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Adjectives. Prepared by Zoraya Perez as partial requirement for Tedu 220 for the Bayamon Central University. Index. Demonstrative Adjective Examples in a sentence Exercises Conclusion Videos Bibliography Biography Photo gallery. Introduction Objective Definition

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  1. Adjectives Prepared by Zoraya Perez as partial requirement for Tedu 220 for the Bayamon Central University

  2. Index • Demonstrative Adjective • Examples in a sentence • Exercises • Conclusion • Videos • Bibliography • Biography • Photo gallery • Introduction • Objective • Definition • Types of Adjectives • Proper Adjective • Descriptive adjectives • Possessive Pronouns • Definite and indefinite

  3. Introduction • In this following presentation the student will learn to classify the different types of adjectives and there purpose in the sentence.

  4. Objective • Objective: After reading the definition and reading the short story the children will be able to identify the adjectives in the sentences.

  5. Definition • Adjectives always describes a noun. Adjectives are words that are used to modify nouns. They are the picture words which make sentences more interesting. Adjectives tell color, number or kind.

  6. Types of Adjectives • Proper • Descriptive • Possessive pronouns • Demonstrative • Definite and indefinite

  7. Proper adjectives • When an adjective is derived from a proper noun, it is a proper adjective and begins with a capital letter.

  8. Examples of • Appalachian • Russian • American • Alaskan Proper Adjectives

  9. Proper adjectives The Hawaiianbeaches are most unusual. The Alaskan mountains are more rugged than some European.

  10. The Hawaiian dancers. Hawaiian is derived from the noun Hawaii.

  11. The Alaskan dogs. Alaskan is derived from the noun Alaska.

  12. The Canadian flag. Canadian is derived from the proper noun Canada.

  13. Descriptive Adjectives • Descriptive adjectives describe the noun.

  14. Examples of • Big • Small • Long • Short • Soft DESCRIPTIVE ADJECTIVES

  15. Descriptive Adjectives The excitedtourists enjoyed beautifulHawaii. Thepretty, tanned, andsmilingwomanwith the redflowers danced.

  16. She is so excited. The word excited is describing the woman.

  17. The pretty, tanned and blonde girl. The words pretty, tanned and blonde are describing the girl.

  18. Donna is so confused.

  19. Possessive Pronouns • Possessive pronouns are used as adjectives and when they precede and modify nouns. They are: my, his, her, its, our, their, whose, and your.

  20. Examples of • My • His • Theirs • Ours Possessive Ajectives

  21. Possessive Pronouns • Herbeauty caught my eye. • Her is a possessive adjective talking about something pertaining to a noun. • My is a possessive adjective.

  22. The rainbow caught my eye. My is describing possession.

  23. That is her car. Her is describing possession.

  24. My nails are so long.

  25. Definite and indefinite adjectives • Are called articles (a, an, the). By definite we mean a certain person or thing, by indefinite we mean no person place or thing in particular. • Use a before words that start with consonants or words that start with a long sounding u. Usean before or instead of words that start with the letter a

  26. Examples of • A • An • The Definite / Indefinite Adjectives

  27. Definite and indefinite adjectives A dog is the best friend. • He has an interesting hobby. • They attend auniversity in Texas. • Did you bring an umbrella?

  28. A dog is a man’s best friend. A is a definite adjective talking about a singular noun.

  29. The people are walking inthe streets. The is indefinite. Says who or what is the noun.

  30. She is a smart student.

  31. those Demonstrative adjectives • This, that, these, and thoseare pronouns used as adjectives. They are called demonstrative adjectives because they not only modify nouns, but they also specify or call attention to them. This and that are singular and describe singular noun. These and those are plural and describe plural nouns.

  32. Demonstrative adjective • This sailor dove into the water to rescue the drowning child. • This is demonstrative adjective and singular and modifies the noun sailor. • That wave is fifty feet high. • That demonstrative adjective and singular modifies the noun wave.

  33. These visitors bought many trinkets. • These demonstrative adjective and plural modify the noun visitors which is plural. • Those flower bloom in large quantities. • Those demonstrative adjectives are plural and modify the plural noun flowers.

  34. Examples of Demonstrative Adjectives These cars This car That car Those cars

  35. That wallpaper is ugly. That is demonstrating the noun.

  36. This house is ours. This is demonstrating who’s house it is.

  37. Are these documents are the ones you asked for?

  38. Examples of adjective is in the sentence.

  39. Lets apply what we have learned

  40. Exercises on Adjectives Are you ready?

  41. Exercise 1 • Which of the following is a descriptive adjective? • beach • running • beautiful • Australian

  42. Correct! • Beautiful is a descriptive adjective. It describes the noun. The beautiful plants.

  43. Incorrect • Australian is a proper adjective derived from the noun Australia.

  44. Incorrect! • Beach is a noun. The beach is a great place to relax.

  45. Incorrect! • Running is a verb. She is running with herdog.

  46. Exercise 2 • Which of the following is a proper adjective? • Ecstatic • Asian • That • Asia

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