why do people get tattoos n.
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Why do people get tattoos? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do people get tattoos?

Why do people get tattoos?

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Why do people get tattoos?

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  1. Why do people get tattoos?

  2. As increasingly diverse groups of people get tattoos, popular perceptions are often out of synch with the individual meaningsbehind them

  3. People use tattoos to express who they are, what they have lived through, and how they see themselves in relation to others and to their social worlds

  4. Tattooed youth

  5. Tattooed youth:a vehicle to mark adulthood greater control and authority over their own lives asserting autonomy over their own bodies signify and solidify group memberships commemorating a passage to adulthood & a committed relationship

  6. Tattooing women

  7. Tattooing women defy and reproduce conventional standards of femininity challenging traditional gender norms conform to mainstream standards of femininity

  8. Tattooing women enforce rather than challenge traditional femininity

  9. Tattooing women meanings women attach to their tattoos are “culturally written over” by the larger society

  10. Tattooing women reclaim their bodies from traumatic experiences [tattoo over mastectomy scar] reclaiming lost or violated parts of themselves [A U.K. woman has tattooed herself with the logo of the air ambulance company that helped save her father's life]

  11. Tattooing women reclaim their bodies from more everyday experiences of feeling unattractive, weak, or different

  12. Tattooing women complex practice that involves both conformity and resistance to the expectation that their bodies be attractive to men

  13. Limitations carry stigma and can provoke discrimination teenagers perceived as gang members, drug users, dropouts, and troublemakers cover tattoos not only when looking for work but also on the job create tensions in interpersonal relations contradictory interpretations of tattoos may also confront those who wish to make political or social statements

  14. “Tats” ongoing, complex need for humans to express themselves through the appearance of their bodies a canvas to record the struggles between conformity and resistance, power and victimization, individualism and group membership power as vehicles for self-expression, commemoration, community building, and social commentary