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Life in Nazi Germany

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Life in Nazi Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life in Nazi Germany. What is the WORD?. Lesson objectives. To be able to recall how life changed for women and young people in Nazi Germany. Life for women in Nazi Germany. Which is the odd one out? Read the 3 pieces of information and circle the one you think is the odd one out.

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life in nazi germany

Life in Nazi Germany

What is the WORD?


Lesson objectives

  • To be able to recall how life changed for women and young people in Nazi Germany

Life for women in

Nazi Germany


Which is the odd one out?

Read the 3 pieces of information and circle the one you think is the odd one out.


What do you think is meant by…

Kinder, Kirche, Kueche


What do you think is meant by…

Children, Church, Kitchen


Weimar Germany

Nazi Germany

Freedom to vote

Not allowed to go to university

The role of women in Germany 1919-45

Complete this diagram


Women in Nazi Germany

Write a sentence to explain the following terms for women in Nazi Germany :




Marriage loans


how did education change under the nazis
How did education change under the Nazis?

Complete the heads and tails exercise.




Write down as many subjects that were taught in Nazi Germany


Youth movements had been popular in Germany for a long time, particularly during the Weimar Period. They usually involved hiking, singing folk songs, camping and sport. Churches or political groups ran most of these movements.

  • The Nazis had formed their own organisation, the Hitler Youth (HJ), in 1926. Its aims were
    • To indoctrinate children with Nazi ideology
  • To make them feel part of a mass movement
  • To prepare them for a military future

How youths were organised


10 – 14 Years Old

Deutsches Jungvolk – DJ (Pimpfen)

German Young People (Cubs)


10 – 14 Years Old

Jungmadelbund – JM

League of Young Girls


14 - 18 Years Old

Hitler Jugend – HJ

Hitler Youth


14 - 18 Years Old

Bund Deutscher Madel – BDM

League of German Maidens

The Hitler Youth (HJ) was formed in 1926 and by 1932 108,000 youths between the ages of 10 and 18 had joined.


Figures showing membership of the Hitler Youth

  • 108,000
  • 3.6 million
  • 5.4 million
  • 7.0 million
  • 7.3 million

How do you account for the rapid growth in membership of the Hitler Youth?

It may be worth noting that the total number of 10-18 year olds in Germany in 1939 was 8.9 million.


Many young people enjoyed the excitement of the HJ – camping, hiking, weapons training…

Many young people liked the feeling of importance – the uniform, the respect, the adoration…

How did young people within Germany react to the HJ?

Lots of youths resented the fact that their old clubs and youth groups were banned

Many youths disliked the strict regimentation – being told what to do and when to do it

Alternative youth groups sprang up across Germany – e.g. The Edelweiss Pirates, The Navajos Gang, The Kittelbach Pirates…

Alternative youth groups ambushed Hitler Youth patrols and beat them up. Some girls resented the fact that they were ‘trained’ to be housewives and mothers at such a young age.

Lots of youths wanted to listen to Jazz, try out new fashions and hair styles, smoke and drink alcohol. All of these activities were banned in The Hitler Youth