spotlight on emerging technology online learning in k 12 schools l.
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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc PowerPoint Presentation
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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc

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Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Sc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Synopsis of Course Management Systems

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spotlight on emerging technology online learning in k 12 schools

Spotlight on Emerging Technology:Online Learning in K-12 Schools

Rebecca Dwyer

Walden University

New & Emerging Technologies

Instructor: Jacqueline Derby

today s educational direction for developing tomorrow s society

21st Century Learning

  • Developing:
  • Core Subjects & 21st Century Themes
  • Learning & Innovation Skills
  • Information, Media, & Technology Skills
  • Life & Career Skills

-(Partnership for 21st Century Learning)

Today’s Educational Direction for Developing Tomorrow’s Society
online learning is a key ingredient for promoting 21 st century learning

Course Management Systems (CMS)/

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

  • Educational systems that will provide formal instruction & resources.
  • Electronic: Online/Video Based
  • Non-Electronic: Print Based
Online Learning is a Key Ingredient for Promoting 21st Century Learning
course management systems


  • RCampus
  • Free designable online courses for K-12 students & teachers with administrative tools for optimum design.
  • Allows for management of course design and assignments, student collaboration, & teacher assistance.
  • Gives students access to course materials, resources, & assignments from anywhere a computer with Internet connection is available.
  • Availability of various assessment opportunities.
Course Management Systems
benefiting students

Multi-Sensory Learning

  • Touches on Different Learning Styles
  • Motivating Intrigue for Such a Learning Style
  • Access From Almost Anywhere
  • Communication & Collaboration with Peers & Teachers
  • Gain of 21st Century Skills
Benefiting Students
benefiting teachers

Promotes Multi-Sensory Learning

  • Differentiates Instruction
  • Promotes 21st Century Skills
  • Allows for Communication with Students for Support & Clarification
  • Allows for Creative Planning
  • Organizationally Friendly
Benefiting Teachers
filling instructional gaps

The virtual walls of the classroom are knocked down & instruction can be continued anywhere a computer has Web access.

  • The educational community becomes more closely connected with the lines of communication & cooperation opened.
  • There is heightened potential & opportunities for greater interaction among peers and varied grade levels.
  • Organization & clarification are strongly opportune.
Filling Instructional Gaps
meaningful authentic learning

“Builds teamwork skills, problem solving abilities, creativity, decision making proficiency, & higher order thinking skills”

(Cavanaugh, C. & Clark, T., 2007)

  • “Strong academic skills, motivation, discipline, & course structure compatible with one’s learning styles are conducive to success in K-12 online learning”

(Cavanaugh, C. & Clark, T., 2007)

  • Advancement of 21st Century Skills
  • Closely related to the common activities, hobbies, and interactions of this student generation
Meaningful, Authentic, Learning
spotlight on emerging technology online learning in k 12 schools9


Cavanaugh, C., & Clark, T. (2007). The Landscape of K-12 Online Learning. In P. Adamson, B. Adamson, & N. Clausen-Grace, et al (Eds.), What Works in K-12 Online Learning (Chapter 1, pp. 5-19). Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education.

Lemke, C., & Coughlin, E. (2009). The change agents. Educational Leadership, 67(1), 54–59.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills. (2004).

Spotlight on Emerging Technology: Online Learning in K-12 Schools