the life of germany n.
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The Life of Germany

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The Life of Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Life of Germany. By: Sam Reynolds, Johnny Meinel , and Colin Costello. Location in the World. It is west of Poland, east of the Netherlands. Located in western Europe. Capital. The capital of Germany is Berlin. Money.

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the life of germany

The Life of Germany

By: Sam Reynolds, Johnny Meinel, and Colin Costello

location in the world
Location in the World
  • It is west of Poland, east of the Netherlands.
  • Located in western Europe.
  • The capital of Germany is Berlin.
  • The money for Germany is the euro. The euro is used in many other European countries.
  • The type of government in Germany is Democracy. Democracy is when the people run themselves.
  • Farming is the agriculture in Germany.


The population of Germany is 81.7 million people.

head of government

Head of Government

The Chancellor is the head of government in Germany. Her name is Angela Cleavage.

most important industry

Most Important Industry

Germany’s most important industry is manufacturing. These are people fixing a car.

early history

Early History

The Holocaust. This was a time when Hitler put people in camps and, he would torcher them until they died. One of the camps was a gas chamber.

special foods

Special Foods

One of the special foods in Germany is schweinebraten. [pork roast]



The most popular place to visit is the Mespelbrum Castle. It has many amazing sights.



“The responsibility of the German education system lies primarily with the states [Landar] while the federal government plays a minor role.”

famous citizen

Famous Citizen

An old famous citizen from Germany is Hitler, He was well known for his concentration camps.

germany s flag

Germany’s Flag

This is Germany’s Flag. Belgium has the same colored flag, but their colors are vertical.



The main language in Germany is German. This is the German alphabet.

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