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The Hobbit

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The Hobbit. The Battle of Seven Armies (Your Seven Teams) Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die with honor? Who will die with shame? Winning team from each class gets +10 on the TEST. Rules of the Game. White Board Challenges

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the hobbit

The Hobbit

The Battle of Seven Armies

(Your Seven Teams)

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die with honor? Who will die with shame?

Winning team from each class gets +10 on the TEST

rules of the game
Rules of the Game

White Board Challenges

  • Challenges will normally have a timer set to them or be won by the first group to finish. Teams who take more time, if there is a time set, will be disqualified for that challenge. Points will go to the team first done and to ring the bell or with the BEST answer written on their white board, which may come down to the detail of spelling and punctuation in the answer as the deciding factor.
rules of the game cont
Rules of the Game cont…

Jingle Bells

  • If you know the answer, ring the bell.
  • If it seems that bells were rung at the exact same time, you will play rock, paper, scissors for the chance to answer: Best out of 1.
  • If you get it right, your team gets 1 point.
  • If you get it wrong, another team may jump for the bell and a chance to win 1 point. You must wait at least 10 seconds or until another team has attempted the answer before hitting the bell again.
ways a team can lose points
Ways a Team can Lose Points
  • Being loud or obnoxious
  • Being off task or having members not involved
  • If you hit a bell so hard that it detaches and goes flying across the room
  • Not keeping your hands to yourself
  • Using the white board for anything not assigned
  • Taking game banter personally
  • Not cleaning up after themselves
  • Name calling, offending
jingle bells
Jingle Bells
  • Who wrote The Hobbit?
jingle bells1
Jingle Bells
  • Gandalf is of what race?
jingle bells2
Jingle Bells
  • Who is the dragon that haunted The Lonely Mountain?
jingle bells3
Jingle Bells
  • Who ended up with the emeralds of Girion?
jingle bells4
Jingle Bells
  • What mountain are the travelers trying to get to?
jingle bells5
Jingle Bells
  • What is Bilbo’s mother’s maiden name?
jingle bells6
Jingle Bells
  • What is a synonym for the word, Tookish?
jingle bells7
Jingle Bells
  • Name the 3 trolls.
jingle bells8
Jingle Bells
  • Esgaroth is also known as _______________.
jingle bells9
Jingle Bells
  • Gandalf gave Thorin a key and a __________.
jingle bells10
Jingle Bells
  • What is known as the heart of the mountain or the greatest single treasure?
jingle bells11
Jingle Bells
  • How many dwarves came to Bilbo’s house?
jingle bells12
Jingle Bells
  • What did the travelers do with the gold they found in the trolls’ cave?
white board challenge
White Board Challenge

Name all the dwarves

jingle bells13
Jingle Bells
  • Elrond lives in Rivendell, but what is the name of his house?
jingle bells14
Jingle Bells
  • While in the Misty Mountains, what kind of shelter did the travelers go to in order to get out of the thunderstorm.
jingle bells15
Jingle Bells
  • What does Bilbo do with the ring when he first finds it?
jingle bells16
Jingle Bells
  • What did Gandalf use to try to drive the wolves away?
jingle bells17
Jingle Bells
  • Who is a descendent of Girion, Lord of Dale?
jingle bells18
Jingle Bells
  • Who followed the travelers all the way to Mirkwood in the form of a bear?
jingle bells19
Jingle Bells
  • What did Bilbo name his sword?
jingle bells20
Jingle Bells
  • Who captured the dwarves after they escaped from the spiders?
jingle bells21
Jingle Bells
  • What did the travelers use to escape from the Wood Elves?
jingle bells22
Jingle Bells
  • Bilbo had to be extremely tactful in how HE escaped from the Wood Elves. How does he do it?
jingle bells23
Jingle Bells
  • What type of bird watches and listens to Bilbo near the secret entrance to the mountain?
jingle bells24
Jingle Bells
  • What dwarf goes halfway down the dark passageway with Bilbo towards Smaug’s lair?
jingle bells25
Jingle Bells
  • What sense is Smaug’s strongest?
jingle bells26
Jingle Bells
  • What happens to Bilbo’s torch as he explores Smaug’s lair?
jingle bells27
Jingle Bells
  • Whom did the people of Esgaroth want to make their king?
jingle bells28
Jingle Bells
  • Who comes to the aide of Esgaroth sending food and supplies?
jingle bells29
Jingle Bells
  • Who was sick of eating cram on the mountain and complained about it?
jingle bells30
Jingle Bells
  • How is Bilbo hurt in the war?
jingle bells31
Jingle Bells
  • What happened to the Arkenstone in the end?
jingle bells32
Jingle Bells
  • What shape is a hobbit door?
jingle bells33
Jingle Bells
  • What two things did Bilbo lose in the end?
jingle bells34
Jingle Bells
  • Which character could be described as long-winded?
white board challenge1
White Board Challenge
  • What does William’s purse say?
jingle bells35
Jingle Bells
  • What is it called when the last moon of Autumn and the sun are in the sky together?
jingle bells36
Jingle Bells
  • “Wind got up, and the willows along the river-bank bent and sighed” is an example of what type of figurative language?
jingle bells37
Jingle Bells
  • “Flying rags” is considered what type of figurative language?
jingle bells38
Jingle Bells
  • Name one example of foreshadowing from the novel.
white board challenge2
White Board Challenge
  • Name FIVE names that the Elvish swords are called.
jingle bells39
Jingle Bells
  • “…smaller, less deep underground, and filled with a cleaner air” describes what?
jingle bells40
Jingle Bells
  • “… a slimy island of rock in the middle of the lake” describes what?
jingle bells41
Jingle Bells
  • “The entrance to the path was like a sort of arch leading into a gloomy tunnel made by two great trees that leant together…” describes what?
jingle bells42
Jingle Bells
  • “… a very comfortable tunnel without smoke, with paneled walls, and floors tiled and carpeted, proved with polished chairs…” describes what?
jingle bells43
Jingle Bells
  • “What has roots as nobody sees, Is taller than trees, Up, up it goes, And yet never grows?”
jingle bells44
Jingle Bells
  • What is Gollum’s birthday present?
white board challenge3
White Board Challenge
  • What word Best describes the author’s attitude towards Gollum.
white board challenge4
White Board Challenge
  • Write down one example that would BEST illustrate Gandalf being tactful.
jingle bells45
Jingle Bells
  • What genre of literature is The Hobbit considered?
jingle bells46
Jingle Bells
  • What episode in the early parts of the book might have ended differently had Bilbo had the ring?
jingle bells47
Jingle Bells
  • What is the name of the old lookout post near The Lonely Mountain?
jingle bells48
Jingle Bells
  • Who becomes the new King Under the Mountain?
jingle bells49
Jingle Bells
  • Bard sent a messenger to check and see if Thorin held to his word. What happened to that messenger?
jingle bells50
Jingle Bells
  • Azog the Goblin murdered ___________________.
jingle bells51
Jingle Bells
  • What was being auctioned off to the highest bidder?
jingle bells52
Jingle Bells
  • Who was proud of Bilbo for giving the Arkenstone to Bard and the Elvenking?
jingle bells53
Jingle Bells
  • What is the name of Azog’s son?
jingle bells54
Jingle Bells
  • What was the dark cloud made up of that sheltered the goblins as they came to war?
jingle bells55
Jingle Bells
  • The Battle of Five Armies could not have been won without the help of ___________ and _______________.
jingle bells56
Jingle Bells
  • What did Dain give Bard?
jingle bells57
Jingle Bells
  • What did Bilbo give the Elvenking?
jingle bells58
Jingle Bells
  • Who became a great chief, ruling the land between The Lonely Mountain and Mirkwood?
white board challenge5
White Board Challenge
  • Do a direct quote of the first sentence of page 182.
jingle bells59
Jingle Bells
  • What did the Great Council of White Wizards do in this book that could have upset things in the south of Mirkwood?
jingle bells60
Jingle Bells
  • The Hobbit is a ___________ to the Lord of the Rings.