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Song Dynasty Celadon "Qingbai" Miniature Pitcher PowerPoint Presentation
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Song Dynasty Celadon "Qingbai" Miniature Pitcher

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Song Dynasty Celadon "Qingbai" Miniature Pitcher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Song Dynasty Celadon "Qingbai" Miniature Pitcher. Song Dynasty Qingbai Cat Water Dropper.

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Song Dynasty Celadon "Qingbai" Miniature Pitcher

Song Dynasty Qingbai Cat Water Dropper

Rare Qingbai water dropper in the shape of a cat, probably after a Buddhist tradition.  Cats were not well regarded in Chinese tradition, but considered in Buddhism as the only animal that didn't weep at Buddha's death.  Song Dynasty (AD960 -1279)  H. 2 in (5 cm), L. 2.5 in (6.35 cm)

Side view of the Qingbai miniature pitcher.  Four loops,  one on each side of  shoulder, the handle and lid.   Jiangxi,  Southern Song (AD1127-1279).  H. 4.75 in (12cm), D. 4.37 in (11.1 cm)


Lidded funerary jar

907–1279stonewarelid 8.2cm (H) x 11.2cm (W) x 11.2cm (D)body 24.9 (H) x 15.4 (W) x 15.4 (D)overall 30.2 (H) x 15.4 (W) x 15.4 (D)


Head of the Buddha

Song Dynasty

906–1100limestone46.0 (H) x 34.0 (W) x 26.0 (D) cm


Pair of funerary urns

late 11th – early 12th centurystonewareunderglaze painted decoration


The Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum


Guan Ware Vase, Southern Song Dynasty



Pear-Shaped Bottle (Hunan) China, Song Dynasty (960-1279)Stoneware with iron glaze

Song Dynasty Style Tea Set


Song Dynasty, Vase, Official kiln

Rare Guanyao flower-shaped brushwasher, Song dynasty(Estimate: £300,000-£500,000)


The Song DynastyVariant Gourd-Shaped Ladle with Moon White Glaze

The Song DynastyWhite-Glazed Ding Kiln Vase with Straight Neck and Carved Design

The Song DynastyGe Kiln Incense Burner with Fish-Shaped Ears

The Song DynastyHollyhock-Shaped Flowerpot with Rose Purple Glaze

The Song DynastyOfficial Kiln Vase with the Pattern of Bow Strings

The Song DynastyRu Kiln Plate with Three Legs


Song Dynasty ceramics, such as this black-glazed bowl, are displayed at the Taft Museum of Art's exhibition, Heaven and Earth Seen Within.

A glazed pottery urnSouthern Song dynasty, dated 1196Height: 13 3/4 in, 35 cm

A Northern blackware jarNorthern Song or Jin dynastyHeight: 5 3/8 in, 13.7 cm