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Warm-UP ~ Monday PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-UP ~ Monday

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Warm-UP ~ Monday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-UP ~ Monday. Pick up your blue sheet and prepare it for the week! Week 3 in Center Write the following quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Einstein

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Warm-UP ~ Monday

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    1. Warm-UP~ Monday • Pick up your blue sheet and prepare it for the week! Week 3 in Center • Write the following quote: • “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Einstein • Write what you think he means…….

    2. Lesson 1.2~ Skills and Aptitudes • Write the following “Key Terms” in your notes • Skills • Ability • Aptitudes • Transferable skills

    3. Transferable Skills~ Notes • Write the following: • What are some transferable skills you are learning now and will take to the workplace? • _______________ • _______________ • _______________

    4. Now let look at “Aptitudes” “The student who knows his own aptitudes and strengths chooses more intelligently among the world’s many opportunities”.

    5. Aptitudes are….. • Natural talents • Special abilities for doing or learning to do certain kinds of things easily and quickly. • Every occupation uses certain aptitudes. For ex: If you are a mechanic you can easily repair a car but…. might find writing a book very difficult.

    6. Aptitude Testing …. • Can be one way to find careers that match you. • Can help you narrow your selection of careers. • The score you get can tell you how effective you might be on that job. • Aptitudes are NOT interests they will not change over time; although in some cases your scores can be raised by practice. ( I may love music… but it doesn’t mean I can sing or make a living singing!) • But that’s not the purpose of the test!! • Employer give the tests to predict….. if you are right for the job.

    7. What aptitudes can be tested ? • The “9” most common aptitudes that are tested!!!

    8. The "Nine" Most Common Aptitudes

    9. Intelligence- Aptitude General learning ability. The ability to “catch on” quickly. Example: Scientist, College Professor, Nurse, Doctor, Engineer

    10. Verbal- Aptitude Ability to understand meanings of words and ideas. Being able to present ideas effectively. Example: Teacher, Lawyer, Police Officer, Counselor

    11. Numerical- Aptitude Able to perform math operations quickly and accurately. Example: Accountant, Banker, Cashier

    12. Spatial- Aptitude Able to comprehend forms in space. Used in blueprint reading and geometry. Example: Architect, Landscape Designer, Engineer (many types)

    13. Form Perception- Aptitude Able to see slight differences in shapes and shadings of figures. Example: Interior Designer, Video Game Developer, Carpenter

    14. Clerical Perception Able to observe details; able to proofread words & numbers. Example: Editor, Author, Paralegal

    15. Finger Dexterity Aptitude Able to work with your finger; especially tools Example: Administrative Assistant, Dentist, Dental Hygienist

    16. Manual Dexterity- Aptitude Able to work with your hands; especially tools Example: Mechanic, Plumber, Contractor

    17. Motor Coordination- Aptitude Able to coordinate hands and eyes in making precise movements with speed. Example: Pilot

    18. Tuesday ~ Warm-Up~ You want to start a “Snack Chip” biz. You spend $0.40 on ingredients for each bag of chips and $0.10 on the packaging for each bag. You sell your bags of chips for $2.00 each. If you sell 50bags, how much profit will you make?

    19. Tuesday~ LAB DAY Expectations~ • Put up your “Portfolio” Folder • Line up… with all of your belongings • No Talking in the hallway! • Enter 103B and be seated • “Log” on to computer • Go to www.driveofyourlife.org • Don’t forget to complete the activity sheet • Turn in to “Supply clerk” by the end of class!

    20. Warm- Up~ Wednesday Write the following: • 1. Manual Dexterity- • 2. Finger Dexterity- • 3. Clerical Perception- • 4. Numerical- • 5. Intelligence- Match to the type of “Aptitude” A. Able to proofread words & numbers B. Able to work with your fingers C. Able to perform math operations quickly and accurately D. General learning ability. The ability to “catch on” quickly E. Able to work with your hands

    21. Ace the Aptitudes Testing…. • Let the Games begin…… • Test #1-“Clerical Perception” • Test #2- “Numerical Perception” • Test #3- “Finger Dexterity, Manual Dexterity, Motor Coordination, Form Perception • Choose 1 game to complete: • 1. Cards • 2. Puzzles • 3. Memory • **** You may play more than 1 game, if time permits…….

    22. CHART Your Aptitude Results…

    23. Thursday Warm-Up~ Get out your “Blue~ Week~ 3 Warm-Up” Answer the following questions: Think about how you learn in school…… List 3 classes you feel the most comfortable learning? Example: 1. ELA- Writer Editor/News Reporter 2. 3. ***Now think of jobs….. What job would be similar to those 3 classes…go back to your list and write 1 job that would use your learning style……

    24. What’s your style • LEARNING STYLES WHY??? • Jobs are changing. • If your going to work everyday you might as well enjoy it. • How will you know if you have the right job? • Here are some things you’ll want to look for when finding a job

    25. Understanding how we learn is the key to doing well in school. It is also the key to learning and growing after we finish school, because we all want to become….. LIFE LONG LEARNERS

    26. Finding the “Right”……………. Job is important • 1) Enjoying going to work • 2)Feel energized • 3) Pride when describing your work • 4) Believe your making a difference • 5) Respect and enjoy the people you work with

    27. What’s Your Style?????Types of Learners http://www.videojug.com/interview/middle-school-studying-for-your-learning-style

    28. Learning Styles…. • Each of the 3 “Main Learning Styles” can be broken down even further……. • Linguistic (Verbal) • Mathematical (Visual) • Spatial ( Visual) • Musical (Auditory) • Kinesthetic • Intrapersonal- learns best alone • Interpersonal- learns best with others

    29. What’s your style????? • Place “True” by each statement that expresses some characteristic of your and sounds true for you. • SCORE SHEET- Place a check by each item you marked true…. • ADD your TOTALS…… • Circle you top 3 scores…..

    30. Warm- Up~