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Letter 1 Dear Aggie - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Letter 1 Dear Aggie

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Letter 1

Dear Aggie

Every day, after school, I meet a group of friends at the local shops. They all smoke, but I don’t. They’ve started teasing me. I tried to smoke without inhaling, but I don’t really enjoy it. I’m finding it hard to say no. Even though I’m fifteen years old, I can’t take the teasing.

Yours hopefully,


Letter 2

Dear Aggie

I am 15 years old and feel like I can't go on any longer. Everywhere I go I seem to attract the wrong type of people. I am always being bullied and beaten up! I am not a loud girl. In fact I am quite the opposite. Why am I attracting such bad attention? I know everybody hates me!


Letter 3

Dear Aggie,

You probably don’t get many letters from boys but I’ve no one else to turn to. I am ashamed to admit that I’m being bullied in school. I think they pick on me because I care about my work and I want to do well in all my subjects.

The other reason I’m bullied, I think, is because I’m no good at team sports like football or rugby. I’m more interested in finding things out, facts about science and history. Most of the bullies are from my form. I think they know I’m not like them. I must admit, I’m scared. I’m quite small for my age and they’re all bigger and stronger than me.

Can you please help me? I’ve taken to missing school on a regular basis and my work is starting to suffer.


Letter 4

Dear Aggie,

I have fallen out with my friend, who has teamed up with a group from my class. They have listened to the lies my former friend has told them and now they bully me. I sometimes feel that life isn’t worth living. The bullies text me with messages such as ‘Get lost loser’ and ‘Rumours. We spread them’.

They email me threatening messages claiming they’ll harm my pet kitten, although I’m not sure they’ll go that far.

I can’t tell my mum, because she’ll want to come up

to school and sort it out. They’ll get me after school if she does that. The teachers at our school aren’t aware of the sort of bullying that goes on and my form teacher isn’t the sort of person you can really talk to. Some mornings I feel like I’m going to be sick – I’m too afraid to face them. What can I do about this awful bullying? Please help me!


Lisa, Oxford

Letter 5

Dear Aggie,

I got this message on my BBM from someone I did not know. I started to speak to him and he is a good looking lad my age. His ex girlfriend is in my year group but he is in another school. We spoke for weeks and exchanged pictures and he kept pestering me for a rude one. One night when I was bored I did it but now regret it. He has threatened to post it on facebook and print the pictures off and show people at my school if I don’t sent him more pictures. He says he will show his ex girlfriend and she will chin me. I am so stressed and can’t talk to my parents or teachers because I am so shamed.

Please tell me what to do.