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  1. Mark

  2. Also called John, son of Mary from Jerusalem. Cousin or nephew of Barnabas from Jerusalem. With Paul at Rome. With Peter at Alexandria, Egypt With Timothy at Ephesus His gospel was probably under the direction of Peter. Mark

  3. Tradition states after Peter’s death, Mark visited Egypt, founded the Church of Alexandria and died a martyrdom. Early documents identify Mark as the author of this Gospel, though he is not identified within the book. Prophet Joseph Smith entitled the book, “The Testimony of St. Mark” Mark

  4. Mark *Background: Mark is usually thought to have been the first Gospel written and may have formed a basis for much of Matthew and Luke. Traditionally originated in Rome after Peter’s death and before the final fall of the Jerusalem Temple. *As a writer: He provides cultural and geographical explanations that appeal to the gentiles (non-Jewish) audience.

  5. In the Book of Mark: *It is the shortest of the four Gospels. *Focuses more on what the Savior did than what He said. *Highlights the Savior’s miracles. *90% material is found in the other Gospels. *Parable of the seed growing secretly is only found in Mark. *The fact that Jesus was a carpenter. *The healing of a blind man at Bethsaida *Begins with Jesus’ ministry including the Baptism and the calling of His disciples and Apostles. Book Of Mark

  6. Mark’s Testimony: Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and a being of miraculous power.

  7. Mark 1-3

  8. Mark 1-3 • Remission Forgiveness • Girdle…loins Leather belt around his waist • Hold thy peace Be quiet • For therefore came This is the reason I came • I forth • Beseeching Begging • It was noised The word was spread • Nigh unto him for Near him because of the crowd • the press • On this fashion Like this • Marred Destroyed

  9. Mark 1-3 • Herodians Jews who supported Rome, and Herod, the local governor, in particular • Wait on him Be ready and available for him • Throng Crowd, get uncomfortably close • Straitly charged Strongly or firmly told • Lay hold on him Take charge and watch over him • Beelzebub Satan • Blaspheme against the Willfully deny Christ • Holy Ghost