers and 5010 other ranks injured 57 Officers and 1980 other ranks MIA 8430 Canadians total

  14. German Casualties 32 Officers and 1191 other ranks killed 71 Officers and 3911 other ranks injured 6 Officers and 554 other ranks MIA 5765 Germans total

  15. Aftermath Canadian Corps remained in Ypres salient Major-General Mercer replaced by Julian Byng Ross rifle Lee-Enfield Rifle

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