project analytics and project reporting beyond oracle projects family pack m n.
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Project Analytics and project reporting beyond Oracle Projects Family pack M PowerPoint Presentation
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Project Analytics and project reporting beyond Oracle Projects Family pack M

Project Analytics and project reporting beyond Oracle Projects Family pack M

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Project Analytics and project reporting beyond Oracle Projects Family pack M

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  1. Project Analytics and project reporting beyond Oracle Projects Family pack M Suhail Maqsood Chief Operating Officer, Rysigo Technologies Corp

  2. Rysigo Technologies Corp Integrated RiskManagement Software, Services and Support

  3. Oracle Projects Reporting Solutions Projects Intelligence Project Analytics 12+ Discoverer Workbooks FORMS Project Status Inquiry Concurrent Reports HTML Status Reports Project Performance Reporting Reporting Pack (BI Publisher) Project List 12+ ORACLE PROJECTS

  4. Oracle EBS Projects Reporting Solutions - Today DBI Summary Model Data Warehouse Transactional Tables Project Analytics Project Administrator Transactional / Operational Reporting BI Publisher Reporting Project Accountant Project Performance Reporting Project/Program Manager Discoverer Reporting Project Intelligence Project Executive

  5. BI Publisher Reporting Project Managers Reporting Pack • NEW IN Release 12.1 • Reporting Pack Definition • Automatic Disbursement and Delivery • Flexible Formats easily Tailored to meet the needs of each business user • RESULTS • Easy access to latest data • Informed Decision Making • Improved Operations • Eliminate Process Overhead through Automation

  6. OBIEE

  7. Interactive Dashboards Reporting & Publishing Ad-hoc Analysis Proactive Detection and Alerts Disconnected & Mobile Analytics OLTP & ODS Systems Data Warehouse Data Mart Multi dimensional SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, Custom Apps Files Excel XML Business Process One Platform, One Model, Multiple Delivery Channels MS Office & Outlook Integration Common Enterprise Information Model Integrated Security, User Management, Personalization Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine Intelligent Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services

  8. Oracle BI Applications • Oracle BI Applications (BI Apps) is a complete data-warehouse solution based on the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition product suite • BI Apps enables organisations to rapidly deploy an end-to-end analytics solution providing a comprehensive and rich set of Business Intelligence dashboards • BI Apps comes with pre-built meta-data to source from various source transactional applications including: • Oracle eBusiness Suite • Siebel CRM • Peoplesoft • BI Apps is designed so that it can be tailored to suit an organisation’s own individual reporting needs

  9. ConsumerSector Insurance & Health Complex Mfg FinancialServices HighTech LifeSciences Public Sector Travel& Trans Comms& Media Auto Energy Complete, Pre-built, Best Practice Analytics Sales Service &Contact Center Marketing Procurement & Spend Projects Supply Chain & Order Management Financials HumanResources Funding &Agreements BudgetsAnalysis Revenue Analysis Billing Analysis Cost Analysis ProfitabilityAnalysis Employee Productivity Compensation Compliance Reporting WorkforceProfile RetentionAnalysis Return on Human Capital Direct / Indirect Spend Buyer Productivity Off Contract Purchases Supplier Performance Purchase Cycle Time Employee Expenses PipelineAnalysis ForecastAccuracy Sales Team Effectiveness Up-sell/ Cross-sell Cycle Times Lead Conversion ServiceEffectiveness Customer Satisfaction ResolutionRates Service RepEfficiency Service Cost Churn & Service Trends Campaign Effectiveness CustomerInsight Product Propensity Loyalty &Attrition Market Basket Analysis Campaign ROI General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Cash Flow Profitability Expense Management Revenue andBacklog Inventory FulfillmentStatus CustomerStatus Order Cycle Time BOM Analysis and Other Operational & Analytic Sources Source adapters: Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition Plus

  10. Oracle BI Applications: Architecture • 100’s of pre-built dashboards and reports • Role-based and personalised • 1000’s of KPIs / Metrics • Security (role based data-visibility) • 10’s of Star-Schemas • Conformed Dimensions • Multi-platform support • Modularised Extract / Load • Highly Parallelised and scalable • Support for multi-target / multi-source • Tuned for Full and Incremental ETL • Pre-built change capture and extract routines specific to OLTP type and version • “Universal Adapters” support • Designed for minimal OLTP impact Oracle BI EE BI Apps Warehouse ETL (DAC / Informatica) Oracle Applications PeopleSoft Siebel CRM Other Database ......

  11. Oracle BI Applications: Faster Delivery, Lower TCO Build from Scratchwith Traditional BI Tools Oracle Analytic Applications Training / Roll-out Oracle Analytic Applications solutions approach: Define Metrics& Dashboards • Faster time to value • Lower TCO • Assured business value DW Design Back-end ETL andMapping Training / Rollout Easy to use, easy to adapt Role-based dashboards and thousands of pre-defined metrics Define Metrics& Dashboards DW Design Prebuilt DW design, adapts to your EDW Back-end ETL andMapping Prebuilt Business Adapters for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, others Months or Years Weeks or Months Source: Patricia Seybold Research, Gartner, Merrill Lynch, Oracle Analysis

  12. Oracle BI Applications: A Solution to the BI “Iceberg” • DASHBOARDS • “Visible” • “PLUMBING” • “Under the Surface” • Mappings to multiple applications and data transformationall take expertise and time • Upgrades Because Oracle develops multiple application product lines, Oracle as a vendor is uniquely qualified to solve this problem: DELIVER BETTER INSIGHT TO CUSTOMERS’ MULTI-APPLICATION ENVIRONMENTS

  13. Project Analytics

  14. Project Analytics is the module of Oracle BI Applications focussed on Oracle Projects Project Analytics provides “out-of-the-box” Dashboards and metadata for reporting against the following Subject Areas: Project Billing Project Budgets Project Costs Project Forecasts Project Funding Project Performance Project Revenue Project Analytics

  15. Prebuilt warehouse with more than 9 star-schemas designed for analysis and reporting on Project Analytics 1 Project Analytics: Components Pre-mapped metadata, including over 350 pre-built calculations and metrics across 7 Subject Areas for Project Managers and Executives. 3 • Presentation Layer • Logical Business Model • Physical Sources Prebuilt ETL to extract data from over 3,000 operational tables and load it into the DW, sourced from Oracle, Siebel, PSFT, and other sources. A “best practice” library of over 120 Reports and alerts across Project Manager, Project Executive and Project Foundation Dashboards 2 4

  16. Metrics • Example Metrics • Burdened Cost • Burden Cost • Raw Cost • Equipment Cost • People Cost • Equipment Effort • People Effort • Total Effort • Burdened Cost - ITD • Burden Cost - ITD • Raw Cost - ITD • Equipment Cost - ITD • People Cost - ITD • Total Effort - ITD GL Account Project Project Role Resource Class Task Project Cost Expenditure Type Material/ Item Transaction Status Supplier Job / Employee Resource Organization Transaction Date/Period EAI ETL Features • Represents all cost transactions charged against projects and tasks. • There will be one row for each project/task, by resource categories, such as incurred by person, incurred by organization, expenditure type, and for a given transaction date. • All the transactions under a given date are summarized to the date level.


  18. There are 7 Subject Areas available in Project Analytics:- Project – Billing Project – Budget Project – Cost Project – Forecast Project – Funding Project – Performance Project – Revenue Subject Areas

  19. Subject Areas (SA) all contain key Project dimensions e.g. Project name, project manager, project dates, project organisation, project status Each SA also contains dimensions that are specifically related to the SA e.g. The Project Billing SA contains dimensions for agreements, events, invoices etc. The Project Cost SA contains dimensions for expenditure types, supplier name etc. Subject Areas – Continued 1

  20. Each SA also has at least one FACT folder that contains numerical measures that are specific to the SA e.g. The Project Budget SA contains measures such as budget cost, budget revenue The Project Performance SA contains a reduced set of dimensions that are applicable to all of the other SAs but contains FACT folders for each of the other SAs. Subject Areas – Continued 2


  22. There are five dashboards that are available out of the box in Project Analytics:- Dashboards Index Foundation Intelligence Library (FIL) Project Executive Project Management Public Sector Projects Overview of Projects Dashboards

  23. Dashboards Index

  24. The Dashboards Index is often used as a landing page for Project Analytics The index contains descriptions of all the tabs that are available in the Project Management, Project Executive and Public Sector Projects dashboards Dashboards Index - Continued

  25. Foundation Intelligence Library (FIL)

  26. Comprises of a number of dashboards that each address a particular Subject Area Each “gallery” of the FIL contains a collection of advanced BI analysis pages built on a particular subject area: History, Trending, Seasonality, 80/20, Benchmarking, Waterfall, Scatter… The FIL provides best practice techniques for inspiring custom reports. They are a set of examples to help the use of OBI Applications FIL - Continued

  27. Project Executive

  28. The Project Executive dashboard contains a group of requests that may be of interest to project executives e.g. Profitability management, cost management etc. Project Executive - Continued

  29. Project Management

  30. The Project Management dashboard contains a group of requests that may be of interest to project managers e.g. Project performance, financial management etc. Project Management - Continued

  31. Public Sector Projects

  32. The Public Sector Projects dashboard contains a group of requests that may be of interest to organisations within the Public Sector e.g. Budget management etc. Public Sector Projects - Continued


  34. Identify the business issue Create a “specification” Model a dashboard Manuscript Powerpoint Excel Especially where need to show numerical relationships Clearly identify the axes State the purpose Usual version and authorization controls User Steps

  35. Business Issue • Our construction business created a Special Projects Unit that took over projects from the other geographical businesses. • We believe that the overall spend and type of spend in these geographical divisions should now be about the same. • We need to see actual spend by • Organisation • Since January 2008, the date of the change

  36. My Specification • Manuscript • Powerpoint easier to edit • Scanned • Sent • What came back!

  37. Next Steps Identify the request

  38. Next Steps Identify the axes

  39. Next Steps Identify any other dimensions

  40. Next Steps Identify the request Identify the axes Identify any other dimensions

  41. The Dashboard

  42. Dashboard - Time

  43. Dashboard – Service Provision

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