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  1. MARK The Background, Jesus, Disciples, and the Mystery IN MARK’S GOSPEL

  2. So…Who really was Mark? VS. Not this Mark… Thiiiiisss Mark

  3. Mark’s life before his soul was touched by the hand of God • Grew up in a Jewish house-hold • Was born in the 1st Century, specific dates unknown • Believed to have been born in Jerusalem • Died in 1st Century, specific dates unknown • Believed to have died in Alexandria, Egypt • Average fisherman before he met Jesus

  4. Mark as a disciple • Mark followed Jesus and later became a saint • St. Mark, John Mark, or Mark the Evangelist are all names that describe this man • Characterized by a winged lion • Mark was never an Apostle, just a disciple(he followed Jesus, never knew him). • Mark learned all his material from St. Peter

  5. Facts of Mark’s Gospel • First Gospel written • Second of the four Gospels • One of three synoptic Gospels, the others being Matthew and Luke. • This Gospel is organized into 7 parts • Written between 65 and 70 A.D. • Written for Gentile Christians being persecuted • Most likely written in Rome • Considered a basis for other Gospels

  6. Themes of Mark’s Gospel • A question: Who is Jesus? Will you follow him? • Sacrifice for humanity • Jesus who could be angry, but also compassionate and loving • Jesus who did not advertise his power • Always giving of Himself • The Messianic Secret • Parables and Miracles

  7. What’s in your wallet…I mean Gospel • Mark’s Gospel included: • A narration of Jesus’ baptism to resurrection, but focusing on the last week of his life. • Jesus as a heroic man, an exorcist, a healer, and a miracle worker. • Naming of Jesus as Son of God, Son of Man, Messiah, or Christ • Jesus as an authoritive teacher. • Miracles • Parables • Paschal Mystery • Blaming of all humans for Jesus death, not just the Jews

  8. Other Tidbits • Mark had associated himself with other saints on missionary journeys to places like Cyprus • Mark founded Church of Alexandria • Great Respect for St. Peter • Patron Saint of Notaries (people who help others for free) • Feast is on April the Twenty-Fourth • Wrote the Gospel because Romans told him to set down St. Peter’s teachings.

  9. OVERVIEW • “The Gospel of Mark differs from the other gospels in language, detail and content. Its theology is unique.” • Key Points: • Jesus' many miracles included calming nature and overpowering Satan • This Gospel is second in the bible, but was the first Gospel to be written • Mark was born John Mark in the 1st Century in Jerusalem • A key theme was that Jesus was the Messiah, but tried not to show it, for He wanted people to have faith. • Mark was a disciple to Simon Peter, not an Apostle of Jesus Mark’s gospel was about Jesus sacrificing yourself for others

  10. Teach like a Raven