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The Hobbit

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The Hobbit. Jamie Richardson 3A Koenig. The Hobbit Summary.

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The Hobbit

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the hobbit
The Hobbit

Jamie Richardson



the hobbit summary
The Hobbit Summary

In The Hobbit, a hobbit named Bilbo Swaggins, I mean Baggins, is a peaceful hobbit that values prosperity. His world is quickly turned upside-down when a mysterious wizard, Gandalf, comes by his house. After some small talk, Gandalf leaves the hobbit to his own business. Later that night, multiple dwarves appear at Bilbo's hobbit hole. They discuss an adventure to take back treasure from a dragon. This is why they need Bilbo. Bilbo's is asked to be a burglar for the group of 14. At first, Bilbo declines the offer.

The next morning, Bilbo wakes up to his peaceful life. The only problem is that Bilbo decides to go on the adventure... Bilbo was luckily able to catch up with the party of dwarves and Gandalf before they really started their journey. Their first encounter with an "enemy" is when they are camping and Bilbo see a light and investigates it. It turns out that the light is from a fire surrounded by trolls. After getting captured, the dwarves and Bilbo escape using their wits.

the hobbit summary continued
The Hobbit Summary Continued
  • The band of adventurers first stop is at Rivendell. Rivendell is the kingdom where the elves live. The reason they must first stop at Rivendell is to analyze their map. Thorin, the leader of the dwarves has a map that they need to know more about. After getting advice, the group leaves Rivendell and goes through the mountains. When in the mountains, the group get caught in a terrible storm. They are forced to take shelter in a cave. Little do they know that below them goblins are about to take them underground.
  • When the hobbit and dwarves fall into the ground through a crack, the gang gets abused and beaten by the goblins. Bilbo was lucky enough to escape, but ends up farther down underground. There, Bilbo finds a golden ring and Gollum. Gollum is a creature that is stuck underground and feeds on other creatures. Bilbo eventually escapes and meets up with the others. As they travel through the woods, the group encounters more goblins and Wargs, which are wolves. The band is driven into the trees, where they are rescued by the Eagles. The Eagles carry them them to safety, and this is where the movie ends.
differences between movie and book
Differences Between Movie and Book
  • The movie differs in multiple ways. First off, there is already competition between the dwarves and orcs. The orcs also replace the goblins when they are at the scene with the Wargs in the movie. In the movie, the group encounters orcs and wargs before they reach Rivendell along with meeting them in the woods.
  • The changes do work because they were able to introduce the characters and it didn’t significantly affect the story and plot.
  • I suspect that the director made these changes in order to make the movie more “action-packed.” No one wants to see a boring version of “The Hobbit.” I believe the author had a very good reason to make these changes.
movie strengths and weaknesses
Movie Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The movie was exceptional in all of the animating aspects and effects. The strong aspects were in the fact that it had a lot of action. The movie was also very good at introducing the characters and their personalities. What I found as a weakness was actually trying to tie parts of the Lord of the Rings into the Hobbit. Things such as the necromancer seemed a bit irrelevant to the rest of the story and the adventure the group are on. The strengths of the movie do outweigh the weaknesses though.
the hobbit on screen
The Hobbit on Screen

The director recreated the Hobbit very well. The visual effects were incredible, the sound effects were spot on, and the special effects were amazing. The characters appeared slightly different in the movie than I imagined them from what I read in the book. The settings were slightly different from what I thought, too. In the end, I was very impressed by the movie.

themes in the hobbit
Themes in The Hobbit

I actually think the movie and book were quite similar when thinking of themes. For instance, when at Rivendell, the theme of discovery appears in the book and movie. The hobbit, wizard, and dwarves discover the reputation of their weapons, the moon runes, and map. On the other hand, when the group was trapped by the Wargs in the woods, there was a theme of heroism because Bilbo saves Thorin from the orcs and Wargs in the movie. In the book, none of that actually happens.

book or movie
Book or Movie

I personally enjoyed the movie more than the book because it was more fast-paced than the book. The visually effects showed things on screen that would have been hard to imagine because they were not really described in the book. I did thoroughly enjoy the novel though.

movie rating
Movie rating

I would give the movie a 4 out of 5 star review. The special effects, sounds, lighting, setting, etc. were spot on. The only problem was that the movie drifted away from the story a little bit. I realize that this was in order to make the movie more entertaining, but it could stay more on track.

faithful adaptation
Faithful Adaptation?

This question is a bit tricky in my opinion. But I do think that the movie was a faithful adaptation. The movie was slightly out of order and had a few different elements, but it still stays in line with the book. The added elements (the Arkenstone, orcs, being attacked before reaching Rivendell) didn’t change why the Bilbo and the group are going on this adventure.