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ECOLOGICAL MAP. Student Name: Jessica Student Number: S00084704 EDFD127 (Early Childhood & Primary). INTRODUCTION. Name: Alessandro Age: 4 Gender: Male Family pattern: Single Mother, 2 year old sister Culture: Italian Disability: Alessandro has a sensory-neural hearing impairment

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Ecological map


Student Name: Jessica

Student Number: S00084704


(Early Childhood & Primary)


  • Name: Alessandro

  • Age: 4

  • Gender: Male

  • Family pattern: Single Mother, 2 year old sister

  • Culture: Italian

  • Disability: Alessandro has a sensory-neural hearing impairment

  • Socio-economic status: Low - Mother is struggling to make ends meet as she works full-time as a cleaning lady, to provide the necessities for her two children, as well as a hearing aid and further treatment for Alessandro.

Bronfenbrenner s ecological systems theory
Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory.

  • The Microsystem: The Innermost level of the environment, which consists of experiences and interactions within the child’s immediate surroundings.

  • The Mesosystem: The Mesosystem refers to the interrelationships between experiences, interactions, relationships & routines.

  • The Exosystem: The Exosystem consists of social settings in which the child is not directly involved in, however still have a deep impact on their experiences in immediate settings.

  • The Macrosystem: This final system incorporates a specific set of values, beliefs, laws or higher faith’s in which a society is organised. The priority that the Macrosystem gives to children’s needs affects the support they receive at inner levels of the environment. (Berk, 2008).

Ecological map






Ecological map




Alessandro attends Norton’s Off Norton Long day care 3 days a week.

Alessandro lives with his Mother, Maria, and 2 year old sister Isabella.

On Fridays, Maria takes Alessandro and Isabella to her Mother’s group, located in Leichhardt town hall. Here the children are given the opportunity to interact with others in the community, while mothers talk about relatable topics and can scaffold teaching

techniques amongst

each other.

Lily is employed to spend 4 hours with Alessandro each day he is in child care. She supports him through assistance with sign language and other techniques that help include Alessandro.




Ecological map



Centrelink Australia provides Maria with the funds to place Alessandro in long day care, as well as provide him with assistance (Lily) while he is in care.

The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children provided Alessandro with Diagnostic services, followed by quality intervention programs

Co. As. It is an organization that assists Italian people settle into Australia. This Organization assisted Maria in finding an occupation when she moved to Australia 10 years ago.


Domestics is an agency for house cleaners. They provided Maria with a job that pays above award wages, and allows her to work the 3 days a week that her children are in long day care.

St Joan of Arc

Catholic Church Haberfield is the Local church for Alessandro’s family, in which they attend mass every Sunday, followed by Church Play group

for one hour.




Ecological map


The Australian Italian Community put together the Co.As.It organization, which has provided Maria, and many other Australian Italians with the support and services required when settling into a new country.

Early Childhood Australia INC. advocates to ensure quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care of children from birth to eight years. This ensures Alessandro’s inclusion in all areas of the Early Childhood setting.

The Australian Government recognizes the difficulties single mothers face, and therefore provide organizations such as centrelink, that assist single parent families, and families of children with disabilities.

The Code of Ethics is a set of statements that ensures the quality treatment of any child in professional care, and provides guidelines for the specific treatment of children with

special needs

The Catholic

Church influences Alessandro’s families morals and beliefs.





Ecological map


The Catholic Church

The Australian Government




Co. As. It


Leichhardt Mother’s Group




St Joan of Arc Catholic Church

Absolute Domestics

The Australian Italian Community

The Code of Ethics


Norton’s Off Norton Early Learning Centre

The Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children

Early Childhood Australia INC.

Ecological map


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March 14 2009, from

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