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Analyze Phase

Analyze Phase. Senior Design Team 25: Palm Harvester. Group Members. Brian Newman, ME David Boswell, ECE Bolivar Lobo, IE Louis-Olivier Verret, IE Gianni Alessandria, IE Ricardo Aleman, ME Yuze Liu, ME. Brian. Advisors. Dr. Okoli (Sponsor ) Dr . Olawale (IE supervisor )

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Analyze Phase

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  1. Analyze Phase Senior Design Team 25: Palm Harvester

  2. Group Members • Brian Newman, ME • David Boswell, ECE • Bolivar Lobo, IE • Louis-Olivier Verret, IE • Gianni Alessandria, IE • Ricardo Aleman, ME • Yuze Liu, ME Brian

  3. Advisors • Dr. Okoli(Sponsor) • Dr. Olawale (IE supervisor) • Dr. Amin (ME senior design coordinator) • Dr. Clark (ME advisor) • Dr. Frank (ECE senior design coordinator) • Dr. Moss (ECE advisor) Brian

  4. Project Review • Previous group constructed an incomplete climbing robot • Cart with telescoping pole design was selected • Physical models were constructed • Pole saw was to move electronically • Prototype 1.0 was designed to be more basic • Prototype 2.0 will be constructed if testing proves successful Palm Harvester Goal Develop an effective, efficient, and economical oil palm harvester Brian

  5. Major Selling Points Portable Safer More Affordable Bolivar

  6. Major Selling Points Stable Design Bolivar

  7. Design OverviewPrototype 1.0 Louis

  8. Prototype 1.0 Components A • Cutting Tool (A) • Telescoping Pole (B) • Tree Grips (C) • Cart (D) • Power/ Auxiliary System (E) R = 5ft B H ≤ 40ft C Palm Harvester Oil Palm Drawing not to scale h = 4ft D & E Louis

  9. Cutting Tool Design • 2 DOF: Horizontal and vertical rotation • 10 foot long pole saw balanced in center • Ropes and pulleys allow for motion Louis

  10. Cutting Tool Design Square Tubes Camera Lazy Susan Angle Brackets Louis

  11. Telescoping Pole Design HDPE Bars 2 in Diameter Steel 3 in Diameter PVC 4 in Diameter PVC 6 in Diameter PVC Louis

  12. Telescoping Pole Design Pivot Block • The pole can fold down • Rotate with the pivot block • The pole can translate through the hole of the pivot block Self-locking shoulder screw Alignment Block Louis

  13. Tree Grip Design Operation Winch the rope Tension closes grip Release winch Spring opens grip Louis

  14. Cart Design Swivel Caster Monitor Winch Rigid Caster Perforated Tube Modified cart Louis

  15. Fabrication Brian

  16. Delivery • Budget Spent: $1477 • Budget Remaining: $523 Brian

  17. Cart Reinforcement • Cart material was not rigid enough to handle the loads expected Brian

  18. Rotating Top Platform • Completely assembled Brian

  19. Tree Grips • Assembly in progress • Still need to 3D print slider Brian

  20. Power Configuration David

  21. David

  22. Camera & Monitor • Waterproof and durable • Easy setup • Outputs video via RCA cable • Waterproof • 12VDC 60mA (.72W) • Durable • Requires waterproofing case • 12VDC • 8W David

  23. Pole Saw • Black and Decker 18V Max Lithium Ion Pole Pruning Saw David

  24. Current Measurement Setup David

  25. Pole Saw Test • Information gathered: • Average Current • Peak Current • Average Cutting Time

  26. Current Data David

  27. Power Supply • 12VDC battery and charger • 7 Amp Hour (84W-hr) - 9.5 hours of use • 1.5 Amp-hours (27W-hr) • 5 seconds to cut fruit at 6 amps (108W) • Cut up to 300 fruits • (assuming 5sec/cut ) David

  28. Pole Saw Configuration • Pole Saw will be balanced at center of mass • Pushbutton used to activate cutting tool • Wires will be used for connections David

  29. Power Configuration David

  30. Analysis Brian

  31. Tree Grip Force Analysis • Analysis in ForceEffect App (iOS) • Predicts 10:1 reduction in force • Eg. 50lbs tension = 5lbs grip • Experiments indicate 20:3 reduction in force • Eg. 50lbs tension = 7lbs grip • Tension can be up to 100lbs 5lbs 5lbs 50lbs Brian

  32. Center of Gravity Force Analysis • Analysis in ForceEffect App (iOS) • Weighted poles modeled as thin vertical links • What are the reactions? • Moments • Forces Brian

  33. 90°: With vs Without Tree Grips 3lb 6lb Brian Moment reduced 87% from 35lb-ft to 8lb-ft

  34. 89°: With vs Without Tree Grips 3lb 6lb Brian Moment reduced 91% from 85lb-ft to 8lb-ft

  35. Wind: With vs Without Tree Grips 10lb drag 10lb drag 12lb 9lb Brian Moment reduced 97% from 400lb-ft to 11lb-ft

  36. Effect of Tree Grips • Overall the tree grips dramatically stabilize the system

  37. Schedule Bolivar

  38. Bolivar

  39. Future Plans • Assembly In Progress • Telescoping Poles • Tree Grips • Assembly to Being • Electrical connections • Monitor case • Camera mounting Bolivar

  40. Future Plans • Testing • Telescoping pole • Camera/Monitor • Cutting Bolivar

  41. Future Plans • Improve Prototype 1.0 Prototype 2.0 Bolivar

  42. Questions?

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