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How to fail the exam

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How to fail the exam - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to fail the exam. Paul Taylor 2009. ALLOWABLE MATERIALS Programmable or non-programmable calculator  Unmarked, non-electronic English dictionary Ruler, compass, coloured pencils

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how to fail the exam

How to fail the exam

Paul Taylor 2009



Programmable or non-programmable calculator

 Unmarked, non-electronic English dictionary

Ruler, compass, coloured pencils

Students permitted to bring a highlighter to highlight exam paper during reading time. No writing is permitted during this time.


This paper is worth 50% of the assessment in this subject, and students must complete questions totalling at least 120 marks.

Section A is Compulsory

There are four (4) sections in this paper:

Section A contains fifteen (15) True / False questions and is compulsory. It is worth 15 marks.

Section B contains two (2) questions and is compulsory. It is worth 30 marks.

Section B, C and D, students must choose questions totalling at least 60 marks from either or all of these sections.

WARNING: questions in Section D are very difficult!

All answers must be in your script books. More credit will be given for completed questions than for a large number of fragments. Incomplete fragments may be ignored and not marked.


Mutatorsand Total Conversion Mods

What is the original name of Epic?

  • How it compiles and runs
  • The Architecture of Mods and the Object Hierarchy
  • Object and Actors, what is the difference?
  • What is the ForAll function?
state based functionality
State Based Functionality
  • States
  • Latent Functions
network replication
Network Replication
  • How it works!!!
  • When it is used
  • That’s about all really
  • Pre or Post rendered?
  • How is it done?
  • Light Maps
  • The four types of light
  • The four surface properties
  • Texturing
  • What is a Material
  • How do textures get applied?
level design
Level Design
  • What is the basic process of designing a level?
  • Artistic
  • Logical
  • Geometry
  • Texturing and Lighting
  • Zoning
  • Navigation Paths
  • Optimisation
class hierarchies and architecture
Class hierarchies and Architecture
  • Know the basic structure of Unreal Class heirachy
  • Know how mutators interact with these classes
zones portals and antiportals
Zones Portals and AntiPortals
  • Occlusion Zones
  • Know when and where to use them
your assignment
Your Assignment
  • Don’t forget your assignment
  • Know what worked
  • What didn’t
    • How you balanced the game
    • What worked
    • What failed
the end
The End

Good Luck!