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DBQ Body Paragraph

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DBQ Body Paragraph
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  1. DBQ Body Paragraph Christian/Muslim Merchants

  2. Summary A Christianity and Islam were similar in the way they believed trade should be conducted.

  3. Summary and Analysis of Documents • In the Quran, Muslim merchants who are honest are praised and will go heaven (Doc. 2). This show that Muslims do respect and accept trade, especially when fair.

  4. Thomas Aquinas discussed how it is wrong and sinful to sell a product for more than it’s worth (Doc 4). This shows that Christian’s also support honesty in trade.

  5. POV • The Quran is a credible source because it is the holy scripture of Islam, the prime authority of the religion. If anything is an accurate representation of Muslim beliefs and more specifically , its views on trade, it’s the Quran because Muslims base their faith on it.

  6. Tie documents together • Both of these documents show that both religions believe trade should be conducted with truth and without deceit.

  7. Summary A • Indeed, Christian and Muslim views were the same concerning how trade should be conducted.

  8. Body 2- Summary A • Christianity and Islam have similar attitudes concerning merchants.

  9. Summary and Analysis of Documents • According to the Christian Bible, rich men will not go to heaven (Doc 1). This shows that greed is totally unacceptable in Christian life. According to the Quran, those that are truthful with their money and trade fairly will rank with the martyrs in heaven. (Doc 2). This shows that Islam values honesty and fairness as its top virtues when concerning trade. St. Godric lived a life of wealth and prosperity until he gave is money to charity and lived as a hermit (Doc 3). This displays that Christians value charity over profit, and giving is better than receiving.

  10. POV • The Quran is a reliable source because it is the ultimate authority of Islam. Reginald is a reliable source because he was a student of St. Godric and probably saw his works first person, making him accurate and honest.

  11. Tie documents • These accounts show that one’s honesty and charity during their lifetime, as a merchant, determined their fate of heaven or hell. If those of the Christian faith were modest and devoted to God, they had more chance of making it into heaven than if they were wealthy. If those of the Islamic faith were truthful in their investments, they could also enter heaven, as long as they did not steal or lie.

  12. Summary A • Evidently, the two faiths had similarities in respect to the attitudes of merchants.