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COMMON ACCOMMODATIONS. University at Buffalo 25 Capen Hall Buffalo, NY 14260 (716)-645-2608

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common accommodations

University at Buffalo

25 Capen Hall

Buffalo, NY 14260



Welcome! Here you will learn about common accommodations used to support students at U.B. There are 2 categories: Testing accommodations and Classroom accommodations. These terms appear on the Accommodation Memo that you will receive either as a student or from a student if you are a faculty member.


Classroom Accommodations

  • Peer or Instructor Lecture notes-
    • Student will receive class lecture notes through a volunteer notetaker. Notes will come from a classmate, T.A., or Professor.
  • Permission to make audio recordings of course lectures-
    • Student can use a recording device to record the lecture for playback at a later time, or classroom recording technologies
  • Sign Language Interpreters/Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)-
  • A sign language interpreter or CART provider will be set-up in the classroom (see Interpreter Etiquette sheet for more information). The interpreter will be translating spoken word into visual language.

Quiz, Test & Exam Accommodations

  • Permission to leave class to attend to health care needs
  • For a variety of medical reasons, a student may need to leave the classroom
  • Permission to stand during class
  • Student may have an injury or physical reason for needing to stand during class. If an accommodation, this is not a disruptive action in class
  • Distraction reduced setting
  • Student needs to utilize a testing space
  • with fewer interruptions and distractions
  • than a classroom setting can accommodate
  • Extended time
  • It has been determined that the student
  • will be able to do their best work with an
  • extended testing time frame

Quiz, Test & Exam Accommodations

  • Use of 4 function calculator for tests
  • The student will be allowed to have a simple calculator in the exam with them
  • Reader/TTS program for tests
  • Student will be utilizing a computer program or a personal reader for tests which will read the test out loud to them
  • Scribe/Speech recognition program for tests
  • Student utilizes a computer program to speak their answers while the computer inputs it into a Word document
  • Use of computer for essay tests
  • Student will use a computer (with no internet access) to type their exams/quizzes/tests with essay or short answers
  • Enlarge exam 120%
  • Exam will be enlarged for increased visibility and illustrative understanding

If you have any questions regarding an accommodation that you see here or do not see here, please contact Accessibility Resources at

(716) 645-2608

Thank you!