by elizabeth davis and daniel aulbach n.
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By: Elizabeth Davis and Daniel Aulbach

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By: Elizabeth Davis and Daniel Aulbach - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Essential Question : What push and pull factors brought immigrants to the United States and created the conditions that necessitated them leaving their homeland(s )?. By: Elizabeth Davis and Daniel Aulbach. Learning Activities.

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by elizabeth davis and daniel aulbach

Essential Question: What push and pull factors brought immigrants to the United States and created the conditions that necessitated them leaving their homeland(s)?

By: Elizabeth Davis and Daniel Aulbach

learning activities
Learning Activities
  • What did different ethnic groups experience as they came through the ports of immigration?
  • Did the Immigrant Experience different from on ethnic group to another?
  • In what ways were conditions in the United States and abroad responsible for large-scale immigration to the United States?
  • Did the United States live up to the dreams of the “new immigrants”? Was America a land of opportunity for immigrants?
  • How was “new immigration” different than “old immigration”?
  • How did cultures clash during the time period of immigration?
introduction to immigration
Introduction to Immigration
  • Why were immigrants coming to the United States?
  • Why were immigrants leaving their countries?
  • What were immigrants experiences when they arrived?
intro to immigration group project
Intro to Immigration: Group Project
  • Ink Splatter
  • What Does the Primary Source Tell Us?
  • Creating Classroom Exhibit
practice creating classroom exhibition
Practice Creating Classroom Exhibition

Group Work:

  • Sources: Review your sources to decide the images, illustrations, or articles you will use
  • Theme: What connections can you find among all of the documents? Choose a theme (from the list on the other side of this sheet) that your documents have in common.
  • Thesis: In your group decide on your thesis—what is your exhibitions main idea?
  • Organize the exhibit board: How will you arrange your sources on your board to support your theme? Make sure to include your thesis on your presentation.
  • Captions/Headings: Where will you cite your sources? How will you identify the sources you are using?
  • Labels: Museums often use labels to explain objects and images on display. Where will you put your labels and what will they say?
regents themes
Regents Themes
  • Change
  • Citizenship
  • Civic Values
  • Constitutional Principles
  • Culture and Intellectual Life
  • Diversity
  • Economic Systems
  • Environment
  • Factors and Production
  • Foreign Policy
  • Government
  • Human Systems
  • Immigration and Migration
  • Individuals, Groups, Institutions
  • Interdependence
  • Physical Systems
  • Places and Regions
  • Reform Movements
  • Presidential Decisions and Actions
  • Science and Technology