Success Needs the Freedom to Fail
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Success Needs the Freedom to Fail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For a game development business to be sustainable, it has to deliver hits consistently. Many people think the game industry is too risky. But anything is too risky if you don’t understand the landscape. If you don’t know how to lay a brick, then constructing a house is risky. \n

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Success Needs the Freedom to Fail

A sharp mind, quick questions, high doses of common sense, loads of candour, a maturity level that

stumps any adult and of course a dash of humour. Mix all these ingredients into a potpourri, and you

get none other than Debdatta Basu. A game developer since his school days and a graduate from IIT,

Roorkee, Deb can converse non-stop and be simultaneously thinking a couple of steps ahead of his


Were you thinking of game development when you started college at IIT?

?I de?eloped ga?es at s?hool. It ?as a lot ?o?e fu? to de?elop ga?es tha? appli?atio?s f?o? the

s?hool’s te?t?ook. The su?je?t ?as i?te?esti?g e?ough that I did?’t ?i?d spe?di?g lo?g hou?s

learning concepts that would be considered dry or boring otherwise. My education at IIT served to

expand my knowledge and formally cement a lot of things I had learnt. I am a great software

engineer today because of the curiosity and interest I developed while making games in school.?

What defines a software engineer?

?A soft?a?e e?gi?ee? is so?eo?e ?ho e?gi?ee?s a?d ?uilds soft?a?e. He is ide?tified ?? ?hat he

builds and not necessarily by a job or a designation, or the tools he uses. A great software engineer

should be strong enough in his fundamentals to adapt to the rapid change that is a reality of the


What was your first job?

My first job was at a semiconductor company. I participated in the design and implementation of

drivers for graphics hardware.

How did you happen to choose game development as a career?

?I do ga?es ?e?ause the? a?e fu? to build. Game development has many more moving parts than a

business application, which makes it more mentally stimulating to work on. Games are a pure

technology play. The recurring costs are low to non-existent. That makes for an interesting business

model as well. Overall I love games and so far, the? ha?e lo?ed ?e ?a?k.?

There seems to be an acute shortage of game developers and other types of talent

for the booming gaming industry. What kind of talent should we bring into game


?We should ta?get kids ?ho a?e a?id ga?e?s. It ?e?ui?es so?e stu??o???ess to pu?sue a ?a?ee? i?

games, and kids who are avid gamers already have it in them. Such kids take to gaming naturally.

Young engineers working in the industry are the second set of people who are the ideal resource

pool. Many of them want to get into software engineering roles and game development presents a

tremendous opportunity to do so. Backstage Pass has the right courses for them to get trained and

pla?ed i? soft?a?e e?gi?ee?i?g ?oles.?

What do you think of game development as a business?

?Fo? a game development business to be sustainable, it has to deliver hits consistently. Many people

think the ga?e i?dust?? is too ?isk?. But a??thi?g is too ?isk? if ?ou do?’t u?de?sta?d the la?ds?ape.

If ?ou do?’t k?o? ho? to la? a ??i?k, the? ?o?st?u?ti?g a house is ?isk?.

Success in the game industry is a matter of figuring out what the market wants and meeting the

?a?ket’s ?eeds ?ith a ?ell-designed product that can sell itself. In game development, it is not

about the production house or the star cast as is the case with movies. Gamers love or hate a game

purely because of the experience that it provides. So, it is a ?o?e le?el pla?i?g g?ou?d out the?e.?

How does one learn game development?

?Toda? a??o?e ?a? lea?? ?hat he o? she ?a?ts to lea??. I lea??t to ?ode ?? ?uildi?g ga?es, a?d this

can be a fun way to get engaged talent into the software industry as a whole. There are plenty of

resources available on the Internet for those who are eager to learn. Khan Academy has very good

content. Consider Udemy and Coursera as well. Google is good for research.

Software engineering is a constant learning process. Once you know the fundamentals, follow sites

like Stack Overflow, The Hacker News and so on. The software engineering community is quite

friendly, and when you approach people with a specific and legitimate problem they rally around to

help ?ou.?

As a country, what should we do to promote making games in India?

?We should u?de?sta?d that ga?e de?elop?e?t, at its hea?t, is a ??eati?e i?dust??. A?d ??eati?e

industry can thrive only when one has the luxury to fail. To achieve success in one game, we will

have to fail many times. Those who quit and return to other professions should be accepted as

normal people. Let our kids and youngsters fail when they follow their dreams. They have very high

?ha??es of su??eedi?g i? life if ?e let the? fail ?ithout fea? o? sha?e.?

That su?s up De?’s app?oa?h to life. Good lu?k De? and all of you who look forward to taking part in

the booming gaming industry.