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Predicate adjectives & predicate nominatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Predicate adjectives & predicate nominatives

Predicate adjectives & predicate nominatives

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Predicate adjectives & predicate nominatives

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  1. Subject Complements Predicate adjectives & predicate nominatives

  2. A word or word group that completes the meaning of a linking verb and that identifies or describes the subject The lemonadetastessour. Mrs. Johnsonis a dedicated teacher. The plierswerewhatshewanted. Subject complements

  3. A word or word group that is in the predicate and that identifies the subject or refers to it. It may be a noun, pronoun, or word group that functions as a noun. It completes the meaning of a linking verb. Predicate nominatives

  4. Forms of BE verbs = linking verbs: is, are, was, were, am, be, being, been Other common linking verbs: appear become feel grow look remain seem smell sound stay taste turn LINKING VERBS

  5. 1. Find the linking verb. 2. Ask “verb what?” 3. If the answer is a noun and renames the subject, it is a predicate nominative. directions

  6. Mr. Baker is the football coach. What is the linking verb? Is Is what? Coach Coach renames Mr. Baker. Coach is the PN. Examples--pn

  7. My aunt’s niece is she. What is the linking verb? Is Is what? She---------renames my aunt’s niece. She is the PN. Examples--pn

  8. Mrs. Daniell became the President of the United States. What is the linking verb? Became Became what? President------renames Mrs. Daniell. It is the PN. Examples--pn

  9. Is the winner whoever gets the most votes? v s Linking verb? Is Is what? Whoever gets the most votes---renames winner. Examples--pn

  10. Kim is one of my closest friends. What is the linking verb? Is Is what? One (of my closest friends is a prep phrase) One is the PN. Examples--PN

  11. Pg. 406, #1-10. (Identify the verb and PN.) assignment

  12. 1. Horticulture is the art or science of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Is what? art , science—pn 2. Through germination, a seed becomes a plant. Becomes what? Plant—pn 3. The developing plant is a seedling. Is what? seedling—pn 4. Growing plants is a pleasure for many people. Is what? Pleasure—pn Pg. 406

  13. 5. With light and moisture, seedlings will become healthy plants. Will become what? Do I use healthy or plants??????? NOUNplants--pn 6. Nasturtiums are flowers that can be eaten. Are what? Flowers—pn 7. Rain is a welcome sight for gardeners. Is what? Sight—pn 8. Helio, from the Greek language, is a word meaning “sun.” Is what? Word--pn Pg. 406

  14. 9. Some flowers that turn to the sun, like sunflowers, are heliotropes. Are what? heliotropes—pn 10. Some other flowers always remain shade lovers. Remain what? Shade (adj) or lovers (noun) LOVERS--pn Pg. 406

  15. An adjective that is in the predicate and that describes the subject. It completes the meaning of a linking verb. Predicate adjective

  16. The Whitewater Wildcats are very powerful. Subject? Wildcats Verb? Are Are what? Powerful (Wildcats are powerful. Powerful describes wildcats.) Examples--pa

  17. This chili tastes spicy. Subject? Chili Verb? Tastes (linking verb) Tastes what? Spicy. Spicy is the PA—it describes the chili Examples--pa

  18. A computer can be fun, helpful, and sometimes frustrating. Subject? Computer Verb? Can be Can be what? Fun, helpful, frustrating--PA Examples--pa

  19. Pg. 407, ex. 6, #1-10. assignment

  20. 1. The great stone dogs that guard the entrance to Chinatown look a bit frightening. Linking verb? Subject? Dogs look Dogs look…what? Frightening—adj or noun? Frightening = pa 2. The streets there are crowded and full of bustling actvity. verb? Subject? Streets are…..what? Crowded, full Adjpa Pg. 407

  21. 3. The special foods and beverages at the tearooms and restaurants smell wonderful. Verb? Subject? Foods, beverages smell…what? Wonderful…..adj or noun? Pa 4. To an outsider, the mixture of Chinese and English languages can sound both mysterious and intriguing. Verb? Subject? Mixture can sound … what? Mysterious, intriguing…..noun or adj? pa Pg. 407

  22. 5. The art at the Chinese Culture Center is impressive. Verb? Subject? Art is…..what? Impressive……noun or adj? Pa 6. The Chinese Historical Society of America is fascinating. Verb? Subject? Chinese Historical Society is….what Fascinating…..noun or adj? Pa Pg. 407

  23. 7. Taking a walking tour of Chinatown is tiring. Verb? Subject? Taking a walking tour (noun gerund phrase) is…what? Tiring…adj or noun? PA 8. Chinatown appears huge, and it is; it covers about sixteen square blocks. Verb? Subject? Chinatwon appears….what? huge (adj)pa Pg. 407

  24. 9. To be in the midst of it feels exciting. Verb? Subject? To be in the midst of it (noun inf. phrase) feels…what? Exciting…noun or adj? PA 10. After a while, the surroundings become familiar. Verb? Subject? Surroundings become…what? Familiar…noun or adj? PA Pg. 407