aims objectives of british curriculum n.
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Aims & Objectives of British Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation
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Aims & Objectives of British Curriculum

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Aims & Objectives of British Curriculum - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The curriculum is considered as the foundation of an education system. It is the reason that almost all countries across the world strive hard to have a comprehensive curriculum. A high-quality comprehensive curriculum helps to enhance the quality of education.

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british school system is a centralized education

British school system is a centralized education system, and the same curriculum, called the National Curriculum is followed everywhere in the world. The curriculum was designed in 1990 to ensure that the same quality of education should be provided to each student.

the curriculum requires the schools to provide

The curriculum requires the schools to provide the opportunities to the pupils where they can learn and progress. The focus is not just on the quality of education, but it is stressed to work on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of the students. This education system familiarises the pupils with life experiences, responsibilities and opportunities to lead a quality life.

this structure allows the british schools

This structure allows the British schools in Dubai to show parents how well their child is doing, and how efficiently he/she is being taught. The performance is measured against established standards and compared to other institutions in the region that follow the same curriculum.

what makes the british curriculum so unique
What makes the British Curriculum so unique?
  • The core strength of the UK education system is in its well-defined structure, which measures the progress of each student at every stage of their education, all the way from primary up to their A-levels examinations.
aims and objectives of british curriculum
Aims and Objectives of British Curriculum
  • It aims to develop necessary personality traits in the students by providing essential knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills.
each student s performance is monitored

Each student’s performance is monitored and compared to other students to measure their achievements.

it also ensures to provide a standardise

It also ensures to provide a standardise education to all pupils to certify that their learning is steadily progressing.

it signifies the role of education in developing

It signifies the role of education in developing the skills of the pupils and enhancing their learning abilities by promoting public awareness.

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