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Company Presentation. Leipzig , 2013. 0. Content. Company Overview Company Achievements Interface Function Performance Portfolio Service Matrix Benefits for Industry Benefits for Scientists Project Exemplifikation I-IV Business start-up References Contact. 1. Company Overview.

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Company presentation

Company Presentation

Leipzig, 2013

0 content
0. Content

  • Company Overview

  • Company Achievements

  • Interface Function

  • Performance Portfolio

  • Service Matrix

  • Benefits for Industry

  • Benefits for Scientists

  • Project Exemplifikation I-IV

  • Business start-up

  • References

  • Contact

1 company overview
1. Company Overview


Dr. Rainer Surkow, Biotechnologist, experienced in technology transfer, consulting, founding successful start-up companies

Elke Goering, Industrial Engineer,

experienced in national and international project management, IP management

Key personnel

  • Prof. Dr. E. Zschech: Nanomaterials (Fraunhofer- Institut für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfverfahren IZFP)

  • Reinhard Sturm:Life Sciences / Health Industry

  • Prof. Dr. H. Weiss:Cooperative and Network Projects, Subsidies

  • Hans-Jürgen Grosse:Life Sciences / Biotechnology

At the moment 25 employees and free lancers work für InnoTec21, each represents a specific professional expertise.

Since InnoTec21 was founded the company initiated a RTD project volume of about 20 Mio. € and supported about 25 start-ups.

2 company achievements
2. Company Achievements


founded in 2009; is a private and independent service company which focuses on innovation, technology and knowledge-based services.

  • Support service on all interfaces of the innovation process

  • Project realisation = conception, planing, preparation, applicationforfunds, performance, controlling, accounting, exploitation

  • Consulting newbusinessfounder, enterprenuer, scientists

  • Development of innovations and solutions for complex tasks in

    industry and society

  • Project management and transfer of RTD performance

  • Transfer of knowledge and new technologies into the industry

    to increase the competitiveness and value creation

  • Networking between industry and science for continuous improvements

    in innovations and technology transfer

    Our clients: industry, universities and research institutes (private/public)

3 interface function
3. Interface Function

Universities and research institutes

Realization of applied

research and development

industry and public institutions

4 performance portfolio
4. Performance Portfolio

  • Applied research and development

    • Application-oriented, interdisciplinary contract research and development

    • Demand-driven technology transfer

    • Measurements, analyses, auditing, testing, simulation, construction

  • Project management

    • Contract management, project controlling, procurement of items and manpower, marketing

    • Accounting, funding support, asset administration, infrastructure settlement

  • Consulting services

    • Concepts, studies, surveys, design and planning

  • Intellectual property management

    • Checking of newness and profitability, marketing strategies, patent investigation, market research

  • Subsidy and grant management

    • consult and attend joint research projects funded by EU, German government or federal states

  • Pilot production

    • Realisation and application of new technologies and scientific expertise

  • Additional services

    • Conference management, business services, procuration of venture capital

5 service matrix
5. Service Matrix

Joint partner from research and industry

universities, public institutes, industry and commerce


InnoTec21 GmbH

  • Costumer care

  • Contract management

  • Resource management

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Sales support

  • Project controlling

  • Grant management

  • Investment planning

  • Human resource manag.

  • Risk management

  • Profit center coaching

  • Warranty

  • Follow-up care

  • Division Director

  • frame contract

  • with InnoTec21

  • Scientist

  • Inventor

  • Business person

  • Entrepreneurs

Applied research and development

Project management

Consulting services

Intellectual property management

Subsidy and grant management

Pilot production and entrepreneurship

Additional services

6 benefit for industry
6. Benefit for Industry

  • Reduction of costs

    • Customer related RTD in coherent price-performance ratio

    • Project-related temporary increase of RTD-capacity of customers innovation

    • Outsourcing of RTD activities and knowledge-based services

  • Increase of added value and competitiveness

    • Make innovation potentials accessible and increase their power

    • Utilize RTD-related technologies, innovations and products

  • Competence improvement

    • effective interdisciplinary research teams

    • cross-branch and international cooperation

  • Consulting in project-financing

    • Acquisition, application, administration of projects supported by public funding

  • One experienced contact for your RTD-tasks

    • Project coordination of interdisciplinary joint research projects

    • Liability, flexibility, commitment, customer-related services

  • 7 benefits for scientists
    7. Benefits for Scientists

    • Industry-related technology transfer

      • Good ideas should always deserve to become reality

      • Flexible opportunity for researchers to handle commercial activities

  • Improvement of RTD-resources

    • Project-related personal und freelancers

    • RTD-equipment

    • Flexible use of project revenues

    • Earnings by selling intellectual property rights, technologies, services, software etc.

  • Increase of scientist’s reputation

    • Motivation of faculties and scientific staff

    • Industrial projects and sponsoring

  • Reduce administrative input

    • Scientists concentrate on their competences

    • InnoTec21 realizes tasks like calculation, contract management, project controlling, accounting, human resource management etc.

  • Tinnitusmasker project
    TinnitusMasker Project

    • Objective: „Development of a smart and adaptable TinnitusMasker and set up a training center for sales and distribution“

  • Duration: 36 months; 4 partners

  • Budget: 1,3 Mio. €

  • Funding: 0, 7 Mio. €

  • Background therapeuticalsystem, medical Know-how


    Therapeutical system and Tinnitus Masker

    Network anti graffiti
    Network Anti-Graffiti


    • Objective: To improve the networking of leading SMEs working in the field of graffiti management (prevention, protection, removal). Technology and Know-how transfer, development of new technical / physical / chemical methods.

    • Duration: 36 months, 8 – 50 companies

  • Budget: 0,5 Mio. €; total budget of RTD and new products: > 8 Mio. €

  • Bereits sensibilisierte, potentielle Partner

    Dasdongle project
    DasDongle Project

    • Subject: „Development of an Apple iOS compatible hardware extension - DasDongle“

  • Objective: To prototype (20pcs) an IEEE 802.15.4 compatible wireless sensor network adapter for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and ramp up a small volume (1000pcs) production.

  • Abstract: As partner in the Apple MFI program IT21 has sucessfully developed a small form factor hardware extension for iOS devices. This project intends to establish a direct wireless link (IEEE 802.14.5 compatible) between devices in an energy efficient wirless sensor and actor network (such as ZIGBEE, 6LoWPAN) and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). Such a direct low power radio link enables a number of comfort and security functions for various application areas, such as Arduino experimantal platforms, home automation, smart energy, smart office, smart health, ambient assisted living, smart transportation, smart logistics and smart maintenance. Based on the IT21 co-designed and produced hardware a number of dedicated software applications can be realized as a follow up business.

  • Duration: 24 months

  • Staff: 2 Free Lancer

  • Budget: IT21 internal

  • Funding: no external funding

  • 3 Partner: ZIGPOS GmbH - Dresden, Colorado Micro Devices – Colorado Springs, University of Applied Sciences - Dresden

  • Icore eu project
    iCore (EU-Project)

    • Subject: „internet connected objects for reconfigurable ecosystems“

  • Duration: 36 Months

  • Staff: 2 Employees, 3 Free Lancer

  • Budget: 13,4 Mio. €

  • Funding: 8, 7 Mio. €

    • (thereof IT21: 360 k€ )

  • 19 Partner from 11 countries: e.g.

    • Alcatel, Belgium + France

    • Ambient Systems, Netherlands

    • Siemens, Romania

    • Telecom Italia

    • Research center Wuxi, China

  • 9 business start up
    9. Business start-up



    Business plan

    InnoTec21 GmbH

    Profit center within


    Founding of new company

    Business activity agency

    Cooperation with entrepreneurship initiatives and technology parks

    10 references
    10. References

    • Partner software development for user cases („Apps“) and part of hardware development programm for external devices („Accessories“) of Apple

    • Material analysis at the nanoscale for different SMEs

    • RTD partner EU-Project „iCore“

    • Development of Algorithms for ATMEL Coorporation, USA

    • Partner for RTD and Marketing of AN Solution Dresden

    • RTD partner of dresden elektronik ingeniertechnik gmbh

    • Forschungskooperationen u.a. mit

      • Technical University of Dresden, HTW Dresden, Leipzig University, HTWK Leipzig

    • 11th Workshop on Stress-Induced Phenomena in Metallization (co-partner FHG-IZFP) 2010

    • Workshop on “Smart Failure Analysis for New Materials in Electronic Devices” 09-2012 in cooperation with the Dresden Fraunhofer Cluster Nanoanalysis

    • RTD partner of Secunet Security Networks AG

    • RTD cooperation with SBF Spezialleuchten GmbH

    • Projektpartner im Spitzencluster Cool Silcon ( project: CPTI – Cool Public Transport Information)

    13 contact
    13. Contact