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Accommodations. The Day Resort. Six Star Caribbean Theme Beach-front Resort. Guest Rooms. Fully furnished including a balcony Overlooks an endless amount of infinity pools and the breathtaking ocean

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The day resort

The Day Resort

Six Star

Caribbean Theme

Beach-front Resort

Guest rooms
Guest Rooms

  • Fully furnished including a balcony

  • Overlooks an endless amount of infinity pools and the breathtaking ocean

  • Includes combined shower and bathtub, an armoire with a flat-screen television, and full balcony.

Regal and presidential suites
Regal and Presidential Suites

  • Master bedroom fully furnished with flat screen television

  • Master bath has a combined shower and bath with twin sinks

  • There is a guest bedroom with guest bathroom

  • The suite also has a living space with two full balconies overlooking the gorgeous view.


  • Home to the outdoor restaurants: American Cuisine, Mesquite Oasis, and Asian Bistro

  • Pools surround the resort and include swim up bars, water slides, and a lazy river.

The night resort
The Night Resort

Six Star


Beach-front Resort

Guest rooms1
Guest Rooms

  • Fully furnished and include a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

  • Shower and bathtub, an armoire with a flat-screen television, and full balcony.

Regal and presidential suites1
Regal and Presidential Suites

  • Master bedroom fully furnished with flat screen television

  • Master bath has a combined shower and bath with twin sinks

  • Guest bedroom with a full guest bathroom

  • Living area includes two balconies overlooking the breath taking views.


  • Large casino of tables and night lounges open all night

  • Outdoor theatre that sits waterfront

  • Home to the formal dining restaurants, Kudeta, Amore, and the Blue Dolphin, as well as one casual dining restaurant, El Sombrero

The seashell
The Seashell

Four Star Beach-front Hotel

The seashell1
The Seashell

  • 100 guest rooms fully furnished including a balcony overlooking the ocean

  • One large beachfront pool

The sun and sand
The Sun and Sand

Four Star Beach-front Hotel

The sun and sand1
The Sun and Sand

  • 100 guest rooms fully furnished with a balcony overlooking the ocean and large pool on the premises

  • Casual dining that sits parallel to the pool area

The blue wave
The Blue Wave

Three Star Hotel Beach-front Hotel

The blue wave1
The Blue Wave

  • 100 guest rooms with full balcony

  • Located conveniently close to the airport

Coakley cay boulevard
Coakley Cay Boulevard

This street has three Tea Stops. The Tea Stop is Serenity Island’s signature café. It offers a variety soothing and calming tea for the guests. There is a Starbucks located on this street as well.

There are two commercial markets and one local market located on the main street.

The local market offers a lot of seafood caught right there on the island, as well as food native to the Bahamas.

The two commercial markets will give the tourists the ability to shop for food items that they would be able to find in their own homes.

The serene sanctuary
The Serene Sanctuary

The most extravagant dining experience that a guest will have can be found on the top floor of the Serene Sanctuary. This five star rated fine dining restaurant is called Ambiance From Above.

Along with this marvelous dining experience, there is a smoothie cart on the first floor, along with a beverage cabana on the sixth floor, and a Tea Stop on the fourth floor.

The sandwalk
The Sandwalk

There are six different restaurants located on the sandwalk.

Italian Palace

Calm Waters

Ocean Grill (Seafood)

The Cove (American steakhouse)

Sakura (Japanese)

Palm Café (Buffet-style)

The night resort1
The Night Resort

There are three formal restaurants and one casual dining restaurant located in the Night Resort.

  • The Blue Dolphin (Seafood)

  • Amoré (Italian)

  • Kudeta (Thai)

  • El Sombrero (Mexican)

The day resort1
The Day Resort

There is one fine dining restaurant and two casual dining restaurants located in this resort.

  • Asian Bistro (Chinese and Japanese)

  • American Cuisine (Buffet-style)

  • Mesquite Oasis (Barbeque-style)

***These three restaurants are all located outside the hotel.

Culinary packages
Culinary Packages

  • Five days and four nights with casual dining privileges and one recreational activity of choice

  • Seven days and six nights with causal and fine dining privileges and two recreational activities of choice

  • Seven days and six nights with casual and fine dining privileges and two recreational activities of choice with a reservation to the Ambiance From Above restaurant located in the Serene Sanctuary

Food festival
Food Festival

There is an annual food festival on our Island. This festival is an elegant and prestige fish market that sells all types of seafood caught fresh on the island. Our festival is known for their fresh lobster, salmon, and crab.

This festival falls on the last week of July every year. With a small fee, all tourists and locals are welcome!

Come experience the true meaning of tranquility at serenity island


“Come Experience The true meaning of tranquility At SERENITY Island.”


  • Serenity Islands takes pride in providing its guests with an escape from the outside, everyday world

  • Staff works hard to provide guests with relaxing, hush atmosphere

  • Market destinations by offering a vacation experience like no other

Unique attractions
Unique Attractions

  • Offering

    • Tier-shaped spa

    • One-of-a-kind sandwalk

    • Luxurious resorts

    • Exclusive restaurants

    • Theatre and recreational activities

  • These target the objective to provide guests with an “escape” to Serenity Islands

Target market
Target Market

  • Adults eighteen years and older

  • Regional market includes North American and Central America

  • Vacation Tourists


  • Serenity Island to become one of top ten vacation spots in the Caribbean

  • If success is met in number, trademarks such as “most relaxed” and “most peaceful” will be addressed

  • Be in high demand

  • Increasing profits and increasing visitors

  • Decrease expenses by becoming eco-friendly

  • Pay back investors and refund partners

  • Returning cliental

  • Overall, to become evident and known in the hospitality market


  • Competition

    • Other destinations providing a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere

    • Airfare

    • Room prices

    • Making profit

  • Rely on staff to assure challenges are met and overcome

Swot analysis
SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths and Opportunities

    • Development will allow enormous employment opportunities

    • Guests given chance to explore new environment and culture

    • Prime location with exceptional weather and unique attractions

  • Weaknesses and Threats

    • Great competition from other islands and destinations

    • Lower airfare and room rate prices

Product mix
Product Mix

  • Selling an “escape” from everyday life

  • An experience that cannot be found at “home”

  • Wow factors and exclusive packages offered to guests

Wow factors and packages
WOW Factors and Packages

WOW Factors


Accommodate guests stay and wallet

Payments by week rather than separate days

Resorts services offered to guests of entire island

Price increases as exclusive offers do

Other packages offering complementary experiences

  • 5 and 6 star “Night” and “Day” resorts with full services

  • First ever, “Sandwalk”

    • A strip of shops and restaurants along the beach

  • Tier-shaped Spa made completely out of glass

    • Offering exclusive spa, recreation, and food services


  • The property costs: $25,000,000

  • The Day and Night Resort as followed:

    • Standard Guest Room start at: $420.00 per night

    • Regal Suite: $685.00 per night

    • Presidential Suite: $980.00 per night

  • Prices for the Seashell, Sun and Sand, and Blue Wave Resort as followed:

    • Standard Room: $275.00 per night

  • Spa Packages start at: $350.00

  • Spa Services start at: $60.00

Promotions and advertising
Promotions and Advertising

  • Done through internet

  • Paying to advertise on well-known websites such as Expedia and Travelocity.

  • Island website promotes packages and is main way of reservation

  • TV ads, mail, brochures and email

  • Main way is by word of mouth from satisfied customers

  • Goal is to guarantee an experience like no other.


Requirements and Expectations of Employees

Demographic of Customer

Couples/Loved Ones/Honeymooners/Newly Weds/Friends

Ages 18+

$75,000+ income average

Middle to Upper Class

World Wide customers

  • Previous experience in the industry

  • Good communication skills

  • Able to handle customer concerns

  • Provide excellent service

  • considerate to guests


“Tranquil Designs, Inc. expects to be a successful destination if certain criteria will be meant. These include having low expenses, high revenue, an eco-friendly environment, and a resort that is high in demand. If these basic marketing strategies are meant, Serenity Islands will become one among the top resorts in the world.”



  • Immigrant or nonimmigrant visa required

  • Drugs and prostitution is illegal

  • Distributive policies to extend goods and service as well as distribution of the costs of these goods and services amongst organization members is applied

  • Government policies that will impact the destination are welfare, public education, road and highway plans, public safety, and professional organization’s benefit plans

  • Regulatory policies to limit certain types of bad behavior that marked illegal such as speeding or littering are enforced

  • Constituent policies will also be used to determine lines of power in the government as well as police force


Internationally recognized green building certification system

The Serene Sanctuary is a “green”, eco-friendly building. The accessories used to make this a “green” building are the use of high efficiency water heaters, recycled building materials, food recycling chutes, porous paving schemes, and a rainwater collection system. The Serene Sanctuary is a place to come to rejuvenate, feel relaxed, and healthy; by making this spa a green building those same factors are being given back to the environment.


  • Alternative means of transportation to prevent pollution

  • Developing sustainable buildings that will cater to demographic trends now and in the future

  • Renovations done on an as need basis


  • Embrace the local’s beautiful environment, delicious fresh foods, and traditional practices


  • Show the locals’ that their culture will be embraced not replaced

  • Promote local food festivals and fresh food markets

  • Incorporate the traditional music at the resorts and other attractions

  • Encourage the locals to obtain jobs at all of the various attractions



  • Safety is a major concern of ours which could be jeopardized my large numbers of tourists.

  • Accommodations


    • Guests placement is a key step also. first and most important step in managing a population.

    • Place hotels and resorts far enough apart so guests feel as though they have enough room.

    • Give shops and restaurants enough space to operate while not be crowded together.

    • Creating specific pathways and direct routes can also help ease the flow of traffic and make traveling safer.

    Future developments
    Future Developments first and most important step in managing a population.