What do you need to know about grade 12
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What do you need to know about grade 12?. October 7 Agenda. Academic Considerations CAS EE Exams and Registration Graduation and Diploma Post-Secondary Applications Scholarships. Academic Consideration. BALANCE Organization Time Management Support. CAS.

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October 7 agenda
October 7 Agenda

  • Academic Considerations

  • CAS

  • EE

  • Exams and Registration

  • Graduation and Diploma

  • Post-Secondary Applications

  • Scholarships

Academic consideration
Academic Consideration


  • Organization

  • Time Management

  • Support


  • 18 months over grade 11 and 12– included the summer!

  • Group projects?

  • Will continue to meet during grade 12 monthly.

  • Final Celebration in May.

Extended essay
Extended Essay

  • September first draft was due

    • Communicate with supervising teacher is crucial—if you haven’t done this or arranged to do so, get on it!

    • Need help—see Mr. Haffner first

  • October 30: Final Paper Due

    • Will meet with Mr. Haffner in 2 weeks to go over submission process

    • Turnitin.com (and hardcopy x3)

  • December - January

    • Sign covers

Exam registration
Exam Registration

  • Review General Regulations with your parents

  • Sign and return letter

    • Understand general regs

    • Understand academic honesty expectations

    • Understand CAS expectations

  • Set up Plans tab for Grade 12 on ManageBAC by October 15

Exam registration4
Exam Registration

  • New Candidate Session Number and PIN for end of October

    • Don’t lose it! Need it to submit TOK essay, etc.

  • Invoice

    • Registration fee paid last year unless DP Courses

    • Subject fee is $130 plus GST

    • 5 exams? $650 - $275 (if paid in September) for $375 outstanding

    • Don’t pay until you get invoice

  • Graduation and diploma
    Graduation and Diploma

    • Dual Track: MOE and IB

    • MOE:

      • 80 graduation credits

      • Grad Transitions

      • Fine Arts/Applied Skills

      • Math 11 or 12, SS 11, English 10, Math 10, Science 10, Planning 10

      • English 12 and 4 grade 12 courses


    No diploma will be awarded if:- less than 24 points -N given in one or more subjects, including TOK and EE (N meaning incomplete)-E awarded in TOK and EE (E meaning Fail)-a grade of 1 is awarded in any subject-CAS requirements have not been completed-candidate is guilty of malpractice-a grade of 3 or less has been awarded four or more times (you can only get three 3s)


    No diploma will be awarded if your point total is between 24 and 27 if:-one or more grades of 2 in HL courses-two or more grades of 2 in SL courses-if taking 3 HLs, scoring less than 12 on these (so you could score 5, 4, and 3…I suppose, 6, 3, 3 also seems ok but need to end up with over 24 total, remember)-if taking 3 SLs, scoring less than 9 on these (so…2, 3, 4 would do…but need to make the 24 total)-if taking 4 HLs, scoring less than 16 on these-if taking 2 SLs, scoring less than 6 on these-scoring an E on either TOK or EE


    No diploma will be awarded if your point total is above 28 and:-grade of 2 at HL is awarded two or more times-grade of 2 at SL is awarded three times-if taking 3 HLs, scoring less than 11 on these-if taking 3 SLs, scoring less than 8 on these-if taking 4 HLs, scoring less than 14 on these-if taking 2 SLs, scoring less than 5 on these

    Post secondary application
    Post Secondary Application

    • Do your research!

    • The Universities set their admissions standards

      • NOT IBO

      • NOT MoE

      • NOT ME!!

    American post secondary
    American Post-Secondary

    • IB ≠ Ivy League Schools

    • Research: $ is drying up

    • SAT

    • Grade 11 marks

    • Common Application Online

      • Be aware of your deadlines

      • Give me and teachers PLENTY of time for reference letters

    Canadian post secondary
    Canadian Post-Secondary

    • Do your research!

    • Specific faculties and programmes have specific requirements

    • Transfer credit policies are different from university to university

    • Consider ALL your options

    Canadian post secondary1
    Canadian Post Secondary

    • Predicted Grades

      • Completed at end of semester 1

      • Consider your entire academic performance

      • PREDICTION! Prove us right! Prove us wrong!

      • Do not pester, bribe or bully teachers.

      • I will tell you your total score– not a point by point breakdown.

      • I will send your PGs to UBC and SFU. You do the rest.

    Canadian post secondary2
    Canadian Post Secondary

    • Register in May to have IB Final Grades sent to universities in July

      • 2 Canadian

      • 1 American

      • 3 Outside North America

    • Register to have MoE marks sent to universities

      • PSI


    • BC Provincial Exam $1000

      • Requirements have changed

    • University Entrance Scholarships

    • School District Scholarships

    • School Administered

    • Scholarship meetings start October 23.

    • Talk to Ms. Duarte or Ms. Truax

    The big picture assembly
    The “Big Picture” Assembly

    • October 8 in block 4

      • Grad 2014 group photo at tail end of lunch—stick around!

    Grade 12 questions
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 1. Is it true that universities admit students based on two admission periods → early admission around January/February, and regular admission around April/May?

    • Yes. UBC and SFU will provide acceptance for IB students in February based solely on predicted grades. If you get more than a 28 predicted, SFU representatives have told us, you will be offered acceptance in February to any faculty.

      UBC may start to offer acceptance to qualified IB candidates as early as February.

      Other universities may do things differently.

    Grade 12 questions1
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 2. For early admissions, universities will look at our predicted grades?

    • Yes. Most will. Some won’t. Don’t go there. Go where you are wanted.

    • 3. For regular admission, universities will look at our actual IB grades?

    • Generally no. Most will look at your PGs, % as of mid-May. Some will blend, some will take the better grade. Up to them.

    Grade 12 questions2
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 4. If #3 is right, then that means we’ll be sending our IB grades separate from our application because the grades are only determined in July, correct?

    • Correct. IB results are released to universities and you around the 6th of July. They will use these results to confirm your acceptance.

    Grade 12 questions3
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 5. If #3 is right, then that means acceptance letters for the regular admission applicants will be received in July/August, correct?

    • Sure. Although some schools, like the U of A, are offering final acceptance based on predicted grades in February… you are a valued commodity ;)

    Grade 12 questions4
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 6. If a person is predicted a failing diploma score, are they kicked out or do they still write the exams?

    • If such a person is defeatist, they may decide to drop out and head for the hills. My recommendation is that they study, sit their exams and await final results. Even if one does not receive a diploma, one would still get certificates in those courses successfully completed. Different schools treat certificates differently (in fact one BC school has said that even if you blow your diploma after being accepted on predicted grades, they will still offer you your spot…perhaps they recognize that students could have a bad day and do poorly on an exam… I don’t know). I know a student who did not get their diploma (scored below 24) but was accepted to SFU engineering by end of July… It is not the end of the world.

      If you are worried about this or have a friend who is worried, they need to talk to me.

    Grade 12 questions5
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 7. If a student’s early application is rejected, is that held against them when they re-apply during regular admission period?

    • To the best of my knowledge, nope. Although, I have my doubts about a certain pretentious school in Montreal, where my parents met and fell in love, and where I spent my first 6 months of life… A lovely university, but they ain’t all that…

    Grade 12 questions6
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 9. Since we are all writing the English Provincial at the end of first semester, does that mean we have to write any other optional provincials in January too, or will we write all other chosen ones in June?

    • As an IB diploma student your are required to write the English 12 provincial exam. You are not permitted to write any other provincial exams in your IB subjects. We don’t make these rules, but we do continually negotiate, beg, explain and plead with the ministry of education.

    You all will write the English 12 Provincial Exam in January. It matters for scholarship and some University pre-requisites. Don’t blow it off!

    Grade 12 questions7
    Grade 12 Questions

    • 10. When applying to universities outside of North America, should we be supplying the universities with predicted grades, actual grades, or MoE grades? “High school diploma of your country” (paraphrased) is ambiguous in this regard.

    • Yes. Come and see me. These schools are on a different timeline, however, most of them want your IB predicted scores… they could care less about your BC scores. Something about an internationally recognized standard of achievement…

    Anything else
    Anything else?

    • Have a great week!