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Company presentation. A leading supplier of critical maintenance services . Business overview. Key figures. Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance services to the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)

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a leading supplier of critical maintenance services
A leading supplier of critical maintenance services

Business overview

Key figures

  • Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance services to the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)
  • Market leader within the areas of insulation, surface treatment and scaffolding (ISS)
  • Has developed a range of innovative products and services to supplement its core service offering
  • Beerenberg operates both nationally and internationally and its key customers are oil companies and maintenance, modification and operations (MMO) contractors
  • Due to its long experience within its field, Beerenberg has become one of the most respected and innovative companies within maintenance in the oil and gas industry
  • The company has its main offices at Kokstad in Bergen, with divisions in Stavanger, Haugesund, Hammerfest, Oslo, Houston and Kazakhstan
  • Founded in 1977
  • Owner: Segulah and management
  • Number of employees: 1500
  • Revenue 2012: BNOK 1,43
  • ISO certified
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001
  • Split of Revenue: 70% ISS services / 30% BC services



We shall be an industry leader within HSE, quality and risk management through

ensuring standardization, competence and compliance.


”Preventing work related illness and injuries is one of Beerenberg’s most important priority areas. In order to attain this goal, Beerenberg is striving to improve management of risks relating to factors such as noise, vibrations, ergonomics, and chemical health hazards. Through focusing on barriers and robust working practices, we shall reduce work related illness and injuries.”


International activity

Experience from 22 countries


References and ongoing projects

Comments to abbreviations used in the above table:

ISS = Insulation, Scaffolding (including Rope Access Techniques) and Surface treatment (and combination of these)

*1 = Includes Architect.

*2 = Includes Passive Fire Protection.

*3 = Includes UHP Surface Preparation.

*4 = Includes additional services like Habitat, Cold cutting, etc.

business areas
Business areas

Green Field Centre (GFC)


Insulation, Scaffolding and Surface treatment (ISS)

Business Centres (BC)

Green Turtle

Green Sawfish



Habitat Solutions (Sveisolat)


Subsea Insulation

Mobile Machining & Abandonment

Surface Treatment

Rope Access Techniques (RAT)

Engineering & Inspection

iss services
ISS services

Business segment overview

  • Insulation
  • All types of industrial insulation for on- and offshore oil and gas industry, including hot, cold and acoustic insulation
  • Scaffolding
  • Beerenberg manages the full process; from calculations to project plans, project management, and finally the construction of the scaffolding
  • Surface treatment
  • Leading expert in corrosive preventive surface treatment
  • A high quality surface treatment is the single most important factor contributing to prolong the life expectancy of an installation
  • Beerenberg’s core competences are management of medium to long term projects within the disciplines of surface treatment, scaffolding and insulation
  • Beerenberg is equipped to take on projects throughout their lifecycle, including the construction, maintenance and modification phases


  • Beerenberg launched insulation services in 1997
  • The main services are
      • Industrial insulation for the oil & gas industry, typically hot ,cold and acoustic
      • Architectural solutions
  • Installation, maintenance and replacement of insulation are critical elements to maintain reliability, energy efficiency, operational integrity, process optimisation and safety of offshore installations and onshore processing plants
      • As the insulation materials are often damaged or require replacement, the majority of the installation work performed is recurring in nature
      • An important driver of spending on insulation is to neutralize the effects of corrosion under insulation


  • Beerenberg launched scaffolding services in 1997
  • Beerenberg manage the full process in ensuring access
      • Method selection and solution design
      • Structural calculations and planning
      • Finally, the construction and removal of the access solution
  • Complex structures and the constant need for maintenance in all disciplines on ensures a fixed demand for access solutions
  • Scaffolding is the primary solution to secure access on oil & gas installations
surface treatment
Surface treatment

Surface treatment

  • Surface treatment was the first service provided by Beerenberg in 1977
  • Beerenberg is the leading expert in corrosive preventive surface treatment on the NCS
  • Main services are:
      • Removal and application of paint systems
      • Removal an application of passive fire protection systems
      • Cleaning services
  • Large portfolio of surface treatment equipment
in house developed unique products and services
In-house developed unique products and services

Sveisolat is used to enable execution of hot work, e.g. welding , without shutting down production on the installation

Application of insulation on subsea structures to protect from hydration formation

Subsea Insulation

Habitat solutions / Sveisolat

150engineers and inspectors that are assigned to the Company’s various operation centres and projects

Wide range of products within passive fire insulation, acoustic and thermal insulation

Engineering & Inspection


Mobile Machining & Abandonment

Rope Access Techniques

Accessing and securing areas that are difficult to reach and where it is not practical or more costly to use traditional scaffolding

Tools for surgical cutting using synthetic diamonds in cutting of steel and concrete


Sveisolat - Habitat solutions

A habitat solution can facilitate “hot work” within all zones on offshore installations, oil and gas terminals and petrochemical plants

The solutions enables offshore operators to perform welding and cutting torch in safe working environment during production

The concept is highly cost-saving since downtime is reduced and in many cases eliminated

Sveisolat, first launched in 2002, is Beerenberg’s own registered trademark for a system consisting of a habitat, mobile gas detectors and control unit manned by certified operators

The trademark is exclusive in Norway and Russia

Capacity within the Sveisolat division consists of approx. 40 certified technicians and 45 MGD control units


Tailor made solutions

  • Thanks to its flexible construction, Sveisolat can be used everywhere, offshore and onshore, e.g. in pipe gates and single pipes, on beams and T-pipes with multiple branches
  • The Sveisolat is constructed in the form and dimensions most suited to the purpose in each case and providing the greatest possible level of safety
the structure of a sveisolat
The structure of a “Sveisolat”


Alarm inside


Butterfly valve

MGD Unit

Air-driven HVAC unit

Gas detectors

Overpressure tent

MGD control unit

Gas detector




Benarx – Beerenberg’s in-house developed insulation product


Illustrations and Lloyds certificates

Benarx is Beerenberg’s self-developed insulation products and solutions for passive fire protection as well as acoustic and thermal insulation

Product development is implemented in close collaboration with institutions such as SINTEF, DNV, the National Institute of Technology and GexCon

The solutions are space-saving, weight-reducing, efficiency-enhancing, logistics-reducing and with unique thermal and acoustic properties

Proven technology, already installed on several installations; e.g. Snøhvit Hammerfest (Statoil), Ormen Lange (Statoil), Gjøa (Statoil), Gudrun (Statoil), Ekofisk (ConocoPhillips), Terra Nova (Petro Canada), Snorre (Statoil), and many more

License production agreements entered into with partners in UK, Kazakhstan and Brazil


All Benarx products can be custom made according to the customers’ needs



  • A range of fire protection products for many different purposes
  • It consists of the patented and robust Benarx F Epoxy Box, Benarx F Steel Box - both single and double, and fire protection jacket with Benarx patented glued joints
  • A special piping insulation system includes the innovative products Benarx F Flexi Roll XP and Benarx F Cellular Glass XP, which dramatically reduces mounting time and space requirements



  • A range of acoustic controlling products, well tested and proven for their durability and performance
  • It consists of Benarx A Steel Box and the patented Benarx A jacket, with patented glued joints
  • Both products can also be delivered with thermal insulating properties



  • A range of thermal protective products, providing excellent test results and durability in harsh climatic conditions
  • It consists of the Benarx T Thermal Protection Jacket, with Benarx patented glued joints

Note: Selected Benarx products, from the top: Benarx F Epoxy Box, Benarx A Steel Box, Benarx T Jacket

rope access technology
Rope access technology

Rope Access Technology (RAT) is a method whereby ropes and climbing techniques are used in connection with work at heights

RAT is increasingly applied as an alternative to traditional larger physical scaffolding installation

Ensures that maintenance work can be carried out at the least accessible places

Using RAT can often provide a more cost-effective, safer alternative in complex access situations

Beerenberg has approximately 140 rope access technicians, including 37 safety managers

On NCS, ConocoPhillips has been a pioneer using RAT, whereas other companies has been slow starters, and is expected to increase their use of RAT services going forward

In November 2011, Beerenberg signed a substantial frame agreement within RAT with Norsafe

The frame agreement includes a variety of RAT related disciplines, in connection with installation, maintenance and modification of lifeboat systems worldwide



Beerenberg has its own modern RAT training facility

Beerenbergwas the first company to beNS 9600 certified.

A modern training rig has been created to satisfy the users’ expectations for training in work at heights

The rig is well-suited for training on different work operations such as rigging, installation and rescue

70% of participants on the training programs are external:

Training of RAT personnel at all levels

Training in fall protection and rescue

Training facility



Mobile machining and abandonment (MM&A)- Surgical cutting and mobile machining

Beerenberg has developed unique methods and tools for surgical cutting and mobile machining

The technology is based on using synthetic diamonds in removal of steel and concrete

One of Beerenberg’s clear advantages are the combination of their services

The combination of RAT and mobile machining tools leads to a substantial decrease in offshore hours needed – the main cost driver in most offshore projects

The Company’s first international projects (SBM Nigeria and Semco Denmark) have been successful


MM&A tools

  • Beerenberg uses a wide range of specialized tools for on site cutting and machining such as:
    • Mobile diamond wire saws
    • Mobile milling machines
    • Range of various hand tools
    • High Pressure Water Cutting (HPWC) equipment
    • Cutting and bevelling equipment for most pipe dimensions


Typical projects

  • Beerenberg has it’s focus on maintenance and modification projects on offshore installations.
  • Our portfolio of projects includes a wide range of projects, from minor modifications to more extensive large scale projects.
  • Typical services and products are;
  • Noise and acoustics
  • Vibrations
  • lighting
  • Furniture/Furnishing
  • Signs
  • Ergonomics
  • Technical solutions
  • Functionality
  • Transport and logistics
  • Typical design and engineering tools are;
  • Archicad
  • Autocad
  • Microstation
  • Inventor
subsea insulation
Subsea insulation


Typical Customers

  • Beerenberg provide application of insulation on subsea structures to protect from hydration formation with following potential loss of flow during cool down cycles in deep waters
  • Typical structures are manifolds, pig loops, trees, connectors, flow meters, separator modules and pumping modules
  • Two different main application methods, injection moulding and application by hand
  • Beerenberg is a preferred partner of FMC Technologies within subsea insulation and is one of only two applicators worldwide who are certified for their product Novolastic
  • Subsea activities are carried out in close cooperation with the engineering division; performing risk analyses and project planning

Link Weld Engineering

3 Phase Measurements






Engineering & Inspection


Beerenberg design of fire protection (Benarx F-product) for risers at Snorre

The division currently consists of approx. 140 engineers and inspectors mainly located in the Bergen and Stavanger offices

The majority are staffed on projects onsite, whereas the remaining are supporting projects with planning, specifications, modeling, technical drawing and laboratory work

Engineering services provided by the division ranges from preparation of specifications, modeling, technical drawing to full engineering responsibility working on EPC contracts

Projects are usually executed in connection with other ISS projects

The department also has two direct business streams:

  • ISS engineer placement at MMO contractors
  • ISS inspection software offer (to be launched in the market 2012)

Engineering & Inspection

Services and engineering tools

Typical ANSYS calculation reports

For design, calculations, visualization we use advanced engineering tools as:

  • MathCAD
  • Inventor
  • AutoCAD
  • Micro station
  • WebTiv – Web based maintenance and planning system

We can calculate complex conditions within static loads, explosion ( blast and drag ), fire, wave loads, fatigue, mechanical parts etc.


Engineering & Inspection

3D modelofvessel

Benarx F Epoxy Box – for riser at Snorre

Benarx F Epoxy Box – Assembly drawing

nyhamna epcm

Frame agreement with KværnerStord AS – Engineering | Procurement | Contruction| maintenance


Project Head


Major Projects






Minor Modifications









planning is everything
“Planning is everything”


Ready for

gas export


Engineering and procurement

Offsite prefabrication (others)

Ready for

Booster compr.

Construction engineering

Offsite prefabr.

On site - civil installation

On site installation, MC and Pre-comm



Scope of Work

“Exept for subsea insulation, all core areas of Beerenberg are represented in the scope of work”

KværnerStord AS has included early engineering phase to be a important part of Beerenberg’s scope, which tells

us Kværner’s extreme focus on quality and deliveries on time.

  • Engineering and Procurement, including shop engineering
  • Engineering support within minor modifications and maintenance
  • Fabrication and pre-fabrication
  • Quality supervision on international sites
  • Insulation, Scaffolding and Surface treatment at site (Aukra)
  • Cold works
  • Rope Access Technology
  • Materials and Products

Beerenberg vision

HSEQ | Technology | Competence

Besides our strategic vision, it is important that we leave a footprint behind every step we take at Aukra.

  • Local perspective
  • Further develop existing technology
  • Strive to establish a new local business opportunity within the contract period
  • Establish long term regional business partners
  • Exploit windows of opportunities, together with local business partners

Our thresholds

What to expect of Beerenberg as a customer

Our business is based on similar requirements as our clients and end-clients, hence to qualify as a supplier

some requirements are nice to know.

  • Beerenberg follows stringent SCM regulations
  • One-man-companies are not present in Beerenberg
  • Our supplier agreements are mostly strategic
  • We do not sub-contract own work, but
  • We hire personnel through our strategic suppliers
  • Note; strategic personnel suppliers must be able to employ own workforce,
  • We do not hire personnel through levels of sub-suppliers