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Why I Should Buy YouTube Views?

A simple presentation about the topic Why I Should Buy YouTube Views? Click here for more details: http://www.buyviewsonyoutube.com/.

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Why I Should Buy YouTube Views?

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  1. www.buyviewsonyoutube.com

  2. Introduction • This is an simple presentation which is going to give you some points about how to buy YouTube views. • The advantages of buying YouTube views. www.buyviewsonyoutube.com

  3. You need to make your video(s) amazing • Give it a perfect title with appropriate tags and description. • Make it more creative. • Share your videos wisely. • Use annotations. • Increasing the views by buying real viewers. • For your convenience and better understanding. www.buyviewsonyoutube.com

  4. Will My Video Banned For Buying Views? • You won't get banned immediately from buying views. • Google has enabled filters to determine if the views are from bots or people, though so you may get the dreaded 301 curse. • If you start getting unnaturally fast views then Google will stop your publicly shown view count at 301 until they verify that you are not "view hacking". www.buyviewsonyoutube.com

  5. Conclusion • Once you pass this test your view count will jump from 301 to whatever views you actually have. • If you are sitting at 301 for more than a couple of days then you are in the gray area of their system and they are looking more closely at your views.  • More than a couple of weeks and you can be sure that video is going to be deleted and you may even get a sanction from YouTube. www.buyviewsonyoutube.com

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