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Campus Solutions Feature Pack; Friend or Foe PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Solutions Feature Pack; Friend or Foe

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Campus Solutions Feature Pack; Friend or Foe - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Campus Solutions Feature Pack; Friend or Foe. Session 27341 March 02, 2010 ( 03:15 PM - 04:15 PM). Presenter. Nicole Parkman History Have been working with PeopleSoft CS for 12 years, started with SA 7.6 in 1998. Iona College in NY in Bursar Area/SF lead Consulted/Student Financials

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Presentation Transcript
campus solutions feature pack friend or foe

Campus SolutionsFeature Pack; Friend or Foe

Session 27341

March 02, 2010

(03:15 PM - 04:15 PM)


Nicole Parkman

  • History
    • Have been working with PeopleSoft CS for 12 years, started with SA 7.6 in 1998.
    • Iona College in NY in Bursar Area/SF lead
    • Consulted/Student Financials
  • Hired at TCNJ in 2006
    • Project Manager, Campus Solutions Implementation at TCNJ
  • Current Position at TCNJ
    • Interim Director, Enterprise Applications at TCNJ
    • We Support 3 Major Systems, All PeopleSoft, Separate Databases
      • HRMS 8.9 (planning next upgrade)
      • Finance 9.0
      • Student Systems 9.0
the college of new jersey
The College of New Jersey
  • State College in Ewing, NJ
  • Primarily undergraduate liberal arts
  • Students - 5,600 FT, 330 PT, 850 graduate
  • Faculty - 325 full-time, 350 adjunct
  • Staff - 675 full-time, 125 part-time
  • Student Employees/GA’s - 1,300
overview agenda
  • Oracle’s Announcement about Continuous Delivery
  • A Few Facts about Feature Packs
  • List of Already Released Feature Packs & What’s next
  • Are the worth it to you?
  • Impact of falling behind on Implementing these
  • Our Experience with the EAP for Affiliations in FP1
  • Multiple Choice
  • Ways to start Planning & Options to Catch up
  • Where do Consultants/Partners Fit in?
  • Summary
  • Questions
oracle s announcement
Oracle’s Announcement
  • Introduction of Continuous Delivery- mid 2009
  • “New features and functions in the Campus Solutions suite of products will be released incrementally rather than the traditional major new point release approach.”

(Important News from Oracle -

Bottom Line

  • No More Expensive, Timely & Costly Upgrades!
  • REALLY????
a few facts about feature packs
A Few Facts about Feature Packs
  • 8.9 users must upgrade to 9.0 to get Feature Packs.
  • Features are delivered as part of the current 9.0 code line but delivered “OFF”. (could be noticeable with issues with bundles 14,15,16)
  • Feature Pack 1 & 2 are already out and again if you are up to date on bundles ….
  • So, now that you have it how do you use it???
feature packs
Feature Packs

Feature Pack 4

RVP - 2010

Feature Pack 2

RVP- 11/2009

Feature Pack 1

RVP- 7/2009

Feature Pack 3

RVP- 2010

Planned CRM enhancements

Hosted Payment Electronic Payment API using IB

Integration to EBS Financials GL

  • TBA
  • Admissions Web Services
  • Affiliations
  • Constituent Web Services
  • External Search /Match

See Feature Pack Release Value Proposition Document on My Oracle Support for more detail and specifics

we re already behind
We’re already behind…
  • There are 2 Feature Packs delivered and another 2 that are scheduled to be released before the end of 2010.
  • If we do not start applying these soon we will end up either:
    • A) Not applying them at all (what benefit is that? We would be better off with a major upgrade)
    • B) Waiting until they build up then guess what ..same results (cost and resource drain) as a major upgrade
feature pack 1 affiliations
Feature Pack 1 - Affiliations
  • Defines the role that person has with your campus
    • Basic: Prospect, Applicant, Student, Alumni, Discontinued
    • More Granular: Undergraduate, Graduate ect.
  • TCNJ liked (and needed) this because all of these “affiliations” have different system access so the better we could DEFINE and “Tag” the more accurate the data interfaced to IDM was.
  • Would help with Help Desk troubleshooting.
  • Would give easier , more enhanced reporting capabilities.
feature pack 1 constituent web service
Feature Pack 1Constituent Web Service

Third Party System Management and Communication /Info Sharing

Notifies integrated systems when constituent data in CS is created or updated. Close to Real Time!

Allows integrated systems to update a constituent’s information in CS, such as adding a new address or changing the constituent’s name.

Current Major Interfaces

IDM, Course Management system, Housing, Health Services, Black Board

Flat files are picking up theses changes but gets messy with dups and does require coordination and management

feature pack 1 external search match
Feature Pack 1- External Search Match

Business Benefits

Duplicate reduction

Provides more complete lists of potential duplicate Ids in your entire campus environment, including Ids that reside outside the HCM database

Search more than HCM

Enables institution to perform searches within the external system and import the records into Campus Solutions

Flexibility to search either HCM or the external system or both

Maintained existing S/M user interface for maximum usability

Search results show combined results of search (e.g., some results from CS and some from external data hub)

our experience with the eap
Our Experience with the EAP
  • Who wants to be the beta user?
    • WE DID! EAP Program Experience
  • What we didn’t anticipate ..
    • Even with Oracle support, it was a lot of work.
    • It’s a technical and functional effort so getting all on the same page at the same time without Backfill, Consulting, a Project Manager is challenging. (It’s a mini project)
    • Although we have Business Analysts in each area these “mini projects” would be impossible to implement without extra resources.
multiple choice
Multiple Choice
  • After hearing about Oracle’s Continuous Delivery do you …..
    • A) Run to your Treasurer and tell her we will no longer need a million dollars to cover a future upgrade and she can spend it as he/she likes?
    • B) Think about ways to spend the million (or less, hopefully) that will insure you implement the Feature Packs
    • C) Do Nothing
begin planning and options
Begin Planning and Options

Recognize that you will support and that usually costs money.

The Options

  • You may already have a team in place and ready to take on new projects- You might be good to go
  • Use the upgrade funding to increase Staff Lines (we already have BA positions with full plates)
  • Hire Consultants to help with Feature Pack implementation
    • Still MAY need Backfill for Functional Folks assuming you want the consultant to KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER
    • Because of the module specific nature of the FPs- Backfills might not be necessary just plan around Business Process Calendar.
questions we need to ask
Questions we need to ask..

How to we determine how long it will take to implement?

How many consulting hours will I need- $$$$

How many hours will the functional/technical folks be expected to dedicate?

What People Tools should the Technical folks be familiar with – Integration broker was used for Affiliations

What about Licensing Fees? Which Feature have them. What does this mean? Will we have sufficient notice to request funding?

WHO has the expertise to help implement? Oracle OR Others? RFP???

where do the consultants fit in
Where do the consultants fit in?
  • Knowing and understanding the complexity of some of these FPs, there should be outreach from Consultants to Institutions already.
  • Oracle does have a Managed Services component but its technical , for PFs not really the Functional Knowledge that we need.
  • How about a Feature Pack Menu of Services? (my idea)
    • Implementation of Feature Pack 1

Affiliations, Constituent Web Services, External Search /Match

      • INCLUDES:
      • 50 HOURS onsite FUNCTIONAL consultant services (knowledge transfer)
      • 10 technical hours- off site support
      • A Project Plan , Business Process Document
      • 5 hours Post Production Support
      • COST: $25,000
summary friend or foe
Summary- Friend OR Foe?
  • Oracle’s Continuous Delivery was developed for with the customer need in mind. (I believe this)
  • Needs to be more of a connection or more visible connection between the Oracle Development and Consultants.
  • We need more information to plan better
    • how long to implement based on the complexity of the FP
    • functional /technical ratio of staff needed to work on this (backfill)
    • What would consulting costs be- how can I estimate/request funds
  • Becomes so far behind that the cost of catching up will cost the same as an upgrade. (savings measurement should be done)
documentation that might help
Documentation that might help

Statement of Direction (for forward planning)

Campus Solutions Product Evolution FAQ March 2009

PeopleSoft CS9.0 Feature Pack 1,2 Value Proposition.


Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Blogs- Dave Baugh , Curtis Barnes

New ones: (not related) – Business Process Maps & Entity Relationship Diagram

  • Nicole Parkman
  • Interim Director, Enterprise Applications
  • The College of New Jersey
  • E-mail:

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