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Jim Thorpe
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Jim Thorpe

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  1. Jim Thorpe By : Christina, Pazee, Oscar

  2. Intro • Jim Thorpe was an American athlete of both Native American and European ancestry. • Considered one of the most flexible, adaptable and all round athletes of modern sports. He has won the Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon. Jim played American football as a college student and as a professional player.

  3. Early life • Jim Thorpe was born in Prague, Oklahoma on May 28th, 1887. • His real name was Jacobus Franciscus Thorpe, He was better known as his Infamous nickname, “Jim”. Although being an Native American, he’s always been criticized.

  4. Early life pt.2 • At the age of 6, Jim was sent to a boarding school only meant for Native Americans. It was called “the Sac and Fox Indian Tribe Agency school.” He was one of the 10 children of his family, to go to the same school. He had a twin brother Charlie, who died when attending the school.

  5. Life as an Indian • As a student of of Sac Fox school, Thorpe always was in and out of school. He was depressed from the death of his mom and his dad. Jim ran away from home and school, he mostly got into verbal fights with his dad.

  6. Life as an Indian pt.2 • It wasn’t easy living his life. Jim came home to his father in the 1900’s and attended Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Cumberland, Pennsylvania. He met an inspirational coach named Glenn Warner, known as “Pop” who helped Thorpe’s future athletic career grow better.

  7. Sports he played • Football • Baseball • Track • Basketball • He stop playing sports at age 41

  8. Jim Thorpe

  9. Racism • Jim, who was half “white” American, was raised as an American Indian. His medals were taken from him because of his race. When Jim won his gold medals, not all Native American Indians were recognized as U.S. Citizens. When Thorpe attended Carlisle, his football team was called “The Indians”

  10. Racism pt.2 • As his team won many games when the season ended, News paper headings would be stereotypical, for example: “ Indian Scalp Army 27-6” or “Jim Thorpe on rampage” Thorpe was first noticed in the “New York Times” He was headlined as “Indian Thorpe in Olympiad; Redskin from Carlisle will strive for place on American team”

  11. Marriage and family • Jim Thorpe had exactly 3 wives. • He married his first wife, Iva Miller in 1913. He met her at Carlisle,he had4 children; Jim Jr. Gale, Charlotte and Grace. Jim Jr. passed away at the age of 2. Iva divorced Jim in 1925, her reason was desertion (meaning abandoning her duty as a wife)

  12. Marriage and Family pt.2 • In 1926, Thorpe married Freeda V. She worked for the baseball manager, which was Jim’s baseball team at that time. They had 4 sons Carl (who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army), William, Richard and John. Freeda divorced Jim in 1941. Jim lastly married Patricia Askew on June 2, 1945 she was the wife who was with him when he died.

  13. Jim Thorpe death • Death in early 1953, Jim went into heart failure when he was eating dinner with his 3rd wife Patricia in their home in Lomita, California. He was revived for a short time but lost consciousness after speaking with the surrounding people. He shortly died after on May 28th at the age of 64.

  14. Jim Thorpe’s Grave Here lies Jim’s grave in Pennsylvania, it is now a tourism place.

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