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Science! . Finding time to incorporate science into your busy schedule – inexpensively! Presented by: Kristen Poindexter Kindergarten Teacher. Do you have this problem?. You don’t have enough time in your day to include Science?

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Finding time to incorporate science into your busy schedule – inexpensively!

Presented by: Kristen Poindexter

Kindergarten Teacher

do you have this problem
Do you have this problem?

You don’t have enough time in your day to include Science?

Do you want to include some science, but feel like you don’t have enough materials?

You want to “do” science, but you’re not sure how to include it without breaking the bank?

You’re in the right place! 

today we re going to
Today we’re going to…

Represent the lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly in two ways

Make Beanie Baby necklaces to learn about plant growth

Grow Jack’s Beanstalk!

monarch butterflies
Monarch Butterflies

Here are some great books that along with Monarch Butterflies:

squishy bags
Squishy Bags

Squishy bags are a fun way to incorporate science and sensory!





you will need
You will need…

One snack size baggie

One clear bead

One pipe cleaner part

One leaf

One butterfly bead

About 2 tablespoons of hair gel


why do we want to learn about monarch butterflies
Why do we want to learn about Monarch Butterflies?

There are fewer and fewer of them migrating

Scientists cannot figure out how they know to migrate to Mexico every year

Tie in cultural celebrations

You can send symbolic butterflies to Mexico each year through

monarch butterfly song
Monarch Butterfly Song

To the tune of “Up on the Housetop”

First comes a butterfly and lays an egg,

Out comes a caterpillar with many legs,

Oh see the caterpillar spin and spin

A little chrysalis to sleep in

Oh, oh, oh wait and see,

Oh, oh, oh wait and see

Out of the chrysalis my oh my!

Out comes a Monarch Butterfly!

monarch bracelets
Monarch Bracelets

You will need:

One clear bead (egg)

One black bead (head)

Three yellow beads (body of caterpillar)

Three green beads (chrysalis)

One butterfly bead (butterfly—can use orange beads)

planting magic beans
Planting Magic Beans!

You will need one cd case for each student or one case for each pair of students.

The hinges of the CD case should be at the top. That way you can stand them up and dirt won’t fall out. Also this leaves a nice hole at the top for watering the plants with droppers.

Plant your bean high in the soil. If you plant it toward the bottom the roots will grow out the bottom! You can also use a paper towel!!

Tape the bottom shut. This will keep roots from growing out the bottom, and curious fingers from opening the case.

Use masking tape and permanent markers to label whose plant is whose.

Around day 5 or so I un-taped the cases overnight so that they could have a little bit of space to grow. I taped them back in the morning. By day 7 or so, you will be ready to label your plants. We used paint pens.

Plant your bean with the concave side down. It should resemble the letter “n,” not the letter “u.” I didn’t tell my kids this. I just let them discover it… which was a nice learning experience. Just depends on which way you’d rather teach it.

planting magic beans5
Planting Magic Beans

You will need:

One CD case

2-3 magic beans

One paper towel

Marker (to write your name on the outside)

Fold your paper towel in ¼’s, then in ½ again. Dampen the paper towel. Place in the bottom of your CD case. Place beans on paper towel, close, label with your name.

beanie babies
Beanie Babies

This is a great activity to help children learn to grow and care for a plant

The children will wear them as necklaces and their body heat will help them grow and germinate.

They are called Beanie Babies because they are soybeans!

beanie babies1
Beanie Babies

beanie babies2
Beanie Babies

You will need:

One small zip bag

One hole punch

2-3 soybeans

1 cotton ball



Punch a hole in the top of your zip bag and put the string through. Place one damp cotton ball in the bottom of the bag. Place 2-3 soybeans on top of the cotton ball. Seal the bag and place around your neck, under your shirt (you need the heat to help it germinate).




Thanks for coming!