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RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USB Low-Power RF System-on-Chip PowerPoint Presentation
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RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USB Low-Power RF System-on-Chip

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RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USB Low-Power RF System-on-Chip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USB Low-Power RF System-on-Chip . Erling Simensen Product Marketing Low-Power RF. Embargoed Until October 29, 2007. History of Chipcon . 1996. 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. Chipcon founded. Design house.

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RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USB Low-Power RF System-on-Chip

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Presentation Transcript

RADIO + MCU + FLASH + USBLow-Power RF System-on-Chip

Erling SimensenProduct Marketing Low-Power RF

Embargoed Until October 29, 2007


History of Chipcon












Chipcon founded

Design house

Fabless semiconductor company


Global expansion

CMOS enables technology leadership

ASSPs dominate revenue

World’s first on ZigBee

Acquired Figure8 Wireless Inc.

ZigBee leader

TI + Chipcon

key markets
Key Markets




cc1111 low power rf soc with usb controller
CC1111 Low-Power RF SoC with USB Controller

The CC1111 is the industry’s first sub-1 GHz RF system-on-chip (SoC) with an integrated USB controller, enabling a fast and easy bridge between PCs and RF.


The integration of a high-performance radio, microcontroller, flash memory and USB controller results in smaller PCB size, easier assembly, reduced overall system cost and faster time-to-market.


The CC1111 is pin- and register-compatible with the CC1110 (sub-1 GHz SoC), CC2511 (2.4 GHz SoC with USB) and CC2510 (2.4 GHz SoC) to deliver solutions for both sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency ranges.

SoC Family

Combined with TI’s SimpliciTI™ network protocol, the CC1111 provides easy development and improved low-power designs for wireless sensor networking applications.

Tools and Software

cc1111 low power rf soc with usb controller6
CC1111Low-Power RF SoC with USB Controller


  • Complete low-cost solution on one single chip
  • SoC provides smaller PCB size, easier assembly and faster time-to-market
  • No external processor needed for secure communciation
  • Can connect directly to a PC
  • Robust and secure link with good noise immunity

CC1111 Features

  • Radio + MCU+ Flash +USB = SoC
  • Includes CC1101 transceiver frequency synthesizer that supports 1.2 Kbps – 500 Kbps data rate and multiple modulation formats
  • Enhanced MCU, 8/16/32KB Flash and 1/2/4KB RAM
  • Built-in full-speed USB 2.0-compliant interface
  • Built-in AES-128 encryption and decryption co-processor
  • Sleep current consumption of 0.3 µA


  • Alarm and security systems
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Industrial monitoring and control
  • Home and building automation
  • Remote controls
  • And many more
application example
Application Example

Wireless Audio System Block Diagram

cc1111 tools and support
CC1111 Tools and Support

Get Started Today

  • Datasheets & User Manual
  • Development Kits & Samples
  • SimpliciTI™ Network Protocol
  • Technical/Applications Support
  • Application Examples & Interface Libraries
  • Low-Power RF and ZigBee Training
  • Development Tools
  • White Papers Describing Location Algorithm
  • Low-Power RF Developer Network
  • Development Kit Contents
  • 2x SmartRF04EB
  • 2x CC1110EM
  • 1x CC1111EM USB dongle
  • 2x antennas
  • cables

simpliciti network protocol
SimpliciTI™ Network Protocol

SimpliciTI™ Network Protocol

  • SimpliciTI is a proprietary low-power RF network protocol aimed at small, low-power RF networks
  • Resource requirements (MCU) are minimal which results in low system cost
  • Easy implementation and deployment
  • Low-power MCUs and RF chips are not enough to achieve low power consumption in end applications. A well engineered low-power RF protocol is essential
  • TI wants to help the customer all the way from idea to mass production
  • Runs out-of-the-box on several TI RF platforms: A small MSP430 + latest CC transceivers or our new 8051 RF SoCs
  • Range can be extended through repeaters
  • The circles represent range of gateway and extended range of repeaters
tools packet sniffer
Tools: Packet Sniffer

Packet Sniffer

  • General packet sniffer available, runs on the dev kits
  • Already supports SimpliciTI network protocol
  • Packet sniffer can be used with all application examples, not just SimpliciTI
  • The packet sniffer visualizes all RF traffic and content in a graphical format.
  • Each packet receives a time stamp and RF protocol flow can be inspected in chronological order
tools smartrf studio
Tools: SmartRF Studio

SmartRF Studio

  • Full support for all four SoCs
  • Supports code export of all registers
  • RX and TX packet testing can be done with any RF setting
  • Includes suggested RF settings which are characterized (”preferred settings”)