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Aysegul Kapucu & Diane Dalrymple PowerPoint Presentation
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Aysegul Kapucu & Diane Dalrymple

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Aysegul Kapucu & Diane Dalrymple

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  1. Aysegul Kapucu & Diane Dalrymple Social networking in teaching and learning: online scholarly resource sharing with delicious SLOAN C International Conference on Online Learning 2008

  2. Talk Overview • What is delicious? • Overview of UCF Libraries’ delicious project • Using delicious in Reference Service, Research Consultation, and Library Instruction • Survey results and EZproxy stats • Diane Dalrymple - Classroom Component (E-Marketing 3880)

  3. What is delicious?

  4. What is delicious? Web-based Social Bookmarking • Web-based • Available on any browser on the internet • Social • Network with others, Share links • Bookmarking • Add links to anything on the internet – pages, PDFs, sound, video, any file on the internet • Organize links by adding tags and bundles http://del.icio.us

  5. Why Would a Library Care About delicious? • Increase access points for library resources • Create on-the-fly resource lists for classes and individuals • Incorporate both subscriptions and free resources • Collaborate to co-develop resource lists

  6. Action Plan • Create a delicious account – ucflibrary • Upload database links into delicious • Organize links with descriptive tags and bundles • Train librarians and enlist them in the project • Tag resources for students and classes • Collaborate with faculty to build resource lists • Measure success via statistics and surveys

  7. Setting Up the ucflibrary Account • Register for a http://delicious/ucflibrarydelicious account – ucflibrary • Upload 400 database URLs and info into our new account • Made sure to include EZproxy in the URLs • Spaces were replaced with underscores

  8. Organizing delicious Bookmarks Bundled tags http://delicious/ucflibrary

  9. Using delicious in:

  10. delicious at Reference Desk Bookmarking Resources on the fly

  11. delicious for Research Consultation • Suggested resources (catalog resources with permalink, web resources, and database resources) have been tagged for library patrons during research consultations • Bookmark resources as they are used • Tag each resource with Student XX • Email the delicious/ucflibrary/StudentXX link to the student http://delicious/ucflibrary/Student02

  12. delicious for Library Instruction Introduced delicious to over 300 hundred students through special class presentations and library instruction classes • ASH3223 001/002 (The Modern Middle East) • ENC1101/1102 (EnglishComposition I & 2) • MAR3880 (E-Marketing) • PAD6149 (NonprofitAdministration) • PAD6934 (Foundations of Emergency Management & Homeland Security)

  13. Collaborative Resource Guides • A general library account (http://delicious/ucflibrary) • Two topical accounts are being developed through collaboration with faculty and graduate students. • Art (http://delicious/ucf_art_lib) • Engineering (http://delicious/ucfengineers)

  14. delicious Survey • 300+ students and faculty instructed about delicious and informed about the survey • Of that number the survey garnered 50 respondents

  15. 12 Survey Questions • How did you find out about delicious • Have you used delicious before • Do you have a delicious account • Have you used delicious/ucflibrary • Has a librarian tagged a group of databases for you to access on delicious/ucflibrary • If you have used delicious/ucflibrary, was it helpful • Would you use delicious/ucflibrary again • Have you use the UCF Libraries Articles & Database page • If you used the Articles & Database page, was it helpful • What is your status at UCF • What is your UCF major or department

  16. Out of 50 total survey responses

  17. “Great resource... but UCF needs to promote this better because I am just now finding out about it as a last semester senior at UCF!!”

  18. Results from 43 responses to the question

  19. Out of 48 responses to the question

  20. Proxy stats only measure off campus access to UCF subscription databases

  21. Final Thoughts • Project was successful • Students are not natively familiar with delicous • Outreach and instruction are needed “I am aware of delicious because I am extremely dependent on the web for survival. I believe this is called 'online oxygen.' I would most certainly trade in my TV for a computer if I was forced to make a choice between the two. Personally, I have not used delicious, nor do I have a delicious account. But the demonstration in class showed that it could be beneficial in organizing and cataloging web sites of importance.”

  22. Classroom Component Marketing 3880 E-Marketing

  23. E-Marketing “This course is to provide students with an introduction to e-marketing. The student will study the integration of marketing techniques with technology.” http://www.bus.ucf.edu/ddalrymple/Syllabus.htm The student will be able to evaluate the benefits and risks of using electronic resources for marketing.

  24. E-Marketing Finally, the student will develop an e-marketing plan.” http://www.bus.ucf.edu/ddalrymple/Syllabus.htm “The student will learn different models that can be used within the electronic environment and evaluate traditional methods versus new methods. The student will develop marketing objectives and strategies regarding an e-marketing emphasis.

  25. Class Composition • 72 student originally registered • 71 students on final roll • 70 students participated in final project • 56 students were of senior standing • 14 students were of junior standing

  26. Final Project Team Composition • 19 teams/19 final projects • 9 teams of three students • 7 teams of four students • 3 teams of five students 9 7 3

  27. Classroom Component • The delicious site provided for the class was posted on the class web site. • Library instruction with delicious tags was presented at the seventh of fourteen class sessions.

  28. Classroom Component • The delicious class site was also reviewed during the twelfth class session in preparation for the team projects. • The delicious tag concept was reinforced in the eighth session by reviewing the delicious links pertinent to the upcoming assignment on blogs.

  29. Classroom Component References/delicious tag Comparison: • 5 team projects did not reference any of the delicious tags in their References section. • 9 team projects referenced 1 delicious tag • 3 team projects referenced 3 delicious tags • 2 team projects referenced 5 delicious tags

  30. Classroom Component