sketching multi view drawings n.
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Sketching Multi-view Drawings

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Sketching Multi-view Drawings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sketching Multi-view Drawings. Design Proces s STEP #7. Orthographic Projections. Big Picture. A multiview drawing is one that shows two or more two-dimensional views of a three-dimensional object. A Troubled Image. At your Tables, try drawing 3 views of the object on the left.

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sketching multi view drawings

Sketching Multi-view Drawings

Design Process


Orthographic Projections

big picture
Big Picture

A multiview drawing is one that shows two or more two-dimensional views of a three-dimensional object

a troubled image
A Troubled Image

At your Tables, try drawing 3 views of the object on the left.

Draw the top, the side-view, and the front view.

3 dimensions
3 Dimensions

Width is associated is side-to-side

Height is top-to-bottom.

Depth is front-to-back.

orthographic projection
Orthographic Projection

Take this “Pane” of Glass.

Orthographic Projection is a drawing method that allows objects to be projected onto an imaginary plane.

orthographic projection1
Orthographic Projection

Place your object behind the pane of glass.

Before you draw, you must chose your first view.

orthographic projection2
Orthographic Projection

First chose the front view.

When choosing the front view, take the following;

  • The view with the longest dimension.
  • The view with the simplest shape.




orthographic projection3
Orthographic Projection

1. Draw the front view (the areas that are shaded).

Once that is done, move to the side view.

orthographic projection4
Orthographic Projection

2. This time, draw the side view (note the shade areas are different).

orthographic projection5
Orthographic Projection

3. Note that on the side view, there is a lower part of the object behind the part shown, draw a dotted “hidden” line to show that lower spot.

orthographic projection6
Orthographic Projection

4. Finally draw the last view, the Top (again, note the shaded area is different).

orthographic projection7
Orthographic Projection

Now we can see our multiview drawing. The Top, Front, and Side Views.

orthographic projection8
Orthographic Projection

We can fold our glass pane views together to form our orthographic projection ( “the glass box” )

setting up orthographic projections


Top View/Plan


Right Side View

Front View


Setting up Orthographic Projections
a question
A Question

Each of the blocks at right has the same overall dimensions and color. What else do they have in common?

the answer
The Answer

They all have identical top views!

to the drafting table
To the Drafting Table

Complete the Multi-view sketches worksheet on the class website.

Use graph or printer paper to submit them!