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Gesture. WXYZ. Dictionary Devotee. Oxford University Press 2.0 Version 6th Edition. Gesture.

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dictionary devotee

Dictionary Devotee

Oxford University Press

2.0 Version

6th Edition

  • noun[C, U] a movement that you make with your hands, your head or your face to show a particular meaning: He made a rude gesture at the driver of the other car. ◆ She finished what she had to say with a gesture of despair. ◆ They communicated entirely by gesture.
[C] something that you do or say to show a particular feeling or intention: They sent some flowers as a gesture of sympathy to the parents of the child. ◆ It was a nice gesture (= it was kind) to invite his wife too. ◆ We do not accept responsibility but we will refund the money as a gesture of goodwill. ◆ His speech was at least a gesture towards improving relations between the two countries. ◆ The government has made a gesture towards public opinion (= has tried to do sth that the public will like).
verb~ (for / to sb) (to do sth) to move your hands, head, face, etc. as a way of expressing what you mean or want: [V][usually +adv./prep.] 'I see you read a lot,' he said, gesturing at the wall of books. ◆ He gestured to the guards and they withdrew. ◆ She gestured for them to come in. ◆ [V that] He gestured (to me) that it was time to go. ◆ They gestured that I should follow. [also VN]


Shou Shi

First, it means that someone uses his hand to show a special meaning to communicate with other people.

Second, it is usually mentioned as a part of gesture language.

  • a movement of part of your body, especially your hands or head, to show what you mean or how you feel
  • Jim raised his hands in a despairing gesture
experience expert

Experience Expert

--------- Yang Chen

As a kind of body language, gesture plays a very effective role in communication.
  • Last Sunday, when I had dinner with my flat mates, we had a conservation about the gestures’ meaning in different countries, especially in Britain and China.
  • Firstly, we started with accounting numbers with gesture. What surprised me was that in Britain there were no special gesture standing for “6, 7, 8, 9 and 10”.
  • In addition, for the gesture “OK” in both Britain and China, my flat mate told me that it may be a very rude one in Brazil.
From that experience, I learnt that different gestures have different meanings. In some countries, some gestures may have the same meaning, while for others, even if the gesture is the same, it may have totally different meanings in different countries.
  • So although gestures can help us communicate more effectively, we still need to pay more attention to using them.
http www languagetrainers co uk blog 2007 09 24 top 10 hand gestures




This website tells us ten gestures we need to be careful to use.


Pictures of the gestures and ways to do the gestures

Different meanings in different situation and different countries

Reasons why need to beware those gestures