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GCSE PE. Organiser Booklet 5 a-side football. Indoor 5-a-Side Football. Summary of rules: Teams of 7 5 per team on pitch (2 subs) Roll on-off subs 4 minutes plus extra time (if necessary)

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  1. GCSE PE Organiser Booklet 5 a-side football

  2. Indoor 5-a-Side Football • Summary of rules: • Teams of 7 • 5 per team on pitch (2 subs) • Roll on-off subs • 4 minutes plus extra time (if necessary) • No over head height (to be determined of at the game) – free kick from where the ball left the ground • No slide tackles • Goal keepers ca not come out of the marked ‘D’ on the pitch surrounding their goal. • Players can not shoot within the ‘D’. Players can however go within the ‘D’. • No jewellery • Correct equipment (to be specified later) • A foul is made when a player use excessive force going into a tackle. A foul is given when a player makes contact with the other player instead of the ball, unless the other player still has the ball and has not lost possession. When a foul happens a free kick is awarded- taken at the position the foul was committed. • If the ball at any time goes out of the boundaries (anyway behind the goal) then, whoever touched it last is the opposing teams possession. Either a defender hits it out to create a corner for the opponents or the attacking team hit it out, it will then go to the goalie and game will continue. • If a goal is scored then ball is to return immediately to the centre of the pitch for the conceding team to kick – off again. • A free kick is given if a player alters the game by using any part of their arm excluding their shoulder. • A free kick is when the ball is in possession of one team and is a spot kick. For this tournament all free kicks are to be direct regardless. • Scoring System • If the whole ball crosses behind the goal then it is a goal to the non-conceding team.

  3. Equipment: • Overall • 4 5-a-side goals • 2 indoor footballs • 2 Stopwatches • Overall scoreboard to show order of play and knock out matches • Coloured bibs (2 sets) • Whistle • Score-sheets • Players • Flat soled shoes • Shin pads ______________

  4. Health + Safety

  5. Risk Assessment

  6. Organisation: Checklist: • Pitches cleared and equipment prepared • Non-playing teams to sit on benches provided • Order of play • Each team to have different coloured bibs • Score sheets for matches • Camera to record highlights • Stopwatch • 1 referee per pitch • 1 overall supervisor per pitch • Certificates • Prizes for good sportsmanship

  7. Playing Area: Max’s Group Conor’s Group Net in between the two goals. D D D D The centre The ‘D’ area

  8. Order of Play Group 1: Group 2:

  9. Winners Team 7 Team 1 Team 7 1-3 3-5 4-3 Team 1 Team 6 Team 4 Team 7

  10. Results Sheet: Max’s Group

  11. Results Sheet: Conor’s Group

  12. League Tables

  13. Knock-out Competition Winner of Group 1 Winners of Group 2 TEAM 1 TEAM 7 vs vs Second in Group 2 Second in Group 1 TEAM 6 TEAM 4 ------------------------------------------------------------ Winner of Semi 1 vs Winner of Semi 2 TEAM 1 TEAM 7

  14. Champions: TEAM 7 !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Certificate of Performance

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