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Northern Ireland Environment Link

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Northern Ireland Environment Link. Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage “ Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage – Enhancing the Fundraising Capacity of the Northern Ireland Heritage Sector ” Programme Launch – Friday, 2 May, 2014 The Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

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northern ireland environment link

Northern Ireland Environment Link

Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage

“Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage – Enhancing the Fundraising Capacity of the Northern Ireland Heritage Sector”

Programme Launch – Friday, 2 May, 2014

The Linen Hall Library, Belfast

Northern Ireland Environment Link

A valued, resilient, healthy environment


Perceptions and Definitions!





“Norn Ireland”?

“W5” - What? Why? Who? Where? When?


The HLF Catalyst Programme Purpose

£100million+ investment partnership

Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Arts Council England; and HLF

Aim – “ enable arts and heritage organisations to develop and explore innovative approaches to securing private giving”


The HLF Catalyst Programme Elements

Small, Endowment and Umbrella Grants

UK Grants – East Midlands; East of England; London; North East; North West; South East; South West; West Midlands; Yorkshire and the Humber; Scotland; Wales and Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Grants – Ulster Wildlife (small-”Fundraising for the Future”); Linen Hall Library (endowment-”Linen Hall for Life Endowment Appeal”); and NIEL (umbrella-£246,000)


The HLF Catalyst Programme Umbrella Grants

£3.3million to UK’s heritage – “ help secure its long-term financial resilience”

Umbrella Grants – “ secure a sustainable future for our buildings, landscapes and collections”; and “...investment (to) help unlock (private giving) valuable know-how by providing networking and training opportunities; and “...heritage organisations can come together to share their skills and knowledge”

Grants between £100,000 and £500,000


The HLF Catalyst Programme UK Umbrella Organisations

Nine UK Umbrella Organisations:

The Princes Regeneration Trust

Heritage Alliance

The National Archives

Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service

Hampshire County Council Arts and Museum Service

Cornwall County Council

Arts and Business Scotland

Wales Council for Voluntary Action

Northern Ireland Environment Link


The Northern Ireland Programme Application

The Consortium Partnership:



Common Purpose

Supporting Communities NI

The Business Institute, University of Ulster

The Consortium Partnership:

Roles and Responsibilities - development; and delivery

Spring, 2013 – initial application


The Northern Ireland Programme Round 1: Development Phase

July – September, 2013

Project Development Officer

Consortium Partnership - Memorandum of Understanding

Needs and Interests Survey and Analysis

Desk Research – existing provision

Key Stakeholder Engagement

Programme Design, Content and Delivery

Round 2 Application


The Northern Ireland Programme Round 2: Delivery Phase

“Investing in Northern Ireland’s Heritage: Enhancing the Fundraising Capacity of the Heritage Sector in Northern Ireland”

Bespoke – to Northern Ireland and the NI “Heritage” Sector

£246,000 over two years

Managed and Delivered – by NIEL

Development, Strategic Direction and Guidance – Consortium Partnership


The Northern Ireland Programme Design

Accredited Training

Vocational Training

Peer and Mentoring Support

Continuous Professional Development

Distance Learning Resource Facilities Support

Independent Evaluation


The Northern Ireland Programme Content

Accredited Training – nine Institute of Fundraising courses: four Introductory Certificate; two Certificate; one Diploma; one online Introductory Certificate; and one online Certificate courses

Vocational Training – thirty topic events workshops, seminars, lectures and masterclasses

Two conferences – programme launch and close

Peer and Mentoring Programmes

Continuous Professional Development Programme

Distance Learning Resource and Training Facility Establishment - tendered

1,000 Programme participants; 50 organisations; 150 completing Accredited Training

Independent Evaluation - tendered


The Northern Ireland Programme Delivery

Accredited Training – Institute of Fundraising and Institute of Fundraising NI

Vocational Training – miscellaneous: IoF NI; Fundraising Ireland; Common Purpose; Supporting Communities NI; The Business Institute, University of Ulster; Business in the Community; Arts and Business NI; NICVA; Rural Community Network; NIEL; independent consultants and others

Peer and Mentoring Programmes – “via” miscellaneous: Common Purpose; Business in the Community; Arts and Business NI; IoF; UU; Fundraising Ireland; and specific others

Distance Learning – through a tendered technical support service

Monitoring and Evaluation – invited external tender (additional resources being sought)

Timescale – Easter, 2014 to Christmas, 2015

Programme Fees – x for individual events; and x,y,z for Accredited Training


Now what?

Registrations of Programme interest

Final Programme calendar – events; dates; and locations

Continuous Programme support – Peer and Mentoring; CPD; Distance Learning

Independent Evaluation

Accountability, Analysis, Conclusions and Continuity


The “Value” of Fundraising – Dr Roger Courtney