the great depression new deal legacy n.
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The Great Depression: New Deal; Legacy PowerPoint Presentation
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The Great Depression: New Deal; Legacy

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The Great Depression: New Deal; Legacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Great Depression: New Deal; Legacy. 1929-1939. Overall. Few were untouched by New Deal reforms Supplying jobs- programs improved many ppl’s sense of self-worth NYA families incomes & kept kids in school. Critics. W elfare state– gov’t provides basic needs

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Presentation Transcript
  • Few were untouched by New Deal reforms
  • Supplying jobs- programs improved many ppl’s sense of self-worth
  • NYA families incomes & kept kids in school
  • Welfare state– gov’t provides basic needs
  • Deficit spending, gov’t spent more $ than it brought in revenue
  • Federal gov’t—the president–too involved in the economy
  • Fed. Gov’t expanded role was necessary= home loans, farm subsidies, bank deposit insurance, relief & jobs, pensions, & unemployment insurance helped ppl survive the Great Depression
  • Min. standards for working conditions & protection of worker’s rights
  • Didn’t end the Great Depression, it did relieve suffering
  • Economy didn’t fully recover until preparation for WWII
  • Lasting results= programs & agencies that still exist today
  • Long-term effect= electricity to rural areas
    • By 1950 nearly 90% did
    • Life easier & improved health
  • Brought modern practices & industry to rural areas
    • South diversified it’s economy
impact on labor
Impact on labor
  • 1st time, unskilled & skilled laborers unionized:
    • Women & African-Americans benefited= large % of unskilled labors
impact on women
Impact on Women
  • Few economic benefits to women:
    • Social Security, NRA, & minimum wage laws weren’t enough
  • Gains in gov’t:
    • 1st female cabinet member, ambassadors, & judges were appointed under FDR
    • 1st female Senator: Hattie Caraway (D-Arkansas)
  • Most successful politically:
    • FDR’s leadership unified a new Democratic voting bloc
    • Used his leadership & optimism= psychological lift
quick review
Quick Review
  • What major points did critics have about the New Deal?
  • How did supporters of the New Deal defend it?
  • What is the last legacy of the New Deal and was it successful?
activity new deal political cartoon
Activity: New Deal Political Cartoon
  • Create a political cartoon as a critic or as a supporter of the New Deal YOUR CHOICE
activity a world without a new deal
Activity: A World without a New Deal
  • Write a narrative of a world that never had a New Deal or any of the programs that came the New Deal. How different would the world be today?
  • Can include: No worker’s rights, no unemployment insurance, no disability, no minimum wage, no FDIC, no Securities and Exchange Comm., no Social Security Act
  • Narrative: CLEAR introduction