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Dual Credit 2019-20

Dual Credit 2019-20. Angelo State University Cisco College.

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Dual Credit 2019-20

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  1. Dual Credit 2019-20 Angelo State University Cisco College

  2. Wylie High School is offering students the opportunity to earn college credit in addition to high school credit. The Dual Credit Program aligns Wylie High School course offerings with courses offered at Angelo State University and Cisco College thus allowing the student an opportunity to earn college credit while attending classes at Wylie High School. It is important to discuss the benefits as well as cautions of this program. • The high school course will be listed on the high school transcript as a dual credit course. • The college credits will be posted on the student’s transcript at the providing college. • Students must meet state and school requirements before they will be allowed to enroll in dual credit courses. • These classes will follow the high school calendar and meet Monday-Friday on the regular Wylie High bell schedule and calendar. • Wylie Dual Credit Classes will have a syllabus and attendance policy unique to the dual credit classes.

  3. Benefits of Dual Credit • A grade of “A”, “B” or “C” will result in college credit • Core academic courses will likely transfer-depending on receiving university and major • The DC cost is drastically cheaper than regular college tuition • Students will be exposed to the college curriculum and procedures • CTE (Workforce Education) students will gain valuable experience and training prior to graduation

  4. Cautions of Dual Credit • College classes are more difficult than the regular high school courses most students are accustomed to taking. Therefore, students must be self-motivated and exercise self-discipline when attempting the more challenging curriculum. • The grades earned in the course will be entered on your high school transcript as well as on your college transcript. These grades will not be used in the high school GPA calculation. • A student must receive a letter grade of “A”, “B” or “C” or a numerical grade of 70 or above in order to receive high school credit for the college class. If a graduating senior takes a dual credit class that is required for graduation, he or she is in danger of not graduating if they do not pass the class with an “A”, “B” or “C”, 70 or above. • There is a possibility that the receiving college that you attend will not accept the dual credit college hours or all of the hours will not apply to your declared major. • The college teachers/professors do not post progress grades or six weeks grades on Family Access. They do not send failure reports or call parents (FERPA). • If a junior student fails to successfully complete a semester of English 3DC, he/she will not be allowed to enroll in the English 4 DC. If a junior student fails to successfully complete a semester of US History DC, he/she will not be allowed to enroll in the Govt. /Eco. /Psych. DC. • It is possible to be on academic probation at the college level before ever graduating from high school.

  5. By the Dollar Signs ($) *Numbers reflect cost for 4 college credits *Pay tuition each semester September & January Welding and Auto Tech

  6. All Wylie students who qualify for the Dual Credit Program 2019-20 with Angelo State and complete the required paperwork (admissions and parental form) by the deadline will receive a Carr Scholarship for their courses each semester. This covers up to 3 ASU courses per semester taught by Wylie teacher on WHS campus. The US Govt/Eco/Psych online course will cost $300 per semester. • Qualification for scholarship is • Be a high school student who has completed the 10th grade • Have a “B” (80 or above) overall average

  7. Wylie HS Academic Dual Credit

  8. Wylie High Work Force Education Dual Credit Students who take all four Automotive Tech courses will receive the Basic Under Car Technician Marketable Skills Award *Auto Tech will be taught on the Cisco campus, thus requiring the student to have transportation and documentation of the bacterial meningitis vaccination. Auto Tech students will be responsible for purchase of tools.

  9. Eligibility Requirements to Enroll in Academic Course for Dual Credit at Angelo State/Cisco (A student must meet applicable eligibility requirements for at least ONE of the listed assessments) *Student must meet both subject and composite score standards where both are listed. If you need to take the TSI, please contact the Abilene Cisco Campus Administration desk to schedule a testing time. The TSI requires a pre-assessment activity that must be completed at least 24 hours before the actual test. This requires planning on the part of the student to complete the pre-assessment 24 hours before the actual assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to deliver the TSI results to Wylie High School prior to June 22. The testing center will not send the TSI scores to the high school campus. Cisco Abilene Testing Center Phone-325-794-4400.

  10. Pre-Enrollment Process Step 1: Choose the Dual Credit course(s) in the computer lab with the counselors March 5-8. Classes will close when seats filled. Step 2: Apply for Admission to Angelo State and/or Cisco College (FREE) depending on the courses chosen. Angelo Application open now. Cisco open now. Use proper name as on high school transcript. Last and first in proper place! Correct SS# and DOB Step 3: Complete Dual Credit Parent Agreement Form (ASU) or Dual Credit Request Form (Cisco). Required forms will be posted on the Wylie High School website-Academics/counseling. Cisco-W9S form. All due by March 29 to counseling office. Step 4: Provide acceptable test scores (school has on file STAAR English 2 and/or Algebra 1) Take placement test if necessary as notified by counselor in June. Wylie High Counselors will provide acceptable STAAR test scores to the college/university in June for those students who have indicated they want to take dual credit and completed admissions application. Step 5: High school transcript to be sent to ASU and Cisco by counselor in June Step 6: Check your RAMPORT or Cisco Campus Connect account for semester schedule in late August/early September Step 7: Pay course tuition by deadlines-Sept 1 ASU Govt/Eco online-$300 each semester Cisco- Welding or Auto Tech $272 each semester Step 8: Purchase Textbooks-info on Wylie website in late June

  11. Financial Aid-Cisco Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible (Jan-March) https://fafsa.ed.gov Both the parent and student will need an FSA ID www.StudentAid.gov/fsaid Tax documents and information will be needed Complete the online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.gov Cisco Code 003553 Contact Financial Aid to determine eligibility Please allow 4-6 weeks to process Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) up to $450 per semester may be awarded to cover Dual Credit If awarded, TPEG will automatically post to account

  12. Angelo State University www.angelo.edu Apply to Angelo State through http://www.angelo.edu/dualcredit/ This dual credit application is open now. Complete application before March 29, 2019. There will no application fee for Wylie Dual Credit students. Wylie students are called Presidential Scholars RamPort is ASU’s web portal, providing a single point of entry to Web-based services and timely information tailored specifically for and by you. Ramport will be available to students in September. Students will receive a CID # in Sept.

  13. Cisco College-www.cisco.edu Apply for admission to Cisco at www.cisco.edu by March 29. How to answer these 3 questions: Classification-not reported, Program major-high school student, Will you be attending high school –yes Cisco requires the Dual Credit Agreement form, and W9S by March 29. Auto Tech requires the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination. Cisco Online Portal is Campus Connect Dual Credit Schedule by Semester Semester Bill-Payment Options-Financial Aid Information Unofficial Dual Credit Transcript

  14. The Dual credit classes at Wylie High School are very popular and class size is limited. It is very important to take care of all of the admissions and registration as soon as possible and follow all deadlines. The classes will be “first come-first served” based on the student who qualify by meeting the TSI, complete admissions, and the parental agreement/request forms. • We will verify admissions with ASU and Cisco on March 29, 2019 to verify all those students who have chosen a Dual Credit course in Family Access and completed the online application process. Students who have not completed the application process and parental forms will be moved to a regular high school course. We will assume that students have changed their plans for 19-20. • In late May/early June, we will again verify that all interested DC students who completed the online application and paperwork have met the TSI requirements on the STAAR test. Students who did not meet the TSI requirements will be contacted by letter, by the WHS counseling office. This letter will detail the other qualifying tests available along with the deadlines for testing. Students who do not meet the qualifying scores and deadlines will be moved to a regular high school course. If a student meets the qualifying scores after the deadline, the student can be placed on the wait list. If a seat becomes available in the DC course, then the next qualifying name on the wait list will be eligible. Taking Dual Credit courses requires that a student be responsible and complete applications and paperwork by deadlines.

  15. Welding and Auto Tech-Please note that these hours are technical work force hours and may or may not transfer to an academic degree plan. These hours could lead to a certificate program in the Industrial Technology program at Cisco College. They offer several options, including: a two-year Associate in Applied Science degree, a level one and two certificate in Industrial Technology, and a level one certificate in Welding. These are four hour classes, meaning a higher tuition. Students enrolled in technical courses (e.g. welding, auto tech) must submit a safety waiver signed by parent/guardian. Students enrolling in the welding/auto tech courses do not have to meet the TSI standards………. but must pass the Reading section of the EOC Eng 2. The prerequisite for welding is Ag Mechanics or Ag Structures. *The Auto Tech course will be taught on the Cisco Campus during our 7 and 8th period so the student must provide their own transportation to and from the Cisco campus and provide documentation of the Meningococcal Vaccination. If you contact Cisco College at any time, please identify yourself as a dual credit student from Wylie High School.

  16. Contact Information for Cisco Cisco College Dual Credit Director Tianay Bralley Tianay.bralley@cisco.edu 325-794-4510 Julie Paredes Assistant to Director of DC 325-794-4503 Julie.paredes@cisco.edu

  17. Contact Info for Angelo State University • Please contact Wylie High School with questions before contacting Angelo State University.

  18. Dual Credit We will all need a great deal patience to work through this process. We are working with three academic institutions who have 2 separate governing bodies (TEA and THECB) and the federal government. Each group has a different focus and different terminology and different funding sources.

  19. Review 7 Steps • Choose courses in Family/Student Access first week in March. Courses will be closed when full. • Apply for admission to Cisco and/or Angelo based on the courses you are taking before March 29. • Turn in paperwork before March 29. Students who do not turn in paperwork and complete application will be moved out of the dual credit course into a regular high school course at this point. Late paperwork can place you on the Dual Credit Wait List. • Angelo-Off-Site Dual Credit Agreement Form • Cisco-DC Agreement Form, and W-9S form • Course Registration-this will be handled by the staff at Wylie High with the higher ed staff • Pay Tuition –ASU Govt/Eco/Psych and/or Cisco • Apply for Financial Aid if appropriate for Cisco classes • Purchase Books or tools July-August • If your EOC scores for English 2 are below 4000, you will need to submit scores from TSI, ACT or SAT for an English, history/government/psych course If your EOC Algebra 1 score is below 4000, you will need to submit TSI, ACT, or SAT scores for the Pre-Calc course. All scores must be submitted before June 21, 2019.

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