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Aims and Objectives PowerPoint Presentation
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Aims and Objectives

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Aims and Objectives - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An investigation into what influences demand for food items at Trinity College East and consumer’s preference to supplier in the market. . Aims and Objectives. To examine the factors influencing demand.

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Aims and Objectives

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    1. An investigation into what influences demand for food items at Trinity College East and consumer’s preference to supplier in the market.

    2. Aims and Objectives • To examine the factors influencing demand. • To examine the factors influencing the demand for food and beverage at Trinity College East. • To examine what influences consumer’s preference to supplier at Trinity College East.

    3. Introduction • Indicate the difference between the goods being sold in t he café and the goods being sold by the black market. • Define all technical terms that will be used in the study. • Clearly state your intention for doing the study. E.g. This study is intended to clearly indicate the factors that influence the demand for food stuff at Trinity College East and also what influence the consumer’s choice of supplier.

    4. Methodology • This project entails collection of information from text books, central bank statics, and government websites. Information was also collected via the administration of a questionnaire given to a convenient sample of 5% of the student population. The theory was examined to see if the findings of the survey corresponded.

    5. Questionnaire • Ask questions that would help with the topic being researched. • Don’t ask questions that would not help you wit the topic being investigated. E.g. What form are you in? how old are you? Do you know what is a monopoly? • Develop at least twelve questions that make sense. Questions that will help to gain as much marks as possible.

    6. Analysis of Data Collected • From the data that you collect, all you need to do is state what the question was, what was the results of the question, and what you have gathered from the results. E.g. students were asked which provide did they preferred to consume from, the majority (75%) showed that they preferred to purchase food items from the cafeteria , whilst the remaining 25% indicated that they would rather consume from the black market. This clearly shows that the cafeteria is dominating the demand in the economy. • When you do this please try to make the analysis flow.

    7. Thus, whatever you said in your first paragraph should flow directly into the second paragraph and the information should be linked in some form. This is an example of a good way to bring in the second paragraph from the previous example. • E.g. Provided that the demand is being dominated by the Cafeteria, as indicated by the data collected, it is also important to note what could be the cause of this. Thus, students were asked which prices they were more satisfied with. 85% of the students indicated that they were quite satisfied with the price in the cafeteria and the remaining 15% indicated more satisfaction with the price on the black market. Clearly, price is a major determinant in consumer’s preference to suppliers at Trinity College East.

    8. Remember that you are looking into the factors which influence demand as well as the consumer’s preference to suppliers in the market. The questions in the questionnaire should help you to examine theses two points in your analysis.