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Software Evaluation

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Software Evaluation. Amy Fitzgerald. Froguts. Published by Froguts, Inc. Table of Contents. Software Applications Hardware Requirements Software Functions Design & Pedagogy Critique Conclusions. Software Applications. Virtual dissection biology software

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software evaluation

Software Evaluation

Amy Fitzgerald



Published by Froguts, Inc.

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Software Applications
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software Functions
  • Design & Pedagogy
  • Critique
  • Conclusions
software applications
Software Applications
  • Virtual dissection biology software
  • Demos feature a virtual frog dissection prompting students to locate all internal organs, a short lesson on the anatomy of a squid, and an owl pellet module
  • Software subscription includes the dissection of a frog, squid, starfish, cow eye, owl pellet, and fetal pig
hardware requirements

Power pc

64mb ram

CD-Rom drive


64mb ram

Video card

Windows 95, 98, or XP

Hardware Requirements
software functions
Software Functions
  • Simulations of lab dissection
  • Interactive tutorials and instructional games
  • No problem solving or drills included in software
design and pedagogy
Design and Pedagogy
  • Teaching method is matched to students needs and levels
  • Software is based on accepted and widely used lab methods
  • Motivating and informative
  • Easy to use and readable, not misleading
  • The student has control over the presentation rate
  • Demo of software gives appropriate feedback to students, reinforcing for correct rather than incorrect responses
  • There is a high degree of interactivity, student interaction, and control
  • There is an appropriate degree of fidelity and good documentation available for how the program works
  • The website also contains demos where users can complete simulations included in the software
  • There is no violence or inappropriate behavior in the software
  • The software does not require a high level of physical dexterity for students, they only need to be able to move and click a mouse
  • There are no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors,
  • There are no racial or gender stereotypes
  • The content matches required curriculum objectives
  • The student has control of movement and sound in within the program
  • The program loads without error.
  • The program stays efficient no matter what a student may enter
  • The program works on desired platforms, and links, animations and videos work as indicated
  • I would recommend this software to middle school science teachers for regular use with students. The software replaces expensive lab experiments.