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5 w s of teaching n.
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5 W’s of teaching! PowerPoint Presentation
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5 W’s of teaching!

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5 W’s of teaching!
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5 W’s of teaching!

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  1. 5 W’s of teaching! Salvatore Chimento

  2. I am a senior at the University of Rhode Island, majoring in Secondary Education and English • I enjoy playing tennis, basketball, and golf… any challenges?! Who am I?

  3. Spent hours and days inside the classroom at the students desk, ready for a teachers desk! Ready to teach you! • Dedicated to becoming a live-long learner • Previous teachers have created the student I am today, I can connect and relate to teach my students on how to be successful inside and outside the classroom • Love reading and writing, every student is capable of succeeding in English! Why do I want to become a teacher?

  4. Five Approaches! My Philosophy of Teaching

  5. I believe that as a teacher, I must establish specific, clearly understandable rules and procedures for major problematic situations • Include specific, clear consequences for violation of rules and procedures • Establish my own rights and responsibilities, clearly based on my own competence, knowledge, and commitment to learning and my students well being Authoritative

  6. Have my students become actively engaged in designated learning activities daily, for maximum time during the instructional period • My students will know what to do, how to do it, how to get help, and what to do next! Managerial

  7. As a teacher I plan on motivating and reaching all expectations of my student’s needs • I will also promote maturation, and allow every student to obtain more self knowledge and self control • When students misbehave we will work together for find a solution to this behavior and determine a reasonable consequence, rather then direct punishment with zero remorse Humanistic

  8. I will acknowledge good behavior and recognize students who respect one another • Bad behavior will be followed by consequence, and review of good behavior and experiences present in my classroom • I believe that small cues or gestures will be a suttle reminder to students who misbehave Behavioral

  9. I will show express and explain to my students the art of trial and error • This approach focuses on the theoretical empiricism, try one idea then the other, whether success or failure • Pertains to students trying and mastering concepts and studies within English Language Arts Folkloric

  10. While covering these approaches mentioned, In my classroom I will teach my students various ways of acquiring, analyzing, and evaluating information. While gracing them with the opportunity to confront new ideas and different points of views, all while increasing their ability to discuss and defend their own positions both in discussions of readings and in their own writing. Overall Teaching Philosophy

  11. Respect each other and yourself • Respect the classroom and environment in school setting • Follow directions and raise your hand when you’d like to speak • Make smart choices, and give 110% effort every day! Classroom Rules

  12. Teaching Strategies: • Express high rate of engaged time • Maintain student attention and establish clear group rules • Maintain a safe, orderly, and focused learning environment • Exhibit appropriate feedback and questioning Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS)

  13. Reinforce great behavior as model for rest of students • Rewards as well as Extra Credit help you become extra successful in my class! 3 Expectations Working towards Positive Behavior: 1. Verbal warning 2. Conversation/Phone call home 3. Office Referral Positive vs. Negative Behavior