homecare medicines towards a vision for the future taking forward the recommendations final report n.
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Homecare Medicines ‘Towards a Vision for the Future’ – Taking Forward the Recommendations Final Report. Mark Hackett Chairman of the Homecare Medicines Strategy Board and CEO University Hospital North Staffordshire. Outline. Brief recap on background Governance , RPS Standards & Toolkit

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Mark Hackett

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    1. Homecare Medicines‘Towards a Vision for the Future’ – Taking Forward the RecommendationsFinal Report Mark Hackett Chairman of the Homecare Medicines Strategy Board and CEO University Hospital North Staffordshire

    2. Outline • Brief recap on background • Governance, RPS Standards & Toolkit • Systems outcomes, Short term and Long term • Procurement guidelines • Moving forward

    3. Re-Cap • Progress update provided at PDIG 6th June delivered by Howard Stokoe • - Project overview including Objectives • - Progress summary of work streams • Homecare Medicine’s still has limelight and focus • Moving towards new policy ownership within NHS England • Savings are still a reality if implemented properly more so now than ever • The work this project has delivered is just the start, and is an enabler for hospitals to implement or improve Homecare Medicine services

    4. Governance, RPS Standards and Toolkit - With thanks to Martin Stephens for delivery of the Governance and Patient Charter products - With thanks to Carol McCall NCHA, Ray Stephens and the RPS for delivery of the Standards - Governance guidelines and patient charter to be available with the first tranche of the toolkit - Toolkit will be in continuous development and owned by the NHMC – Chair Allan Karr - Toolkit and standards will be made available on line - All tools and products will be editable with own branding Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Autumn 2013 Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Governance guidelines produced – awaiting formal approval Patient charter produced – awaiting formal approval Standards delivered and RPS accredited – In circulation Toolkit in development with first tranche expected to be made formally available by December 2013

    5. Systems - With thanks to Andy Alldred and Andrew Davies for delivery of the work stream and key products - Following a very successful requirements capture event last year the work stream was able to define a number of short term solutions which are available in the report - Longer term system enhancements have been articulated and the work stream are currently developing the business case to take this work forward Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Autumn 2013 Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Short term recommendations made that can be adopted straight away Business case development Output based specification document produced highlighting required system enhancement

    6. Procurement With thanks to CMU , industry groups and nhs procurement pharmacists for developing this work stream - Agreement with ABPI and NCHA to share detail of industry lead service level agreements - Joint work to develop generic service specification to add to toolkit - Recommendations in autumn 2013 for levels of procurement intervention - Recommendations for ensuring competitive market for supply of home care medicines Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Autumn 2013 Autumn/Winter 2013/14 - Recommendations on levels of procurement finalised - CMU website updated to  provide visibility of manufacturer derived SLAs - Revised generic service specification published - Development of nationally agreed  KPIs for inclusion in handbook - Agreement to share non commercial details of manufacturer derived  SLAs Discussion to determine levels of procurement by therapy group

    7. Moving Forward – Opportunities - Market Robustness - Open and transparent SLA’s - More effective provider contract management - Comprehensive cost transparency - Gain-share - PbR excluded drugs in 2011 accounted for somewhere in the region of £2.6b (of that Homecare Medicines is estimated £1b) - There should be clear, up front agreements on the share of financial savings with both commissioners and providers - Process Efficiencies - Greater patient choice – a number of options - Operating more cost effective processes - Making available hospital resources

    8. Realising the benefits gained Provider uses some of that gained capital to initiate/increase/improve the use of Homecare Medicine services Provider shares the saving with the Commissioner Savings made on the drug Process becomes more efficient: - Patient has more choice - The process costs the hospital less to operate - The hospital achieves VAT relief on the drugs/service Savings could be further shared with strategic commissioning / or made as a contribution in achieving NHS savings targets Further savings are created at provider level

    9. What should Providers do now? • Assess current volume of homecare medicine operations • Assess current practise against • The RPS Standards • The short term systems improvement recommendations • Implement improvement plans • Implement governance procedures • Agree how savings will be captured and realised with regional commissioner through uplift of Homecare Medicine • Baseline further opportunities to increase Homecare Medicine’s services

    10. With thanks …