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Housing for People with Autism

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Housing for People with Autism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blueroof Technologies, Inc. Housing for People with Autism. Blueroof’s Goals. Develop Technology for older adults and people with disabilities Phase 1: Develop and build a new type of home in McKeesport and other areas Accessible Smart Affordable Sustainable

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Housing for People with Autism

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housing for people with autism

Blueroof Technologies, Inc.

Housing for People with Autism

blueroof s goals
Blueroof’s Goals
  • Develop Technology for older adults and people with disabilities

Phase 1: Develop and build a new type of home in McKeesport and other areas

      • Accessible
      • Smart
      • Affordable
      • Sustainable

Phase 2: Retrofit wireless technology into existing homes and apartments

presentation goals
Presentation Goals
  • Establish Design Goals for ASD Housing *
  • Review Each Design Consideration in Terms of the Design Goals *
  • Elicit Feedback from Participants
    • Most important features
    • Features not discussed

*OPENING DOORS - A Discussion of Residential Options for Adults Living with Autism and Related Disorders , May be viewed online at http://www.autismcenter.org/openingdoors.aspx

model smart cottage
“Model” Smart Cottage
  • Evaluate Accessibility Features
  • Proving Ground for “Smart” Technology
  • Attract Important Visitors to McKeesport
  • Available “On the World Wide Web”
  • Demonstrate “Smart” Technologies
research and development
Research and Development
  • Quality of Life Technology (QoLT) Center
    • Pitt, CMU, and others
  • Penn State
    • Smart Spaces @ UP
    • PSUGA
  • Industry
    • Bosch North America
    • Philips
    • Honeywell
    • Seagate
    • AT Sciences
asd residential models
ASD Residential Models *
  • Transitional Models
  • Supported Living
  • Supervised Living
  • Group Homes (supported and supervised)
  • Farmstead Programs (supervised)
  • Intermediate Care Facility-Mental Retardation (institutional)

* “Advancing Full Spectrum Housing: Design for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders”

design goals
Design Goals
  • Ensure Safety and Security
  • Maximize Familiarity
  • Minimize Sensory Overload
  • Allow Opportunities for Controlling Social Interaction and Privacy
  • Provide Adequate Choice & Independence
  • Foster Health & Wellness
  • Enhance One’s Dignity
  • Ensure Durability
  • Achieve Affordability
    • Both Initially and Operationally
  • Ensure Accessibility & Support
design considerations
Design Considerations
  • Neighborhood
  • Floor Plan Strategies
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Living/Community Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways, Stairs & Ramps
  • Bedrooms
  • Sensory Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry Room
  • Technology
design considerations cont
Design Considerations (cont.)
  • Visual Cues
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Materials
  • Acoustics
  • Appliances & Fixtures
1 neighborhood
1. Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood Accessibility & Support
    • Close to family members, support groups, public transportation, grocery stores, pharmacies, employment opportunities, day programs, medical facilities and services, entertainment and social options, parks and outdoor recreation
    • Established, stable neighborhood
    • Appropriate zoning to avoid future conflict
    • Appropriate scale of facility to other existing structures
  • McKeesport Independence Zone
    • A 10 Acre “Aware” Integrated Community/Campus
    • Oldest McKeesport ward
    • 15 Blueroof Research Cottages
    • Technically tied together
    • Wireless monitoring alert in the zone
    • Model Cottage is the center point
    • “Outdoor” safety and security
    • Collect data-Blueroof Research Cottages
    • Revive the neighborhood
2 floor plan strategies
2. Floor Plan Strategies
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Predictability in the environment – spatial sequencing, smooth transitions
    • Clear spatial layout using half walls, vestibules, cutouts
    • Clearly defined spaces & rooms
    • Change of materials indicates change of use
    • Clean lines, uncluttered
    • Ample storage, shared as well as individual
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Separate high from low, include “escape “ spaces
  • Health & Wellness
    • Common areas, outsides, bedrooms encourage jumping, pacing, bouncing
    • Private staff areas away from residents for paperwork, conferencing, etc.
blueroof assistive homes
Blueroof Assistive Homes
  • Completed
    • Penn Hills for Milestone Centers
    • North Versailles for CLASS (UCP)
    • McKeesport for Mon Yough Community Services
    • Irwin for Family Services of Western PA
  • Under Discussion/Design
    • McKeesport for Allegheny Health Choices
3 outdoor spaces
3. Outdoor Spaces
  • Safety & Security
    • Adequate lighting on timers, zero step outside doors
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Covered walkway or porch at entrance, courtyard, mix of hardscape and softscape, raised planters for access
  • Social Interactions and Privacy
    • Plant flower and vegetable gardens for residents to tend
  • Health & Wellness
    • Low maintenance landscape, adequate shade, recreational facilities on site
    • Healing gardens
      • Homelike setting, spaces for privacy, social exchange possible, stimulate awareness, family gathering site, comfortable seating, sense of security, accessible
4 living community rooms
4. Living/Community Rooms
  • Social Interaction & Privacy
    • Range of areas for different types of interactions
    • Provide separate family meeting space
    • Central shared space for mailboxes, message board, etc.
    • Locate common areas in close proximity to one another
    • Common areas include active and quiet spaces within it
      • Window seats, nooks, etc. provide opportunities for peripheral participation if desired
5 kitchens
5. Kitchens
  • Safety & Security
    • Food preparation space separate from cooking spaces
  • Durability
    • Durable, heat resistant, easily cleaned countertop surfaces
    • Avoid tiled or laminate surfaces
    • Mix countertops according to use
    • Solid wood cabinets
  • Choice & Independence
    • Adequate space, countertops, multiple stations
    • Sufficient storage for items from each individual
6 hallways stairs ramps
6. Hallways, Stairs & Ramps
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Wide (4ft.) hallways and (3ft.) doorways, all floors accessible
    • Short hallways and stairways
    • Minimize blind corners, provide seating on landings
  • Health & Wellness
    • Single loaded corridors opening onto shared spaces or courtyard for cross ventilation, light and social interaction
  • Durability
    • Use well-installed carpet runners on stairs
7 bedrooms
7. Bedrooms
  • Choice & Independence
    • Desk with task lighting
    • Closets internally lit with built-in organization system
  • Health & Wellness
    • Individual climate control and ventilating fan
  • Dignity
    • Separate bedrooms with separate attached bathrooms
8 sensory rooms
8. Sensory Rooms
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Systems to allow residents to modify lighting, music
    • Painted white or light, soft colors
    • Textures for added sensory engaagement
    • Acoustically contained
    • “Snoezelen” Rooms, (Dutch for “sniff” and “doze”, an established sensory room model, can be adopted *


9 bathrooms
9. Bathrooms
  • Safety & Security
    • Install non-slip floor covering
  • Health & Wellness
    • One or more bathroom for general use
    • At least one accessible main floor bathroom
    • Wall hung sinks
    • Grab bars for toilet and shower/bath
  • Durability
    • Toilets should have concealed cisterns and use a push panel flush system
    • Tile or waterproof panels on all walls to minimize possible water damage
bathroom fall detection
Bathroom Fall Detection
  • Low cost (uses infrastructure and software)
  • Recognize bath is occupied
  • Time non-activity
  • ALERT if no exit and no activity for a period of time
  • ALARM if no exit and no activity for a longer period of time
10 laundry room
10. Laundry Room
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Ample counter space for prep, folding and sorting
    • Storage for laundry supplies
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Adequate ventilation with fans & Ducts
    • Adequate acoustic insulation
  • Health & Wellness
    • Laundry sink or commercial hopper for large, soiled items
    • Front loading washers and dryers, raised for accessibility
  • Durability
    • Floor drain
    • Durable, continuous floor covering
11 technology
11. Technology
  • Technology presented by Bob Walters.
12 visual clues
12. Visual Clues
  • Safety & Security
    • Incorporate visual signs into the home environment to assist with safe use of appliances, electrical outlets, windows, doors, and the like, in the form of pictures, words, or warning colors understood by all residents.
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Picture schedules can assist residents with daily activities
    • Color coding can indicate location, room, functional area
    • Color palettes avoid bright, primary colors
    • Written or pictorial signage may be used
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Minimize detail and visual clutter
13 ventilation
13. Ventilation
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Silent, ducted exhaust fans for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Health & Wellness
    • High quality HEPA filters
    • Operable windows with enclosed blinds in living areas
    • Moisture proof fabrics
  • Affordability
    • Double glass windows
    • Wire bath exhaust fan to light switch and/or timer or sensor
14 lighting
14. Lighting
  • Safety & Security
    • Avoid high-heat tungsten or halogen bulbs
    • Halls, stairs and landings well lit
    • Outdoor spaces well lit with timers installed
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Use indirect lighting
    • Use bright, uniform, shadow free lights in bathrooms
    • Use under cabinet and recessed lights in kitchen
    • Use overhead, recessed and task lighting in most rooms
    • Provide lights in closets
  • Dignity
    • Recessed and task lighting in living/community rooms
14 lighting cont
14. Lighting (cont.)
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Natural light available in all rooms
    • Non-fluorescent, no-flicker bulbs
    • Even lighting levels with dimmers, easily adjustable blinds
    • Reduce glare with indirect lighting, clerestory windows, awnings
    • Only buzz free dimmers
  • Choice & Independence
    • Flexibility through portable task lighting
  • Durability
    • Wet areas need waterproof fittings
    • Recessed lighting to minimize breakage
    • Ample electrical outlets
15 materials
15. Materials
  • Safety & Security
    • Non-slip flooring in bathroom, kitchen, laundry rooms
    • Low pile carpets with smooth transitions
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Non-slip area rugs & wall hangings for acoustics
    • Avoid materials with distracting patterns
    • Choose soft color paints
  • Health & Wellness
    • Use zero or low VOC paints & hypoallergenic materials
    • Use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners & no pesticides
    • Seal all MDF & plywood to minimize off-gassing
    • Use non pressure treated wood outside
15 materials cont
15. Materials (cont.)
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Use contrast to indicate switches, outlets, other features
    • Select materials that create a warm, non-institutional home environment
  • Dueability
    • Select hard, continuous surface flooring
    • Carpet tiles rather than rolled carpet
    • Wainscoting, corner guards, high baseboards or chair rails
    • Durable, solid surface and backsplash, fire & heat resistant, easily disinfected countertops
    • Avoid laminates, tile with grout
    • Solid wood is better than veneer or particle board
16 acoustics
16. Acoustics
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Quiet appliances, HVAC, ventilation, washer & dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher to minimize ambient noise
    • Deeply raked joints in brickwork to break up sound
    • Soundproofing panels where appropriate
    • Locate blower for kitchen ventilator outside the kitchen using a remote blower
17 appliances and fixtures
17. Appliances and Fixtures
  • Safety & Security
    • Stove with induction cooktops, front or side controls
    • Cool touch small appliances into auto-shutoff safety outlets
    • Appliances with auto-shutoff or use motion detector or lock-out control
    • Drain trap with captive plugs instead of garbage disposal
    • Sinks, toilets, baths and washing machines with flood alarm
    • Single lever mixing faucets
  • Durability
    • Concealed cistern toilets with push panel flush system
    • Bathtubs of heavy gauge porcelain on steel
17 appliances and fixtures cont
17. Appliances and Fixtures (cont.)
  • Familiarity & Clarity
    • Appliances with large easy to read and use controls with visual and audible signals
    • Sufficient lighting for all appliance use
    • Handles allow use of the whole hand
    • Nightlights in kitchen and bathrooms
    • Laundry room with sink, folding area, folding ironing board
  • Health & Wellness
    • Appliances easy to clean and maintain
    • Accessible appliances and fixtures allow for more flesibility over the life of the resident
  • Sensory Sensitivity
    • Appliances should be as quiet as possible
blueroof research cottages brc
Blueroof Research Cottages (BRC)
  • Extremely affordable
  • Energy efficient technology
    • Deep well geothermal heat pump
  • Obtain quality of life data
  • Rent (subsidized) to low income adults
  • 2 bedroom, 860 sq ft
  • Focus is “Research”
presentation goals41
Presentation Goals
  • Establish Design Goals for ASD Housing *
  • Review Each Design Consideration in Terms of the Design Goals *
  • Elicit Feedback from Participants
    • Most important features
    • Features not discussed

*OPENING DOORS - A Discussion of Residential Options for Adults Living with Autism and Related Disorders , May be viewed online at http://www.autismcenter.org/openingdoors.aspx

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